Q4 Virtualization Offerings from Toshiba

Q4 Virtualization Offerings from Toshiba

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Q4 Virtualization Offerings from Toshiba by UCStrategies Staff

New Toshiba Virtual Desktop Services will be added by the digital products division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. in their 2013 Q4 offerings. This will benefit small, medium and large organizations, and will assist them in quickly distributing their mobile-worker, BYOD and budget needs.

A partnership with VMware and Citrix is the basis for the Toshiba Virtual Desktop Services, and means that clients’ Windows, Android iOS, and Linux Operating Systems and applications can be hosted on Toshiba’s hybrid data center, before being streamed on-demand to users’ devices. It will be possible to centrally-manage applications, and will ensure that organizations can develop their BYOD programs and keep data secure.

The Vice President of Cloud Solutions & Engineering at Toshiba America Information Systems Digital Products Division, Scott Sims, said: “Today’s organizations have an ever-growing need to secure corporate data, while controlling capital expenses – finding the right balance can be a challenge. That’s why more and more organizations are choosing to implement hosted virtual desktops – like the Toshiba Virtual Desktop Service – as the smarter alternative to expensive on-premise solutions.”

Extra features which are included in the new Virtual Desktop Services are: A cost-effective option for organizations without a dedicated IT department; Support to a range of work styles, such as mobile workers; Lower downtimes; and the faster deployment of desktops. (CY) Link


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