So, You Think You Are a UC Expert?

So, You Think You Are a UC Expert?

By Dave Michels July 18, 2013 Leave a Comment
Dave Michels
So, You Think You Are a UC Expert? by Dave Michels

Earlier this year, UCStrategies began accepting contributions from guest experts. You can read them here. Each expert's biographical information is contained within the footer of the post. Most of the content on the site comes from our regular group of UC Experts and our Newsroom writers.

We know we aren’t the only experts in UC, as many work full time in other roles. Our guest contributor column is open to anyone with a compelling expert perspective on UC and UC channel-related topics.

Guest posts are unpaid. They are a place to share observations and opinions. We recommend posts be about 800 words of well articulated insights. We don’t want things overly formal or technical. Cut to the chase.

We do not edit your contributions. They will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected as is. As a rule, we allow links to relevant references, but do not provide backlinks. In other words, we don’t allow our guest contributions to be self promotional. Any content that smells promotional,  either explicitly or implicitly, will be rejected. We are also cautious about conflicts of interest. Please disclose any relationships with the subject matter either directly within the text, or separately for our review.

We ask that all submissions be original content, and as it will become the property of UCStrategies, that it not be posted elsewhere. Of course, any rejected content is yours to post anywhere you like.

If you would prefer to pitch a story before writing it, then just send us the basic description in a few sentences as well as why you think the story needs to be told. Also, send your bio and relevant background information. Nothing too formal, a short email should do the trick.

This is not a one time opportunity, you can submit as many posts as you like. If you are looking to join the UCStrategies team as a regular Expert, this is a good way to start (though additional requirements exist).

Contributions can be sent in Word or text formats to news at ucstrategies dot com.


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