On-Site WebRTC Training in Las Vegas with Industry Leaders Dan Burnett and Alan Johnston

On-Site WebRTC Training in Las Vegas with Industry Leaders Dan Burnett and Alan Johnston

By Phil Edholm July 22, 2013 Leave a Comment
Phil Edholm
On-Site WebRTC Training in Las Vegas with Industry Leaders Dan Burnett and Alan Johnston by Phil Edholm

I wanted to make all of the UCStrategies readers that are following WebRTC aware of the WebRTC training opportunity that is going to be available before ITEXPO in Las Vegas. WebRTC is the hottest new communications technology to come since the introduction of VoIP 15 years ago. With WebRTC, any one of 20 million web servers can host communications and users can participate without a download using a browser with WebRTC support. The WebRTC School, in cooperation with ITEXPO and WebRTC World, will be offering a unique education/training experience as part of ITEXPO in Las Vegas for Developers and others to come up to speed on WebRTC. The event is on Monday, August 26, at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas, the day before the ITEXPO conference begins.

This unique training will include six hours of intense lecture style training by Dan Burnett and Alan Johnston, leaders of the WebRTC standardization efforts and authors of the WebRTC Amazon bestseller: "WebRTC: APIs and RTCWEB Protocols of the HTML5 Real-Time Web." The session will cover WebRTC fundamentals, APIs, and detailed training of how to add WebRTC to existing web sites or build new sites with WebRTC. In addition to the on-site training, each participant will receive access to the WebRTC School on-line web-based training, both for immediate use and for future reference. Included in each registration is the WebRTC Developer Certification from the WebRTC School. This certification, supported by TIA, USTelecom, GENBAND and others, demonstrates proficiency in WebRTC development and delivery. Click here for more information.

This training will be invaluable for current VoIP experts, web site developers and managers, as well as anyone focused on the future of real-time communications. It is also very important for contact center developers and managers to understand how WebRTC can be integrated into their existing customer interaction solutions. With WebRTC opening up a world of new opportunities, development entrepreneurs and new businesses will see this as a way to enhance their offers.

For readers of UCStrategies.com, a special discount code UCSTRAT will get a 24 percent discount off the normal price. Register here for this unique training: WebRTC Training at ITEXPO registration.


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