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Kevin Kieller

Kevin Kieller is a partner with enableUC, a company that helps measure, monitor and improve UC and collaboration usage and adoption through a unique set of products and services, including the unique knowledge reinforcement tool Trivia Engine.

Kevin is a globally recognized expert in the areas of collaboration and unified communication, the author of the No Jitter “Living with Lync” column, host of the “Living with Lync” session each year at Enterprise Connect and is thrilled to be a member of the elite UCStrategies team since 2011.

As a teen, as soon as he could type, Kevin began developing software and brings his over twenty-five years of software, technology and consulting expertise to UC Strategies. Kevin has conceived, designed and overseen the development of software products and hosted services in the business, educational and recreational areas which have been used by millions of people in over 17 countries worldwide. As far back as 1988, Kevin developed award winning video games for the Commodore 64 (see Jack Attack). Despite this early start, he still retains all of his hair, with only a few gray strands, and his youthful outlook, kept young by his three children and his beautiful wife.

His software development background makes Kevin very pragmatic. See it; touch it; test it; then believe it. Some of his favorite sayings include "if you don't know your objective you will never achieve it," "the devil is in the details," and "the proof is in the pudding."

Using this pragmatism, and a dose of healthy skepticism, Kevin has assisted numerous medium and large enterprises to identify the most appropriate UC&C solution based on a methodical process to identify and prioritize business objectives along with end users requirements, evaluate multiple viable options, and provide clear, concise recommendations along with achievable timelines and realistic budgets. After developing a strategy, Kevin is often asked to oversee the implementation of the strategy and he has happily done this for large Cisco UC and Lync deployments. Most recently Kevin has assisted a number of organizations to develop their UC&C practices and to define service offerings related to UC and collaboration.

You can read Kevin’s articles here, follow him on twitter @kkieller or connect with him via LinkedIn.

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Kevin Kieller
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