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John Bartlett

John Bartlett is a principal with NetForecast, Inc. a consulting firm focused on network support of application performance. John is a leading authority on the support of VoIP and Video Conferencing traffic and Quality of Service (QoS) techniques. He specializes in helping enterprises support Telepresence and video conferencing deployments.  

John has engaged with both large and small enterprises over the last 14 years to help them redesign networks to support video conferencing and telepresence deployments, verify the networks will support the expected load while maintaining quality, and diagnosing network problems when they occur to bring networks back into compliance with real-time network traffic requirements. John has worked with customers across the globe and often with customers who have global deployments.

John has 33 years of experience in the semiconductor, computer and communications fields in marketing, sales, engineering, manufacturing and consulting roles. He has contributed to microprocessor, computer and network equipment design for over 40 products. He has been consulting since 1996.

Prior to working as a consultant, John was a founder and VP of Engineering and Manufacturing at Agile Networks, now part of Lucent Technologies. Under his leadership, the company designed and built a high performance Ethernet switch implementing VLANs, and one of the first commercial ATM switches. Both products were successfully introduced to the market and the firm became profitable before it was acquired. Mr. Bartlett also served on the IEEE 802.1 committee during this period, and contributed to the development of the IEEE 802.1p and IEEE 802.1Q standards (priority and VLANs).

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