Siemens Enhances NextPlane UC Exchange

Siemens Enhances NextPlane UC Exchange

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Siemens Enhances NextPlane UC Exchange by UCStrategies Staff

Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN) and NextPlane recently formed a partnership, combining their forces to provide federation services for Siemens’ OpenScape UC Suite. The goal is to help end user customers improve collaboration, as well as decision-making speed, and of course, productivity.

Now, any Siemens customers who join NextPlane UC Exchange will have new capabilities at their disposal. They can connect and collaborate across multiple UC platforms, such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Cisco, allowing for faster and better communication across locations, groups, and devices.

Of course, Siemens is no slouch to unified communications, with its OpenScape UC solution already providing scalability, mobility, and communications across public and private clouds. The OpenScape suite provides enhanced communications and collaboration for organizations with anywhere from 100 to 500,000 users, and provides a unified user experience that all users can appreciate.

According to Blair Pleasant of UCStrategies, “Federation between various UC platforms has been a challenge for many companies that need to collaborate with customers, partners, suppliers, etc. By working with NextPlane, SEN customers can connect with people outside of their organization (assuming they’re on platforms supported by NextPlane and also subscribe to NextPlane’s service). This will lead to improved collaboration and business results.”

With the addition of the NextPlane UC Exchange federation services, customers can federate with business partners on other platforms, as well as facilitate UC-to-social media federation. NextPlane’s any-to-any UC federation service is just what Siemens needed to extend its services across platforms, letting its customers work how they want, with whoever they want. NextPlane UC Exchange already has over 300,000 federated users across 300+ member domains, generating over half-a-billion federated messages per month. Organizations using NextPlane’s service include IBM, GM, Shell, HP, and more.


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