Toshiba's Call Manager Enhances Unified Communications

Toshiba's Call Manager Enhances Unified Communications

By Robbie Pleasant January 17, 2012 Leave a Comment
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Toshiba's Call Manager Enhances Unified Communications by Robbie Pleasant

Toshiba has announced the release of Call Manager version 7.5, a new unified communications solution. Compatible with Toshiba's IPedge and Strata CIX families of IP business communication systems, the new version of Call Manager is available nationwide.

Call Manager 7.5 has a built-in VoIP softphone option, which can be activated at any time and assigned to a companion application window to make the entire set of IP telephone features accessible. It can map any fixed or programmable buttons and soft keys to the Call Manager button, and button labels are automatically populated by using those defined in the system.  Users can choose between regular, compact, and slim docking modes, allowing them to pick and move its screen placement to free up space on the screen.

The Call Manager 7.5 comes with several other features, such as triggers and action customization, notification pop-ups for incoming calls and alarms, a flexible and easy to use ribbon graphical interface, GUI flexibility, presence viewer, and many more.

"As expected, IP telephony is enabling the traditional Telephone User Interface (TUI) to be integrated with the desktop PC. Toshiba is facilitating this migration to 'softphone' capabilities with its new Call Manager 7.5 screen-based end user interface," says Art Rosenberg of UCStrategies. "This will make call handling for desktop users activities more efficient than with separate 'hardphone' functions.  By bringing call management functions to the same screen as other business applications, end users can more easily handle IP  telephone calls within the contexts of different automated business process activities. It will also enable other forms of communication, such as text-based messaging, to interoperate with 'click-to-call' activities."

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