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UCStrategies selectively accepts contributions from guest experts. Each expert's biographical information is contained within the post's footer. If you would like to contribute a UCStrategies guest post, please contact us at news at ucstrategies dot com. Only posts that are UC related (preferably with a channel angle), and free of a sales pitch will be considered. We do not include back-links to contributor's site within the post. Author information, including any ties to vendors, should be disclosed. 

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WebRTC Offers Companies New Opportunities to Improve Their Online Communication

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor January 7, 2016

WebRTC is a new "disruptive" technology, which is considered to be a game changer for digital communication. The term stands for Web Real-Time Communication, indicating that it allows real-time communication (text, voice and video) from within the browser, without any plugins or other applications to install. This easily accessible system can be implemented in many corporate web applications and improves business communication through the web.

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The Cloud-Based UC Revolution is Here

By Revolabs September 14, 2015

As we enter what many predict to be an explosion of cloud-based unified communication services, how will everyone in the UC sphere be affected by this rapid evolution?

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5 Key Questions to Ask About Your SIP Services Solution

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor September 4, 2015

There are over 200 companies in the US that provide some form of SIP trunking, which one fits your requirements best? To help decide, there are five key questions that should be asked of any SIP trunking provider.

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Creating High-Value Partnerships with UCaaS

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor August 11, 2015

UCaaS has matured over the last two to three years with widespread acceptance of the value Unified Communications (UC) creates within businesses ranging from SMBs to multinational corporations. That naturally raises the questions, “Where does the UC industry go from here?” and “What is going to drive new developments in platforms and services?”

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Ending the Era of the IT “No”

By Dimension Data July 14, 2015

Where in the past, a firm’s IT team could get away with responses like “no” and “because we say so,” in today’s world every “no” from IT is just an app store download away from becoming part of what is referred to as Shadow IT. This dynamic has forever changed the role of the CIO and the IT department. Instead of just managing what they feel is a best practices ecosystem, they now need to manage a bimodal environment.

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BYOD: Obstacles to Employee Adoption

By ESI June 24, 2015


In selecting a BYOD solution, companies need to address common problems that can slow or stall adoption: required apps must be easy and intuitive to use, the experience must be familiar, and personal information remains private from the employer application.


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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along; Unifying Communications

By Dimension Data June 16, 2015

We all have to put aside our tendency to become bogged-down in the technology and features and instead focus on our people and their desired organizational outcomes. The blend is then applied across the organization with the understanding that the way things have been done up to that point has no inherent relevance – because people collaborate differently today than they did even a few years ago.

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Web Conferencing and WebRTC: Connection or Music on Hold?

By Voxbone June 5, 2015

Most enterprises today leverage one of many popular third-party systems for conferencing and collaboration; however, not everyone uses the same platform, and the person you are scheduled to speak with may not have your preferred platform installed. That means that your peer needs to go through the process of downloading and installing a plugin or application just to join, which usually causes a delay in starting the meeting. Does WebRTC have the potential to fix this once and for all? And if so, what’s the hold up?


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The Unified Cloud Platform - What It Is and Why It’s Important

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor April 24, 2015

The benefits of the cloud are pretty well documented by now, and companies large and small are reaping the benefits as they move multiple IT services to the cloud.  As a result, a new class of cloud service providers is emerging called Unified Cloud Service Providers (UCSPs) that deliver Unified Cloud Platforms (UCPs). 

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Combining Business Analytics with Unified Communications Completes the Circle of Business

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor March 11, 2015

Business analytics completes the circle of unified communications. With business analytics, you can set up triggerable performance metrics that are automatically monitored and send alerts to supervisors and managers for them to interpret and act upon. With business analytics, the company can set up a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that triggers when any agent is on an inbound call for longer than five minutes. This instant notification of an exceeded KPI is what business analytics is all about. Unfortunately, this is really only half the story! What do supervisors do once they are notified of an exceeded KPI? And what tools do supervisors have at their disposal to take action regarding the exceeded KPI? This is where unified communications comes in.

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Deploying Lync Voice with Office 365

By Brent Kelly & Marty Parker January 19, 2015

Many organizations that subscribe to Office 365 want Lync Enterprise Voice functionality, in addition to user-to-user voice and video, in order to enable calling to and from the Public Switched Telephone network (PSTN and cellular phones) and to enable PBX-like telephony features. The authors of this TCO report have been analyzing and reporting on the total cost of ownership for adding Lync Voice capability to Office 365 for over a year and have now expanded that analysis to include the AudioCodes One Box 365 option.

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2015 Cloud UC Predictions

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor December 10, 2014

The strongest growth segment for UC has been cloud UC. 2015 is poised to deliver more of the same strong growth, due to several trends and opportunities I predict will become reality. Here are my 2015 cloud UC predictions.

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To be a Fly on the Wall in a Video Conferencing Room

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor November 20, 2014

Sophisticated video networks come at a high cost. Large corporate video systems are comprised of bridges, MCUs, gateways, streaming solutions, bandwidth optimizers, and big pipes. It’s a big investment that some CEOs approved in the heyday of telepresence, but since then have pared back due to vague ROI and changes in user adoption for video.

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When Web Collaboration Does and Doesn’t Work

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor November 11, 2014

Web collaboration offers us the unique opportunity to instantly collaborate with colleagues through the web regardless of our location. Whilst such a tool is useful and convenient it may not work in all situations. It is important we know when it is best to use such tools and when we should be looking to use different methods for our meetings.

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From $100,000 to $1,000 in Just Two Years

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor November 6, 2014

Change is afoot in the video conferencing industry, but it’s not the change that major manufacturers have been hoping for over the years. The revenue spike from early adopters of telepresence is tailing off. Disruptive technologies are part of the cause.

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The Future of Cloud Services

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor November 4, 2014

Of the roughly 20,000 North American service providers, just about 20 percent of these offer cloud services at this time, and this number is expected to grow sharply over the next few years. Yet at the same time, there will be a lot of attrition among these providers.

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What the Mobile Customer Service Experience Should Be

By Interactive Intelligence October 16, 2014

The mobile approach provides a way to serve customers better and — if done correctly — to form stronger, more lasting relationships. But that’s the problem. Many businesses are still struggling to determine how best to use tools such as mobile apps to their advantage.

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WebRTC: Phantom Menace or New Hope?

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor August 22, 2014

WebRTC is changing the telecommunication services, worrying news for service providers. From now on pricing will be defined by the aims of user, aims of communication and its context, not just by the available service plans.

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Mobile-First or Die: UC Vendors’ Crucible

By NextPlane August 19, 2014

We’ve almost approached the tipping point where mobile devices will replace traditional computers in both our personal and professional lives. In fact, some may say it’s already here.

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A New Definition of Workforce Management

By Interactive Intelligence July 15, 2014

Strategic planning becomes a quicker and far more effective process when all of these components are brought together and automated. More importantly, beyond traditional WFM, contact center organizations get a powerful new class of business performance and planning analytics.

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