Countdown to UC Summit 2013

Countdown to UC Summit 2013

By Dave Michels April 8, 2013 Leave a Comment
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Countdown to UC Summit 2013 by Dave Michels

It’s that time again UC Summit time. The annual UC Summit takes place in San Diego at the end of this month. It’s a unique event focused on the UC channel with invited guests of honor being both the principals of UC VARs and industry consultants.

Unlike conferences like Enterprise Connect or Interop, the issue here isn’t the technology, although that’s covered too; the key focus at the Summit is the shifting role of the trusted advisor. The big theme this year appears to be cloud. This year’s Diamond and Platinum sponsors (HP, Cisco, Microsoft, NEC, Siemens, and Sonus) all have shiny new clouds to discuss.

Although the UCStrategies team attends lots of conferences (I did 20 in 2012), the UC Summit is the only event that UCStrategies actually hosts each year. The session line-up this year includes:

  • Seven Keynotes

  • The Elephant in the Room  Lync: How to profit when your customers ask about Lync (regardless if you sell it or compete with it)

  • Four key technology trends occurring in the marketplace

  • Upgrading the Contact Center to 2013

  • UC Vendor Roundup  an update on the movers and shakers of the industry

  • Cloud compensation best practices

  • Channel consolidation: Acquiring other VARs

Major vendors will be presenting and exhibiting in the expanded yet ultra casual exhibit hall. Of course, as a UCStrategies signature event there are lots of fine wines and excellent food including sushi and expert pairings of wines to chocolates. There is no other conference that even attempts to match the networking quality and opportunities as the UC Summit. Basically, the event fills the brain, gut, and (virtual) Rolodex.

If you haven’t got your invite yet, check here for last minute registration options.


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