Survey of CIOs Reveals the Challenges of Enterprise App Mobilization

Survey of CIOs Reveals the Challenges of Enterprise App Mobilization

By UCStrategies Staff August 6, 2013 1 Comments
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Survey of CIOs Reveals the Challenges of Enterprise App Mobilization by UCStrategies Staff

Enterprise application and data security platform provider Mobile Helix announced the results of a survey of 300 CIOs and IT decision makers in the U.K. and U.S. The findings of the survey revealed the various challenges faced by organizations in making enterprise apps available on their workers’ mobile devices.

Commissioned from research firm Vanson Bourne, the survey indicated a strong end-user demand for the availability of corporate apps and data on mobile devices. 87 percent of the polled CIOs said that their employees want more access to enterprise applications and data on their mobile devices. Enterprises also appreciate the gains in efficiency brought about by mobility as CIOs estimate a 36-percent increase in productivity across the organization if crucial enterprise apps were mobilized in workers’ devices.

However, the survey results showed that many companies have not ventured into mobilizing their corporate applications and majority of them have put off deploying enterprise apps on mobile devices because of issues regarding cost, complexity, and security. Sixty-three percent of respondents said they had concerns about security, while 48 percent cited the added cost of support and maintenance.

Fifty-three percent of enterprise applications are browser-based. In addition, an average company makes use of 400 custom and packed applications, but only 22 percent of those apps can be accessed from mobile devices. According to the survey, the main hindrance to enterprise app mobilization efforts is cost. Sixty-five percent of CIOs polled in the Mobile Helix survey said that their primary challenge is mobile development costs. There are numerous platforms, and the mobile market is essentially fragmented, which is evidenced by the many different versions of the Android OS. Thus, the cost of re-engineering enterprise applications into their mobile counterparts is daunting.

Complexity is also a hindrance to enterprise app mobilization. Reworking desktop apps intended to be viewed on a large monitor and used with a mouse and a keyboard into apps that run on touch-based mobile devices is seen by many CIOs as a highly involved endeavor. For one, there is the issue of getting talented mobile app developers who are able to make native mobile apps. Only 32 percent of the respondents felt that they had the requisite skills to create native apps, while 47 percent of those that were able to develop native apps expressed their reservations about doing so again because of the cost, time, and level of complexity involved.

“The current approach to mobility is limiting the market – enterprises are now looking for solutions which will allow them to develop and deliver apps to their employees simply and cost effectively.” Matt Bancroft, cofounder and COO for Mobile Helix. “Companies already have the infrastructure and skills to mobilize, deliver and support enterprise applications in a cost-effective way, while still ensuring enterprise-grade security. Every device platform on the market today has a high performance, HTLM5-compliant engine. By taking this HTML5 browser-based approach, corporate IT can build a unified applications platform that extends across devices of all shapes and sizes, without compromise in functionality, performance, or security.” (KOM) Link. Link.


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sushant saraswat 8/8/2013 1:55:30 AM

Hi nice post. You have very well highlighted the top roadblocks in widespread adoption of enterprise mobility.
But it is only a matter of time as Mobile technology starts to satiate the need of enterprises to increase productivity, faster decision making and supporting collaboration. Many organizations will mull and allocate a bigger slice of their budget pie for mobility solutions.I have written a post on this here

Do let a budding blogger know of your opinion in this matter

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