Rackspace Focus on Education Via Open Cloud Academy

Rackspace Focus on Education Via Open Cloud Academy

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Rackspace Focus on Education Via Open Cloud Academy by UCStrategies Staff

The Hosting Chairman at Rackspace, Graham Weston, has noted that although cloud computing is currently huge in the IT world, the academic sphere has not matched similar pace. To fill this gap, Open Cloud Academy is being launched by Rackspace. 

Weston asked: “If you wanted Hadoop training, where would you go? What if you just got a computer science degree, and you wanted to do some cloud training, where would you go? There's not a good answer right now.”

The lack of cloud computing skills hinders cloud deployments, according to a recent Rackspace study conducted by U.K.-based market researchers Manchester Business School and Vanson Bourne. Qualitative interviews were included in the research, which was conducted in December and January.

Around 66 percent of 1,300 U.S.- and U.K.-based companies took part in the cloud survey, and seek to develop IT skills to meet the requirements of cloud deployments. Furthermore, 56 percent of respondents were unable to offer information on sites where that information could be gathered, and almost 80 percent noted that colleges and universities need to update their curricula so that technologies and business models reflect changes in the cloud sphere.

Weston stated: “In five years, you'll be able to get all of this at the university. But today it's not there. We are trying to create a way for people to get certification in the open-source cloud technologies that they can't get anywhere else. We think the lack of skills is making adoption of the cloud more difficult. It is preventing IT departments and software developers from utilizing the best tools available.”

The effort to enter into education through a pilot program has now changed to a series of all-day classes that run for six to eight weeks. Specific services and applications are focused on, and these include Ruby, Python, Chef, Mongo, Hadoop, Linux and OpenStack. There is an online component to most classes, but there is also attention placed on a classroom-based setting situated in San Antonio, Texas; near the headquarters of Rackspace.

Weston added: “There are IT professionals who need to increase their skills by 20 percent in order to make themselves marketable in the cloud era. We also think there'll be a good number of people who are looking to get into either building cloud applications or are starting a cloud-related business. In addition, we also believe we are likely to end up hiring a substantial number of people from the classes.” (CY) Link


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