PanTerra Provides New UC Cloud Service

PanTerra Provides New UC Cloud Service

By Robbie Pleasant July 25, 2010 Leave a Comment
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PanTerra Provides New UC Cloud Service by Robbie Pleasant

PanTerra Networks announced that it will offer TryUC, a version of its WorldSmart unified communication service, for free to customers of its WorldSmart businesses, aimed at improving sales, productivity, and customer satisfaction. The service is neither a trial nor an app that times out, but rather a Business to Customer (B2C) cloud-based service that provides a competitive advantage to WorldSmart businesses.

WorldSmart, a cloud-based Unified Communications solution, currently helps thousands of businesses to be more competitive through Unified Communications. With TryUC, WorldSmart businesses can give a free version of WorldSmart to their customers, connecting them and allowing the sharing of information through multiple communication channels. It also includes real-time presence to increase responsiveness even more. These capabilities can be accessed through a purely browser-based client, so there is no need to install or download anything; as all information and communications are stored and archived in the cloud, it can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

"PanTerra networks is one of the new providers of hosted UC," says David H. Yedwab, UCStrategies UC Expert. "PanTerra provides a complete UC suite, beginning with VoIP and including collaboration and presence as well as hooks (via APIs) to other business apps enabling CEBP. TryUC may be a unique expansion of customer thrust that also serves to expand the inter-company use of PanTerra’s UC suite. And inter-company use of a UC solution – a key aspect of growth enabled through using UC with customers and suppliers – could be stimulated by this unique offer from PanTerra."

TryUC has many useful features, including a Unified Communication Center for quick access to all communications, free and unlimited On-Net Calling, Real-Time Presence, as well as unlimited business-quality audio conferencing, one-to-one desktop sharing, and large file transfers.

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