UCStrategies Releases New UC Benefits and ROI Tool for VARs and Resellers

UCStrategies Releases New UC Benefits and ROI Tool for VARs and Resellers

By Phil Edholm December 18, 2013 1 Comments
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UCStrategies Releases New UC Benefits and ROI Tool for VARs and Resellers by Phil Edholm

The UC market has been growing over the past few years, however, the growth has been slower than expected, in large part because of the difficulty in proving the Return on Investment (ROI) of UC to potential customers, as well as the benefits and impact UC will have on their businesses. A 2103 channel survey conducted by UCStrategies showed that a UC proposal is rejected 53 percent of the time either due to lack of ROI or budget. For unified communications Reseller/Solutions Integrator, tools that help your customers justify a UC deployment and identify the costs and benefits of a UC solution can dramatically increase the adoption of UC in their customers.

Designed for you, the UC Solutions Integrators (VARs, resellers, and system integrators) during the sales process, the UCStrategies UC Benefits and ROI Analysis Tool helps you and your customers evaluate their use of the proposed UC solution and its impact on their business in terms of business benefits, cost of ownership, and return on investment. The UCStrategies UC Benefit and ROI tool looks at cost savings and the business impact of UC solutions for your customers’ specific configurations, identifying not just the total cost of a system, but also the business value and the cost savings that can be expected over a five-year period.

The tool is designed to meet the priorities of the CIO and CFO. During the UC sales cycle, you need the financial metrics to help identify not only the costs of the solution, but the expected returns. The UCStrategies Benefits and ROI Analysis Tool provides insights into the six-year costs of the UC solutions, as well as comparisons between the total costs of your proposed UC solution with the customer’s existing investment.

Most TCO tools focus solely on the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining a UC system. The UCStrategies Benefits and ROI Analysis Tool calculates the “value TCO” or “benefit value,” of the solution, identifying and quantifying the value that UC provides to organizations in terms of cost savings and business impact. This information is invaluable during the sales cycle.

Flexible and customizable, the tool is configured to match each customer’s specific needs and present a clear view of the benefits and Return on Investment (ROI) of a unified communications and collaboration (UC) system. Identify not just the costs of a UC system, but the value and payback your customers will get – based on their specific needs and configuration. The tool provides a detailed financial analysis report for each customer engagement, taking into account the cost and depreciation of your customer’s current system, presenting the results in a P&L format to help get budgetary approval. All of this can be generated with less than 10 minutes of questions and customer interaction.

Is your customer replacing their existing PBX system or simply augmenting it with UC capabilities? The tool can be configured for either one, and can compare the cost of a new UC system with the existing telephony system, and calculate SIP trunking savings and operational savings. The tool also supports premise, cloud and hybrid deployment models and can be configured to match your pricing and discounting strategies.

The UCStrategies UC Benefits and ROI Analysis Tool is available from UCStrategies at www.ucstrategies.com/roi-tool. You can request a 14-day trial version or purchase it for your team. Pricing ranges from $699 for a single salesperson to under $155 per salesperson for organizations with 100 salespeople or more – less than the cost of a client dinner!

View the Introductory video here.


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George Cordeiro 12/20/2013 2:11:51 PM

Great closing tool!

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