Sprint Provides Wholesale Cloud Services

Sprint Provides Wholesale Cloud Services

By Robbie Pleasant April 16, 2012 Leave a Comment
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Sprint Provides Wholesale Cloud Services by Robbie Pleasant

Sprint has recently announced the release of the Sprint Wholesale Cloud Services, a portfolio designed to be a one-stop shop for Wholesale and Emerging Solutions customers that provides cost savings and access to enterprise-grade applications to any SMB-focused reseller.

The Sprint Wholesale Cloud Services portfolio takes multi-vendor hosted software services, and bundles them with a software delivery service platform into a single business solution. It offers a full range of Cloud services, including both Software as a Service and Communications as a Service solutions. With it, partners can deliver on-demand access to computing services and storage resources to SMBs while still under their own brand. Customers who already have a Cloud portfolio can benefit from the increase option of core services for their current Cloud offering.

Sprint's Wholesale and Emerging Solutions Group has a full suite of customizable solutions to help customers move to next-generation technologies, including Unified Communications. Customers also have access to prepaid broadband, reselling 4G, and a MVNO wireless offering delivered through Traditional Wireless Resale or Turnkey Back-office Wireless Resale.

"As user business applications become UC-enabled and 'virtual' to support both mobile and desktop end user multi-modal needs, cloud-based application usage is becoming the practical basis for third-party implementation and management of UC-enabled applications for any size business organization," says Arthur Rosenberg, UC Expert at UCStrategies. "Allowing third-party application developers to exploit cost-efficient and flexible cloud based facilities to customize, trial, and manage ongoing usage of UC-enabled applications for both mobile and desktop endpoint devices, This will open the doors for faster Mobile UC application deployments on a practical, on-demand service basis and support integrations across all individual mobile user business communication needs." 

According to UC Expert Kevin Kieller, “The Sprint Wholesale Cloud Portfolio is interesting in that it is targeted at helping resellers increase their business, as opposed to many cloud service offerings targeted at end customers.

Kieller adds, “While we are still awaiting the details of what SaaS and CaaS offerings will be included, the Sprint Wholesale Cloud Portfolio provides a unique opportunity for resellers to add specific vertical expertise and bring a focused communication service offering to market much more quickly and potentially more economically.”

For more information, visit www.sprint.com/wholesale.


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