CaféX Chimes In

CaféX Chimes In

By Blair Pleasant February 28, 2017 Leave a Comment
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CaféX Chimes In by Blair Pleasant

At its first analyst conference, CaféX showed how it’s helping companies “transform the customer experience.” CEO Rami Musallam kicked off the event highlighting the company’s successes in 2016 and how its new products will disrupt the market. According to Musallam, CaféX empowers businesses by driving customer success. CaféX sees collaboration becoming contextual and core to the business, and integrated with business tools and workflows in order to drive employee productivity and customer engagement.

While the company’s initial product, Live Assist for omnichannel customer experiences, is focused on live in-app customer engagement, CafeX expanded to the enterprise last year with its CaféX Chime product for pervasive collaboration. CaféX Chime focuses on extending face-to-face meetings to every browser to make the user experience more seamless, while reducing the amount of bandwidth needed. Users don’t have to download any software or plugins, and can communicate with anyone, regardless of what device or system they’re using.

More recently, CaféX is introducing Chime Spaces, based on its recent acquisition of Vayyoo, providing outcome-driven team spaces and virtual rooms. And for customer engagement, CaféX has added Supervisor Assist for real-time coaching, as well as Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

As it expands its business collaboration solutions, going forward, CaféX will have three Chime solutions in this area:

  • Chime Meetings – pervasive video for enterprise-wide collaboration, featuring free online meetings available for every browser, plus mobile app support. Available in cloud or hybrid mode.
  • – professional web and video meetings. Online meetings for up to six people, offering voice, video, chat, presentation and document sharing. 100% cloud- and browser-based.
  • Chime Spaces – objective-driven collaboration aimed at lines of business, featuring secure collaboration rooms, persistent room messaging, widgets, mobile app support, live room sessions with voice and video, plus integrations with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

We spent a lot of time discussing the newest product, CaféX Chime Spaces, which provides outcome-driven pervasive and persistent collaboration. It utilizes purpose-built widgets that can be used to customize the application and add enhanced capabilities. CaféX currently offers 36 widgets, including videos, surveys, white board, picture, files, notes, and more, making it easy to customize the various rooms or spaces. Chime Spaces can be used for businesses to interact and collaborate with clients and customers, as well as for teams and workgroups to collaborate on a project to drive a specific outcome. When used with Chime, it can be used for multi-party ad hoc meetings, as well as scheduled meetings.

It took the analysts at the event a while to really understand which bucket Chime Spaces fits in, as it has elements of several different types of solutions such as workstream messaging/team collaboration, virtual data rooms and virtual meeting rooms. Similar in some ways to workstream messaging, it is very different from Slack, Spark, and other comparable offerings, and in fact can work in combination with these solutions. While Chime Spaces can be used as a collaboration workspace for internal teams, I believe that its real differentiation comes from using it for external collaboration with customers and clients, such as for insurance, banking, and legal examples.

Chime Spaces will be verticalized with use cases and “day-in-the-life” scenarios. One of the use cases we heard about was for a bank mortgage application, where individuals can work collaboratively with their banker and other people in the process such as attorneys, realtors, etc. Chime can be used to access and submit forms such as tax returns and W2s, share screens, have a voice and video call, define tasks, and more. These capabilities help expedite processes and workflows, while improving the customer experience.

Sajeel Hussain, Chief Marketing Officer, discusses who CaféX is and what they do. He describes Live Assist and Supervisor Assist, Live Assist for Dynamics 365, and how they improve customer engagement, as well as CaféX Chime, and Chime Spaces.

It’s nice to see CaféX expanding and growing, based on finding gaps in markets and ways of doing things better and differently. They have some challenges ahead, such as a battle with AWS over the brand name “Chime,” and the company needs to increase name recognition and market awareness. They’ve made a ton of progress in the past year, and I expect to see more innovation in the coming year. 


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