Unify Announces OpenScape Update

Unify Announces OpenScape Update

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Unify Announces OpenScape Update by UCStrategies Staff

Unify (formerly known as Siemens Enterprise Communications) announced the next software release of OpenScape Enterprise. The latest version, which includes updates for both OpenScape UC and OpenScape Voice applications, provides a new user interface, as well as enhancements to its security and reliability. With OpenScape, users should be able to collaborate from any location, whenever they may need.

The latest version of OpenScape UC is designed with collaboration in mind, with a new user interface aimed at improving both productivity and the user experience. The new interface is made to be more visual and intuitive, built towards working with business workflows and designed for collaboration. It provides services such as presence, mobility, one number service, and conferencing capabilities, bringing teams together for effective collaboration. It is also now available for Android devices, as well as iOS devices.

With the update, OpenScape Voice is also getting enhancements designed to improve interoperability, while increasing both security and reliability. It is SIP Connect 1.1 compliant, ensuring compatibility to VoIP Service Provider networks, and provides additional support for multi-vendor networks, thanks to SIPQ Version 2. It provides Quality of Service Monitoring, reporting, and tracing, so any issues that may arise are quickly isolated and dealt with. It also provides additional automation for branch offices, which synchronizes user data automatically.

According to Art Rosenberg of UCStrategies, “Unify is making progress towards integrating voice with visual user communication interfaces for a UC&C enterprise environment.” Blair Pleasant of UCStrategies adds, “As we anxiously await the introduction of Project Ansible, it’s good to see Unify following through with the roadmap the company laid out a year ago.”

The latest version of OpenScape Enterprise was announced at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. The latest release will be available in July 2014, and customers who are currently subscribed to OpenScape Software Assurance will receive the latest release for free.



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