HP: We’ll See You at Enterprise Connect 2014

HP: We’ll See You at Enterprise Connect 2014

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HP: We’ll See You at Enterprise Connect 2014 by HP

HP is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Enterprise Connect 2014, March 17-20, in Orlando. The conference will inspire you with in-depth content, world-class speakers, and networking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Join our HP experts in event and HP-sponsored sessions to hear firsthand how organizations like yours have strategically embraced Lync, deployed BYOD solutions, and leveraged big data and latest networking innovations to increase productivity and reduce costs.

HP Speaking Sessions

Taking Wi-Fi to the Next Level: 802.11ac 

Date: Tuesday, March 18
Time: 1:30pm - 2:15pm / Osceola A

HP Expert: Stephane Laroche, Chief Mobility Technologist, HP Networking

Since their introduction in 1997, the 802.11 standards for wireless LANs have continued to develop. Additions like WPA and WPA2 have addressed security while technologies like WMM have added quality of service capabilities to the original standards. With the introduction of 802.11ac, we are seeing the next major leap forward in terms of over-the-air transmission capacity. In this session, a panel of experts will discuss what 802.11ac brings to the table, how it changes the WLAN landscape, and best practices for incorporating this new wireless technology.

Get Lync Right: Now and Into the Future

Date: Tuesday, March 18
Time: 3:30pm - 4:15pm / Osceola 1


  • Dragana Beara, Global Marketing Manager, UC&C and Mobility, HP Networking
  • Kitty Chow, Global Marketing Manager, Networking Practice, HP Consulting

Learn how to move away from a technology built Lync model to a service-based model, engineered with usability, productivity, ease of use, and future protection in mind. In this session, we will share Lync project experience that shows how having an aligned business and technology strategy delivers positive results including increased productivity, ease of use and cost savings. And how incorporating, exciting innovations such as SDN, and unified wired/wireless networks, can enable superior ROI.

Virtualizing Communications Servers & Clients

Date: Wednesday, March 19
Time: 8:00am - 8:45am / Sun D

HP Expert: Jordan Whitmarsh, Global Client Virtualization Portfolio Lead, HP Consulting

More and more communications platform functions are becoming available for deployment on virtualized servers. And at the same time, vendors and enterprise users are grappling with the complexities of deploying communications on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)—which promises greater flexibility in end-user devices, while potentially creating new network performance challenges. In this session, you’ll get an overview of the opportunities for virtualizing your core communications applications, the costs and benefits of doing so, and tips on how to proceed with the migration. You’ll also get practical advice on how to include VDI in your larger strategies for end devices and even BYOD.

Cloud for the Contact Center: Why are Organizations Making the Move from CPE?

Date: Wednesday, March 19
Time: 1:30pm - 2:15pm / Osceola A

HP Expert: George Jones, Senior Technologist, BPO Strategy and Architecture, HP Enterprise Services

Several manufacturers of premises-based contact center infrastructure (ACD, IVR, reporting, etc.) report that their strongest growth is now coming from hosted implementations of their software, provided as a service to the enterprise. In addition, new cloud-only contact center solution providers are having considerable success migrating legacy CPE customers to the cloud. In this session, you’ll hear from both legacy and cloud-only providers.  Each will tell the story of the solutions they have to offer through the lens of existing customers who have implemented their software.  You’ll come away from this session with a clear idea of the business case and other justifications for using hosted contact center services.  You’ll learn how companies like yours have successfully made the move to the cloud, and you’ll be in a position to judge how cloud can work for your contact center.

UC Options: Many Ways to Do UC 

Date: Wednesday, March 19
Time: 2:30pm - 5:30pm / Osceola A

HP Experts:

  • Rich Harnett, UC Services Offering Manager, HP
  • Brian McStay, Practice Principal, Mobility Consulting, HP

There are many options available to deploy UC. Proposals come as part of an IP-PBX, part of productivity software, or part of network designs, part of business applications, and more. Some configurations are entirely on premise, some are in the cloud, and some are mixed or ‘hybrid’ options.  Session will open with remarks from Marty Parker, Principal Consultant, UniComm Consulting, and will continue as a panel discussion.

