FOX GROUP 2017 Predictions – Think like a Customer!

FOX GROUP 2017 Predictions – Think like a Customer!

By Roberta J. Fox January 17, 2017 Leave a Comment
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FOX GROUP 2017 Predictions – Think like a Customer! by Roberta J. Fox

In listening to and reading what my fellow technology industry experts have been saying is going to happen in 2017 over the past month, I have also heard a lot of comments about things like AI, IoT, the crash of the public internet, continued consolidation of traditional telecom manufacturers, the death of phones, the demise of “the cloud,” and even that 2017 will be a tipping point where new vendors are starting to take serious market share from legacy telecom/network providers.

For what it is worth, here are my comments about 2017 as a creative, innovative technologist who strives to bring the customer viewpoint to everything I do in working with clients to design and acquire realistic, attainable next generation technology solutions that improve their businesses.

Common Customer Challenge in 2017

We see a common thread in working with clients and their organizations, whether small, mid or large government firms, first responders in police, fire and EMS or large and small health care organizations.  They are all struggling to figure out how to evolve their technology environments, what technology should they pick and which vendors should they trust to spend their money with.

Where is the innovation and thought leadership?

My clients all say that vendors are challenged to understand how to apply their technology products and services to each client’s unique business challenge and bring knowledge of their sector and the clients they are trying to sell, support and serve.

What about applying artificial intelligence or adaptive intelligence technologies to automate technology management?

One of the topics that almost no one is prepared to talk about is how organizations are expected to keep up and manage all of this new technology. Where are the tools, practices and processes that enable clients to cost effectively manage all of the devices? By this I mean install, support and pay for all of the products and services to keep IT budgets on track. 

We are hoping that 2017 brings adaptive, intelligent technology management solutions that enable IT organizations to manage their technology environments across time, distance and space. I am sure that we all would even be willing to pay per-device per-month for this type of technology management nirvana!  

2017 Differentiator – Request to the ICT Industry

Just think – our human IT professionals would have time to actually apply their experience and expertise to forward thinking, business transformation type activities.

Unified Communications Strategies

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