Unify Focuses on Channel Partners

Unify Focuses on Channel Partners

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Unify Focuses on Channel Partners by Robbie Pleasant

Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications) is enhancing its focus on channel partners, with a go-to-market strategy based on a channel-centric model. The new strategy was announced at Unify’s International Partner Conference, wherein executives outlined improvements that its partner programs will be seeing soon.

The company’s new business strategy puts channel success at the top priority. Unify aims to be the industry’s partner of choice, and to do that, it must increase the business it conducts through channel partners. The company is transitioning into a more software-centric one, which means partners are a necessity.

In order to manage this transformation, Unify has introduced several new executive hires. Chief among them is CEO Dean Douglas, who joined in January, but has also grown his leadership team with members who have decades of experience under their collective belts.

However, as its partner channel is the main focus, Unify is enhancing its Go Forward partner program. It will offer differentiated partner benefits, which will be based on its current accreditation structure, as well as better access to accreditation for both new and existing partners alike. Partners will receive increased marketing support, as well as access to Unify support teams to help them propose, sell, and implement solutions.

In order to draw more partners in, Unify kicked off a partner recruitment drive at the event. The company is inviting partners from around the world to meet and sign on, as Unify prepares to move into the SaaS space and launch Project Ansible, which is designed to extend beyond traditional unified communications and support industry trends such as BYOD and the mobile worker.

The decision to focus on its channel partners may prove beneficial to Unify, and the improvements to its channel program will prove appealing to existing partners and new ones alike, which is just what Unify is aiming for.

According to UCStrategies Expert Art Rosenberg, “As part of Unify’s channel efforts, the company has been a long-time sponsor of the UCStrategies UC Summit. At the recent UC Summit, Unify SVP Rick Puskar provided the results of a survey of mobile workers of the future, the Millenials. The data shows that 85% will connect with mobile devices that accommodate all forms of messaging and information exchange, not just voice conversations, while 72% value their smartphone as more critical than their car, and 15% of respondents are in business management.”

Rosenberg added, “Accordingly, Unify is looking at business communications at the vertical market application level. The new platform, Ansible, will provide a 'Single Plane of Glass' user interface, with the flexibility to simplify all modes of user interactions and 'personas.' When it comes to interworking with existing communication technologies, it looks like they will 'Overlay them, not fight them!'"

For more information, visit www.unify.com.


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