Verint Launches Enterprise Workforce Optimization Solution

Verint Launches Enterprise Workforce Optimization Solution

By UCStrategies October 16, 2017 Leave a Comment
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Verint Launches Enterprise Workforce Optimization Solution by UCStrategies

Verint Systems Inc. has unveiled its latest solution, designed to provide key feature enhancements across its suite of applications. The latest release of Verint Workforce Optimization (WFO), provides mobile app enhancements, an omnichannel recording platform, and includes embedded real-time analytics.

Verint WFO provides enhancements to key features across applications, integrating secure mobile access to allow employees and managers to access them and work from anywhere. Additionally, it expands the automatic call distributor (ACD) neutrality with an open application programming interface (API) library.

Furthermore, Verint’s new suite provides enhancements to help organizations interact with customers across channels. This includes a consolidated platform for recording calls, texts, and Skype calls (including audio and video), using real-time analytics to evaluate customer interactions.

There are a number of key features of Verint Workforce Optimization, including a single platform recording solution, allowing for easier and efficient means of capturing interactions, and embedded omnichannel real-time search and evaluation, so organizations can search and evaluate interactions of all types. It can display synchronized audio, video, and screen playback, so as to view customer and employee video interactions beside one another, as well as text recording and chat interaction access and evaluation, so as to capture and analyze text and chat-based customer interactions.

The solution is also intended to provide greater flexibility to employees, by providing them with mobile scheduling and shift swapping. It also aims to make it easier to share intelligence with data warehouses, by use of easily extracted speech transcriptions. By providing more open APIs, such as real-time events that can be triggered during recordings or imported interaction media, Verint hopes to enable quick and informed decision making to improve customer interactions.

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