Guest Contributions

Guest Contributions

UCStrategies selectively accepts contributions from guest experts. Each expert's biographical information is contained within the post's footer. If you would like to contribute a UCStrategies guest post, please contact us at news at ucstrategies dot com. Only posts that are UC related (preferably with a channel angle), and free of a sales pitch will be considered. We do not include back-links to contributor's site within the post. Author information, including any ties to vendors, should be disclosed. 

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What’s on the Horizon for Business Communications?

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor February 7, 2017

Enterprise unified communications (UC) has come a long way in recent years. However, despite becoming a rather mature market overall, there are still exciting developments on the horizon. At 3CX, we are seeing several interesting trends which we expect to continue to drive the market forward in 2017 and beyond.

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Three Ingredients for a Successful UC Deployment

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor January 31, 2017

Employee adoption is essential to realizing ROI on any UC deployment. However, poor quality of experience for voice, video or collaboration apps can deter your employees from using the application and prevent your organization from realizing the full operational and financial benefits of your UC strategy. The key to UC success is being able to guarantee reliable and consistent performance for your users at all times. Here are three steps to ensure flawless performance of your UC applications.

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Connecting Geographies for a Global Business Presence in 2017

By RingCentral January 25, 2017

One primary challenge for multinational businesses is maintaining a connected and engaged ecosystem of both employees and external stakeholders, such as customers and partners. Collaboration, agility, transparency, innovation and productivity are highlighted as the key challenge areas facing global companies, according to data based on more than five million employees worldwide by global management consultancy Hay Group.

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4 Reasons Your UC Strategy Needs a Network Assessment

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor January 18, 2017

Even when applications appear to be running smoothly a hiccup could be just around the corner. Getting ahead of those will not only save headaches, but also time and money – this requires a complete understanding of everything that is happening across the network. This is where a network assessment comes in handy. Here are four good reasons why you should consider getting one...

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Replacing Dollars with Sense - How to Cut Costs Without a Complete Overhaul

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor January 3, 2017

Most IT staff don’t have the time to chase down pesky and seemingly unimportant telecom expenses. There are bigger projects and expectations from management that translates to real productivity dollars. However, losing sight of telecom savings translates to real dollars, too. Here are a few tips for I’ve learned over the years so you can find some “low hanging fruit.”

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Make Money With Secure Faxing for your Medical and Legal Clients

By UCStrategies Guest Contributors November 22, 2016

The words “internet fax” or FoIP (Fax Over IP) can bring up frustrating memories for IT integrators (or snickers from the uninformed), so when quoting and installing UC systems, it’s often forgotten about or avoided. Though 100% (or close to) reliable online faxing has been around for the better part of this decade, new patents in the last two years have changed the way online faxes are transmitted, solving one of the last remaining issues that has prevented FoIP from eliminating analog faxing: Security.

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It’s Good to Talk

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor October 31, 2016

Almost 20 years ago, Simon Roncoroni, a specialist in setting-up call centres warned that the expanding call centre industry at the time was at risk of becoming like the “dark satanic mills” of the Industrial Revolution. Contact centres were being treated as cost centres and agents were working in environments more akin to sweatshops. Customer service deteriorated as a result. Since then, the technology mix has changed significantly.

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Just Because You Build It, Don’t Expect Them To Come

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor October 21, 2016

End users just loooooooove their personal smartphone apps. So why don’t they blink an eye when IT releases new and useful productivity software? There’s a serious challenge with getting users to use enterprise technology today. If left unchecked, the problem will only get worse.

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What Are Your Collaboration Behaviors and Preferences?

By AT&T October 20, 2016

Look around your organization and you will recognize people with different attitudes, aspirations and motivations. Different collaboration technology and tools are more suitable for certain “types” of people and business purposes. One size does not fit all.

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Get in Bed with Embedded Communications

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor October 3, 2016

Embedded communications projects are sprouting up all over the place, being led by any number of people inside organizations – marketing, product management, finance and legal, operations, HR, sales and sales operations, e-commerce teams, and more. Embedded communications is becoming a natural inside both mobile and enterprise apps, and is skyrocketing in social media, as evidenced by Facebook messenger and the new ability to touch to talk to Facebook friends.

