Taking the Fear Out of Developing a UC Strategy

Taking the Fear Out of Developing a UC Strategy

By Blair Pleasant July 21, 2014 Leave a Comment
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Taking the Fear Out of Developing a UC Strategy by Blair Pleasant

Unified Communications (UC) has come of age. People are no longer asking, “What is UC?,” but rather, “How should we develop our UC strategy?” and “What are the best ways to deploy UC?”

While many organizations are considering moving to unified communications, they don’t know where to start. Developing a UC strategy can be a complex and daunting task. Organizations need to be able to:

  • Identify their business cases,

  • Analyze UC’s potential financial impact to expedite the approval process,

  • Understand the best options available to address their unique business communication needs

  • Identify which UC tools and approaches have the most potential to increase profit for their business.

The UC ecosystem is huge, and includes many different types of vendors, including UC platform, SBC/gateway, endpoint device vendors, and others. Organizations looking to deploy UC solutions need to understand the various elements and the roles they play in a total solution.

A UC solution is more than just a PBX replacement, and appropriate business cases must be developed, identifying the different users and the UC capabilities they need. For example, as Marty Parker and Don Van Doren discuss in their many articles, presentations, and consulting engagements, it’s important to identify the various user types and profiles, and find their communication “hot spots,” which they define as the “point in a business process where communication inefficiencies create a bottleneck.” Businesses can apply UC tools to streamline or eliminate these communication hot spots and develop their UC strategies around these user profiles and use cases.

Without carefully planning and preplanning, a UC deployment could result in failure. As Phil Edholm points out, “UC investment can have payback of less than six months, but the challenges of making the right decisions are huge.”

Unfortunately, too many businesses don’t take into account the organizational and cultural impact UC will have, and don’t properly train their end users on not just the technology, but on how to use these tools to more effectively collaborating and have a collaborative culture.

Phil and I will be hosting a one-day workshop to give attendees the tools they need to analyze UC in their organization, design a solution for their specific users, and choose the right deployment option and vendors. “UC University” will be held in Las Vegas on August 11, 2014.

Attendees will get access to a vendor evaluation tool, the UCStrategies UC Benefits and ROI tool, and a survey tool to help identify knowledge workers vs. information workers, and how to tie that to the right UC solution.

If you’re considering moving to UC and want more information on developing a strategy and understanding the various options available, we hope to see you there.


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