Unify Announces New Circuit Packages

Unify Announces New Circuit Packages

By Robbie Pleasant November 23, 2015 Leave a Comment
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Unify Announces New Circuit Packages by Robbie Pleasant

Unify has recently expanded the availability of Circuit, its mobile collaboration and communication platform, with a new range of pricing packages. This will allow more businesses of varying sizes and needs to access the various tools and technology Unify offers, which can help improve their teamwork and streamline communication.

Circuit brings high-quality voice, video, chat, document editing and management in real-time, and file sharing into a single view for an entire team. This essentially provides employees with shared access to their files and documents while allowing them to quickly communicate through whichever means suit their needs best. There are three new pricing packages offered:

The Free package provides support for up to 100 users, along with three integrations and 1 GB of storage. As the name suggests, it has no cost or commitment, making it a good starting point for those trying to decide if Circuit is right for them.

The Team package provides business-grade collaboration to small organizations in need of a foundation for their communication and collaboration. This package allows for unlimited users overall, but only six per conference call, and 5 GB storage, as well as SLA support. It’s priced at $3.95 per seat, per month.

The Professional package is designed for small and mid-sized businesses looking to add more collaboration capabilities to their communications infrastructure. In addition to everything offered in the Team package, it has 10 GB storage, help desk support in addition to SLA, and offers moderation, recording, and telephony connector. There’s no limit to the number of users it can support, and it can be customized with various integrations according to the company’s need. It costs $6.95 per seat per month.

The Enterprise package is still available at $14.95 a seat per month, offering everything in the above packages and twice the storage space of the Professional package. The new Circuit pricing packages are now available in all countries where Circuit is currently offered, and accredited Circuit partners will have instant access to the packages.

According to Blair Pleasant, co-founder of UCStrategies, “Getting Circuit into the hands of more users is the key to its success, and offering a free package and more options should certainly help increase its adoption. I’m glad to see Unify change the pricing and packaging for Circuit, and make it more accessible to more users in different size organizations.”

She adds: “Unify was one of the first companies to introduce a team workspace and communication tool, or what my colleague Dave Michels calls workstream communications and collaboration, and I applaud their innovation. I expect that the new pricing will encourage more deployments and usage across organizations.”

For more information, visit www.unify.com and https://circuit.com.


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