UCStrategies Discount Code for the WebRTC Conference and Expo

UCStrategies Discount Code for the WebRTC Conference and Expo

By Phil Edholm June 14, 2013 2 Comments
Phil Edholm
UCStrategies Discount Code for the WebRTC Conference and Expo by Phil Edholm

As I mentioned on the podcast this week discussing WebRTC, the WebRTC eco-system event WebRTC World Conference and Expo is coming up in two weeks in Atlanta. This event, produced by TMC, is June 25-27 at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta. With 50 sponsors including the leaders in the WebRTC movement, over 30 live demos and multiple session tracks.  There will be tracks for developers, Enterprises, Telcos/Mobile Operators, and WebRTC as a GameChanger. WebRTC Conference and Expo is the ideal opportunity to get fully immersed in WebRTC and to learn from and interact with the leaders in the industry. Sponsors include Google, Mozilla, Oracle, Ericsson, Avaya, Genesys, GENBAND, Alcatel-Lucent, Voxeo, Joyent, and many more. This is your chance to understand why WebRTC is really a disruptive technology and how to leverage the transition in your business.

On the Podcast I indicated that TMC has extended a 50 percent discount off the standard $795 conference registration for UCStrategies podcast listeners and readers. Use the code WRTC_UCS when you register on the Platinum link, or use the Diamond link for three attendees, for $995. 


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