Siemens Unified Communications Suite 2011 Helps Productivity and Costs

Siemens Unified Communications Suite 2011 Helps Productivity and Costs

By Robbie Pleasant December 9, 2010 Leave a Comment
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Siemens Unified Communications Suite 2011 Helps Productivity and Costs by Robbie Pleasant

Siemens has announced the release of its OpenScape Unified Communications Suite 2011, which is intended to make enterprise-grade multimedia collaboration solutions less complex, faster for all businesses, and less costly.

With the OpenScape UC Suite comes a set of collaboration, mobility, and video tools to help enterprises improve productivity and reduce expenses, as well as OpenScape Web Collaboration, a conferencing solution that provides rich multimedia collaboration for improved collaboration, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. Using its "one-click collaboration," users can move between web, chat, and video conferences with ease.

Client installation is not required, and installing it on a server takes little time. As it requires a low infrastructure commitment, and there is no server downtime while installing upgrades, users can deploy and manage the OpenScape UC Suite with very few IT resource requirements. For more flexibility and easier management, it can be deployed on premise or as a hosted solution.

"There is a reason Siemens used the word 'open' when naming OpenScape," says Nancy Jamison, UCStrategies Expert and President and Principal Analyst at Jamison Consulting. "Open is something the company has worked hard at during the whole redesign of the Siemens product line, and it is a key component in this announcement. Being open has helped Siemens achieve the goal of this release which was to blend the most sought after attributes of enterprise grade (secure, reliable, comprehensive and scalable) and consumer grade (fast, easy, open and affordable)."

Included in the OpenScape UC Suite 2011 are: OpenScape PhoneApps, a solution that delivers custom applications to OpenStage phones, as well as a developer toolkit for customizing or building PhoneApps; updates to OpenScape Video, which now offers expanded integration and dialing unification along with standards based HD video conferencing; and OpenScape mobility, now including a greater range of mobile collaboration clients.

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