Saying Yes to Move Forward

Saying Yes to Move Forward

By Bill Mackay June 7, 2013 4 Comments
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Saying Yes to Move Forward by Bill Mackay

Recently I attended my Rotary Club Presidents Night, which featured Deborah Kimmet  One Funny Lady as our guest speaker. Her theme for her often very funny, moving and personal life stories was “Saying Yes to Move Forward.” The more that I thought about the content of what Deborah was talking about, the more I realized that saying yes to move forward in all aspects of our lives doesn't happen at the same time, but I am in the midst of this process both personally and professionally. As many of you know, I recently lost my wife and business partner. Samantha was a dynamo, and a driving force behind Kane-MacKay & Associates. She approached her illness with the same sense of determination that would apply to our day-to-day lives. Samantha needed to figure out a way to live with cancer, and said yes to moving forward and did so until she left us.

Many people have been asking about the future of our consulting practice. When Samantha passed away, our Kane-MacKay & Associates consulting practice had been working on several breakthrough engagements that have provided us with some unique business opportunities. I needed to take on several roles in our business, and that included saying yes to move several projects forward.

For example, our CRM project for a client in Budapest that had been several months in the making was now being fast tracked. Kane-MacKay & Associates not only assisted our client with the preparation and migration of their CRM software, but the project was completed with a very tight implementation timeline.

One of our previous E-911 clients is currently in the midst of moving their New York corporate headquarters to a new building. A Kane-MacKay & Associates team will be in New York mid-June to move this project forward, which involves programming both the 911 appliance and the PBX, as well as determining zones and assisting with PSAP testing.

Kane-MacKay also recently earned Phase II of a communication network review and Contact Center engagement. Our client has grown over the last few years, and w e have been asked to help them rationalize and provide a framework for their telecommunication needs.

We are also about to launch an E-911 project for the San Jose location of another client. This will include the replacement and upgrade of the communication system, and we are still working on an E-911 project that started late last spring for another large California based location. We also continue our E-911 consulting work with a large multi-national organization with locations across a number of states in the US, as we work to assist their E-911 team with a number of issues.

I now realize that I need to be able to find the strength to say yes to move forward with our business. Part of the ability to move forward is due to a unique group of business associates, consultants and vendors that have displayed genuine care and concern, for both Samantha and myself. To our network of friends, a sincere thank you. Your words of encouragement and continued support mean more than you will ever know.

I am saying yes to moving forward with some aspects of life, especially the consulting practice to which Samantha dedicated so much of her life.


4 Responses to "Saying Yes to Move Forward" - Add Yours

Jon Arnold 6/7/2013 8:20:21 AM

I definitely second that motion, Bill! Nicely said, and you're absolutely doing the right thing here, and Samantha wouldn't have it any other way. If I can support you in any way, just let me know.
Roberta J. Fox 6/7/2013 8:33:46 AM

Bill: great article and writing (as always)!

As a close friend of both you and Samantha...I am so very proud of how well you have handled things, and particularly your moving forward and taking the leadership role in Kane Mackay. I am sure Sam would be too! Stephen and I look forward working together on projects with you, and helping any way we can at FOX GROUP!
Deborah Kimmett 6/9/2013 6:22:01 AM

Marina Geronazzo 6/13/2013 8:41:06 AM

That was an incredibly profound and moving article. Thank you for being brave and strong enough to share it. Truly inspiring.

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