VoIPmageddon at Enterprise Connect

VoIPmageddon at Enterprise Connect

By Phil Edholm March 4, 2015 Leave a Comment
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VoIPmageddon at Enterprise Connect by Phil Edholm

Recently I wrote a post on No Jitter about the potential of VoIPmageddon, making the case that significantly increasing voice quality issues may be coming due to the structure in which VoIP has been implemented, especially with the PSTN and SIP trunking. The article discussed in detail how VoIP can introduce significant perceived quality challenges for users as well as why these issues are now becoming “audible” due to the percentage of VoIP endpoint adoption. We also did a UCStrategies Industry Buzz podcast on the subject.

The concept of VoIPmageddon generated a significant response on both the web and social networks as many UC industry players have perceived the quality issue, many indicating that they have seen just the increase that the post suggests. The result discussed in the post, that we may be moving to a time when 10%, or even more, of all calls have significant quality issues has been seen as both realistic and concerning.

I will be presenting the issues and the underlying causes and statistics of impact at Enterprise Connect on Wednesday, March 18, from 3:45 to 4:30 in the Osceola B room. The session will discuss how VoIP calls cross many network boundaries and frequently include TDM legs, so that many gateways are typically involved, adding to handling delays at each network edge, multiple SIP hops, multiple transcoding, and random echo management. All of this implementation complexity is resulting in degraded performance on a percentage of calls, with the potential for exponentially worse performance as time goes on. The session will show how in 2-4 years, up to 10% of all voice calls may be unusable unless we begin to change the basic structure of how VoIP is engineered across the total network.

Included in the session will be key points that enterprises can do to mitigate the impact of the emerging VoIPmageddon as well as how service providers and SIP trunking vendors can better manage their networks and be evaluated for helping minimize the issues created across the PSTN for VoIP. It will discuss overall steps that the industry needs to consider to mitigate the impact overall. The session will also discuss how Net Neutrality and VoLTE may significantly increase the potential impact as the base of VoIP endpoints increases exponentially and the ability to manage IP real-time quality is reduced.

For Enterprise Connect attendees, whether users, consultants, channels, and vendors, this is increasingly becoming a critical issue and will introduce significant user dissatisfaction that is very hard or impossible to trace or resolve. As this is becoming apparent, we all need to understand the issue. Attend this session to understand the issue and how to react if it impacts your VoIP deployments.


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