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UCStrategies selectively accepts contributions from guest experts. Each expert's biographical information is contained within the post's footer. If you would like to contribute a UCStrategies guest post, please contact us at news at ucstrategies dot com. Only posts that are UC related (preferably with a channel angle), and free of a sales pitch will be considered. We do not include back-links to contributor's site within the post. Author information, including any ties to vendors, should be disclosed. 

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I Broke My Headset – Who Pays to Replace it?

Should a company continue to replace lost or broken headsets that they provide their employees? Or should they set boundaries, regulations, and expected behavior to put accountability on the employee?

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UCStrategies Experts Host UC University at ITEXPO

By Robbie Pleasant July 1, 2014

UCStrategies’ UC Experts Blair Pleasant and Phil Edholm will host UC University, aimed at giving attendees a “graduate degree in unified communications,” on August 11-14, 2014, at The Rio in Las Vegas. Collocated with ITEXPO, UC University will provide an introduction to all aspects of Unified Communications for anyone preparing to deploy a UC solution for their organization or looking to learn more about getting the most out of their UC solution.

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Great Heists: Bank Robbery and Toll Fraud

By Sonus June 11, 2014

Willie Sutton robbed banks in the United States for 42 years. When asked why he committed the robberies, his response was, "that is where the money is at.” If Willie Sutton were alive today, he would focus his efforts on the telecommunications industry. Malicious subscribers constantly attempt to make phone calls at the expense of service providers worldwide. This is defined as toll fraud, and the global impact has soared to more than $46 billion as recently as 2011.

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Two Dial Plans… Sometimes Less is (not) More

Some PBX professionals familiar with Cisco or Avaya phone systems are under the impression that if you add Lync voice to the environment, the administrative complexities could outweigh the benefits. "You’d have to create and maintain two dial plans," they often say. Before dismissing the notion, consider the benefits of adding Lync to an existing PBX environment.

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5 Reasons Microsoft Lync will Thrive in a Post-PC World

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor April 28, 2014

The close ties Lync has traditionally enjoyed with the corporate desktop and the dominant Microsoft Office productivity suite that runs on it, have left some wondering whether Microsoft Lync will continue this success in the future – a future where enterprise information workers rely less on the corporate desktop and more on mobile and tablets for their communication and productivity needs. This article looks at 5 reasons Microsoft Lync is well positioned to thrive as go-to communications tool in the coming years.


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Why Government Contact Centers Must Look to the Cloud

By Interactive Intelligence April 16, 2014

Contact centers operated by the US federal government are stuck in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Literally, most of these centers still use wired PBXs and premises-based communications systems installed 20 or 30 years ago. They still segment communications channels and provide inefficient service for constituents. They also still require excessive IT budgets just for system maintenance, never mind updates.

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UC Summit 2014 Draws Closer

By Robbie Pleasant April 14, 2014

The UC Summit is approaching, with much to look forward to. This year’s summit, held in La Jolla, California from April 27-30, will focus on UC industry trends such as mobility, WebRTC, the cloud, SDN, and more, enabling attendees to make new connections and learn more about emerging technologies and trends.

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Securing Voice Comms Against... Cap'n Crunch?

By Sonus April 14, 2014

Accessing the TDM network is difficult. Gaining access requires a carrier to be certified (think money and lawyers), and it requires end users to receive the service on a dedicated facility. These measures help ensure security of the TDM network.

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(Taming) the Wild West of Collaboration

By Sonus March 25, 2014

Communication is key to success in today’s highly competitive, global marketplace, but the information and employees are spread out in many different locations. We’re working anywhere, anytime, anyplace. It’s new, untamed territory for many businesses, and most are finding that there’s no sheriff in town. Enterprises today must find a way to tame the Wild West of collaboration – and Unified Communications (UC) just may be the solution.

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HP: We’ll See You at Enterprise Connect 2014

By HP March 1, 2014

HP is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Enterprise Connect 2014, March 17-20, in Orlando. The conference will inspire you with in-depth content, world-class speakers, and networking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Join our HP experts in event and HP-sponsored sessions to hear firsthand how organizations like yours have strategically embraced Lync, deployed BYOD solutions, and leveraged big data and latest networking innovations to increase productivity and reduce costs.

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HP Case Study: HP Fosters Global Collaboration with Lync

By HP February 18, 2014

In our new case study, HP Fosters Global Collaboration with Lync, read how HP implemented Microsoft® Lync® as a Unified Communications (UC) platform, a solution that enables HP employees to collaborate and communicate spontaneously and immediately—almost as if they all working in the same room.

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Not All SBCs are Created Equal – Compelling Results on Sonus from The Tolly Group

By Sonus February 17, 2014

Not all SBCs are created equal, especially within Lync environments. Therefore, you as decision-makers must carefully weigh factors such as real-world session performance, robustness of features, ease of setup and integration before selecting an SBC for your Lync deployments.

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HP: “We’ll See You at Microsoft Lync Conference 2014”

By HP February 5, 2014

HP is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of the Lync Conference 2014, February 18-21, in Las Vegas. The conference will inspire you with in-depth content, world-class speakers, and networking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Join our HP sessions to hear firsthand how customers like you have standardized on Lync to increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Think Outside the “App”: A Great Experience Begins With the Customer

By Interactive Intelligence February 4, 2014

To deliver on the mobile customer experience in its entirety, mobile customer service solutions must link the self-service experience with live assistance seamlessly. The organization as a whole must become fully customer-centric and digitally dexterous. And for both mobile and traditional forms of customer service, there must be a single platform infrastructure to develop and deploy apps that are more intelligent.

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Three Statements to Add to Your Corporate New Year’s Resolutions List

By Fonality December 27, 2013

As a business owner, 2014 needs to be all about conquering the bottom line and making the right turns to drive profitability, augment customer retention and enhance productivity. All of that can start by repeating the following statements...

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New White Paper: VoIP Security Risks Must be Addressed

By Robbie Pleasant December 26, 2013

As useful as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is, sometimes security issues can be an additional price users must pay for it. VoIPshield Systems addresses security gaps caused by VoIP systems, and has recently launched the VoIPaudit 3.1 to better monitor and secure a VoIP communications environment.

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Hosted Voice Services are a Boon to SMBs

By Robbie Pleasant December 18, 2013

Hosted voice services are constantly in high demand, and new providers keep appearing to meet that demand. Businesses of all sizes are investing in hosted solutions, in order to minimize costs while maximizing efficiency for their voice and unified communications

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Four Trust Issues You Must Address Before You Adopt BYOD

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor December 9, 2013

A TEKSystems survey found that only 35 percent of companies communicated effectively and regularly updated their device policy, with 65 percent of companies either banning personal device use at work or not employing a policy to moderate employer and employee concerns. Here are the top four BYOD trust issues.

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How Service Providers Can Enter Large Contact Center Conversation

By UCStrategies Guest Contributor November 18, 2013

Historically, many service providers with hosted contact center offerings have ceded the large enterprise market to pure-play cloud providers. While this argument previously held some merit, service providers today are increasingly empowered to compete aggressively in this market. To capitalize on the hosted enterprise contact center market opportunity, service providers should consider several key strategies and assets that can be leveraged.


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The Value of the User Experience

By Robbie Pleasant November 18, 2013

There are many important features required for end user adoption of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) tools and solutions, but chief among them is a good user experience. Many vendors have begun to realize just that, and are making adjustments accordingly.

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