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Martin is a cloud entrepreneur, technologist, and mentor to marketing and product teams that strive to get it right. As a founder and CEO, three-time startup VP Marketing, and previous venture investor, Martin is passionate about galvanizing teams around what matters to end users.

Successful UC offerings are based on good products. Good products are hard to create. User experience and interaction design are difficult, while technology has gotten easier. This is especially true for communication and collaboration solutions. Once users love the product, marketing is so much easier.

As an expert in the communications, interaction, and collaboration space, Martin is well aware of the opportunities and challenges faced by the players in this market. After an acquisition Martin got into Nortel where he served as the General Manager of the SMB product group. Martin is also the founder of the open source community at, a cloud based unified communication and interaction solution. In 2010 he founded eZuce, a company where he served as President and CEO for four years. Previously he spent five years as a Venture Partner at an early stage tech VC fund and he is a three-time VP Marketing in the B2B software space. Today he works as an innovation specialist with startup and larger companies.

The UCAAS market is getting crowded, video is growing fast and WebRTC significantly reduces the barrier of entry. Increasingly the buyer shifts to the workers, team leads, and departmental managers. Traditional unified communication markets are merging with overlay (SAAS) video and collaboration solutions to solve the ultimate pain point: Allow users to interact and collaborate freely.

Martin can provide an outside opinion, helping the transition of an existing business into the cloud. He knows about SAAS business models. He is often asked to provide feedback on an existing or planned product offering, focusing on optimizing product-market fit. He also provides content to support an inbound marketing campaign. What he finds exciting are projects worth doing and teams with ambition.

Martin has proven to be a transformational leader and advocate of agile and lean principles focused on continuous end user feedback. Contact him directly at  

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