HP Workshop Sessions 

Powering Enterprise Communications with Software-Defined Networks (SDNs)

Date: Wednesday, March 19
Time: 2:30pm - 5:30pm / Sun D

HP Expert: Manfred Arndt, Distinguished Technologist UCC, HP Networking

This workshop will start out with a review of the basics of SDN—how it works, what the relevant standards and protocols are, and where the vendors are in terms of delivering products for production networks. We’ll quickly move to a tutorial on how SDN technologies can integrate with communications to provide better network performance for your real-time applications. The workshop will conclude with a discussion with some of the leading vendors that are actively working to integrate SDN and communications—as well as offering time for your questions. You’ll come away from this workshop ready to engage with your peers who are in charge of SDN at your enterprise, to craft a strategy for taking advantage of the benefits SDN offers for communications. 

Enterprise Connect Market Leader Theatre Session  

Join HP at the Enterprise Connect Market Leader Theatre in the Expo Hall to learn more about our SDN optimized UC solutions: 

How to optimize your Network to a Super-Highway for Lync

Date: Wednesday, March 19  
Time: 12:30pm -12:50pm 

Speaker: Manfred Arndt, Distinguished Technologist UCC, HP Networking

Adoption of interactive and media-rich applications like Microsoft Lync continues to grow within the Enterprise causing IT staff to look for solutions to provide a quality user experience. The current manual configuration of network QoS policy and traffic engineering required to do so is complex, tedious and error prone, with Network issues causing 60% to 80% of poor end-user quality of experience. Diagnosis is even more difficult. Learn how one of the hottest IT trends, Software Define Networking (SDN) from HP and Microsoft Lync can optimize your Network for Lync. We’ll show you how this solution can deliver true application-awareness along with rich diagnostics to optimize network policy and provisioning without any human intervention required and unlocking the full potential of Lync Enterprise Voice.

HP Booth #1301 

Join us at 4:00pm on Monday, March 17, or Tuesday, March 18, or Wednesday, March 19, for a demonstration of the HP In Context Analytics solution.  
Zero to Productive in Minutes - Get from zero to productive in minutes. See how HP can deliver your enterprise connectivity and productivity services to any device quickly and simply while adhering to enterprise security policies and governance. Through the implementation of enterprise mobility management tools, we can deliver applications, data and collaboration tools securely to any device.

UC&C: Communicating more Effectively - Live demo of unified communications delivered as a service with Microsoft Lync being the foundational architecture with centralized SIP Trunking. Additionally see WebRTC integrated with MS Lync.

HP In Context Analytics - boost insight and user productivity HP In Context Analytics helps business gain advantages to improve everyday business decision-making by supplying used with pertinent information, in real time, during interpersonal IM conversations. This solution connects relevant business data sources (inside and outside an organization) and is presented as a “passive” search system that is fully integrated with an enterprise instant messaging, to provide IM users with salient information. Enterprise-grade search and analytics are used to heighten information availability with work conversations.

Apps & Networks - Witness the latest innovation in UC&C network technology - SDN Enabled, unified network for UC&C (Lync). This integrated demo will showcase HP Network Optimized SDN for Microsoft Lync and incredible improvement in user experience when this solution is part of the Lync deployment. In addition, HP networking Lync-qualified products will be included in this demonstration showcasing the power of a unified, open standards based, Lync-qualified network.

Know Your Network - Learn more about IMC UC Health Manager, the latest addition to HP’s Intelligent Management Center (IMC). IMC is a single-pane-of-glass, multi-vendor, network management solution that delivers complete visibility across both wired and wireless, and provides unified management across wired and wireless networks. With IMC UC Health Manager (UCHM) HP now provides insight into Lync sessions (calls) to enable service/health monitoring, diagnostics, root cause analysis as well as provide inventory (wired and wireless) for easier troubleshooting.

Get Strategic, Get Productive - Most successful UC&C and Mobility implementations have been planned in a strategic manner with focus on business outcomes. Learn how HP services can help you maximize your UC&C and Mobility ROI with our strategy, design, deployment, support and management of change services created to ensure business and user satisfaction.

Partner Showcase

ETC AskTheExpert Lync Kiosk App - learn about Enabling Technologies’ innovative app to improve loan applications from walk-in branch customers. This Lync-based kiosk app you will demonstrate how simple it is to connect branch visitors to experts instantly,  and lock in and secure loans before competition can get to your customers.

Our Knowledge, Your Network - Learn about Versatile’s Proving Ground, a place where our clients work alongside our experts to learn hands-on skills, test technology, and develop solutions in a lab-like environment.

Experience HP’s Enterprise Mobility Transformation Workshop

Experience the immersive nature of this unique workshop that delivers an aligned strategy in just one day. Sign up for a one hour introduction and have HP consultants help you focus on the most important mobility aspects for your organization.

Please contact: Kathy.DelToro@hp.com


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