UCStrategies Survey: Helping You Access UC Vendor Information

UCStrategies Survey: Helping You Access UC Vendor Information

By UCStrategies May 18, 2010 1 Comments
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UCStrategies Survey: Helping You Access UC Vendor Information by UCStrategies

UCStrategies.com Surveys Enterprise and SMB Customers about Unified Communications Information Collection Methods - Proposes Service to Help Navigate the UC Marketplace

UCStrategies.com is launching a survey for enterprise and small- to mid-sized business customers in the market for UC solutions. UCStrategies is measuring interest in a service aimed at sorting through the vast amount of UC vendor information that is available on behalf of the influencers and decision-makers.  

“An important part of developing a UC strategy is collecting vendor information,” said Jim Burton, co-founder of UCStrategies. “UCStrategies would like to create win-win situations for enterprise customers, as well as the vendors of UC products. Our goal is to help enterprise and SMB customers obtain information from, and/or make contact with UC vendors to meet their planning, budgeting, and implementation goals for UC solutions; simplify information access for them, and at the same time allow them to control their interactions with the vendors.”

The program UCStrategies proposes includes personalized consulting, vendor summaries, and vendor analysis/evaluations. The survey also takes into consideration that some companies prefer not to directly involve vendors during various phases of information gathering.

Take the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/AccessingUCVendors.


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Roz Bennetts 12/10/2010 3:28:58 PM

I can see this being adopted in the SME market, less so in the enterprise due to having more personnel who can be devoted to this internally. Perhaps you can break down your offering into different products which would increase the appeal as people can select only the offerings they want/need.

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