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Analysts Shedding Light on the Skype for Business Contact Center Market

By Clarity Connect September 9, 2016

The Skype for Business contact center market finally has the research that it deserves. Gartner recently published the August 2016 Market Guide for Microsoft Skype for Business Contact Center Partners, which gives a comprehensive overview of the products in the market and the method each uses interacting with Skype for Business.

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Can you Maximize Native Queueing in CUCM?

By Metropolis Technologies August 25, 2016

Despite these improvements, there was still an element missing to transform the Cisco Call Manager into a functional call center solution: visibility. Without the ability to monitor and track call queues and agent performance, call center teams and managers are operating blind, unable to understand their call volume, problem areas, scheduling needs, or service level. QLIVE solves this need-gap.

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Earbuds Sound Awful: Consumer Grade Audio Insufficient for the Enterprise

Most of us don't give a lot of thought to the quality of audio generated by our phones, cars, televisions or PCs. This is unfortunate, because most of our consumer electronics devices that have audio capability produce only passable quality.

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SIP Trunks: It’s Not Just about Dial Tones Anymore!

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor August 3, 2016

According to IHS, a leading market research firm, SIP Trunking is an over $8.5B opportunity for communication service providers over the next few years, across all geographies. And while Unified Communications (UC) is considered a sexy evolution to IP Centrex, SIP Trunking, with its association to a legacy PRI, still has a stigma of being a boring dumb pipe. This is absolutely not true, when service providers enhance their offerings to go beyond commoditized voice and data bundles.

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App, App, App, App, Stayin’ Alive: Pairing OTT Communication and Emergency Services

For better or for worse, the fact is that today over-the-top (OTT) communication services like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter are deeply embedded in our lives. We use them to communicate with family, friends, and even professionally. The success of these applications is partly due to their superior ability to seamlessly help users share their lives with others, via photo, video, or location. With this in mind, it may be time for all OTTs to provide emergency service functionality as part of their standard offering. Emergency service access through OTT can enhance the communication between users and PSAPs (public service access points) or the local emergency response centers in case of emergency situations.

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How Using Open-Ended Questions Can Make Customers Your Best Asset in Solving Problems

Why do customers contact call centers? It’s because it allows for a freeform conversation, permitting callers to easily express their issues vocally; while also being the fastest channel for conflict resolution. Most importantly though, a phone conversation utilizes open-ended questions. Not only are they great tools in gathering information about the issue, but also transforms the customer into an essential asset in solving their problems.

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Optimise to Transform: The Blueprint for Collaboration in the Digital Enterprise

By Dimension Data April 13, 2016

With 86% of respondents showing improved productivity, 70% improved sales, and 63% improved competitive advantage, it’s clear from the 2016 Connected Enterprise Report that collaboration is an essential element in the digital business of the future.

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Increasing Millennial Feedback Through Live Chat Customer Service

While age is perhaps the biggest factor in the preference for live chat, it is actually an extremely successful customer service tool overall. An ATG Global Consumer Trend study (PDF) found that 90 percent of customers consider live chat helpful.

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Outdated Communications Risk Alienating Young Workers

By Robbie Pleasant April 5, 2016

Video allows for a more natural remote communication experience. It’s more effective than just voice calls, email, or text messages, and virtually every computer is already equipped with some level of video and voice equipment. Yet its uses in the office seem limited, in spite of its ubiquity. Research from BlueJeans Network has found that barely over a quarter of employers are proactively encouraging the use of video for office communications.

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What Is Hosted Telephony and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

If you haven’t yet made the switch to a hosted telephone system, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. The main difference is the hardware: with a Hosted phone system, there is no traditional PBX on site - the whole system is hosted fully in the cloud. However, the real strength of hosted telephony lies in its versatility and this flexibility sets it apart from more traditional systems.

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