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UC Expert Views

To help you make informed decisions about Unified Communications technologies, UCStrategies provides articles, viewpoints, and a cornucopia of information from the industry's leading analysts and consultants, chosen for expertise in their selected areas to help you better understand the dynamic UC arena.

Damaka Announces UCC Platform Source Code Licensing

By Phil Edholm October 7, 2015

Damaka is offering its UCC solution and platform as a source license for Service Providers and UC/telecomm channels that are looking for a differentiated cloud solution that they can optimize in order to effectively compete in the cloud market.

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Avoiding UC Failure

By Phil Edholm September 29, 2015

For organizations that have deployed UC solutions and continue to use tradition labor-intensive configuration methods, any (or all) of these indicators demonstrate that there are issues in the deployment. The answer is to implement a Business Communication Operations Management (BCOM) solution to automate the configuration and change process based on the range of lifecycle events of the system.

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Why Remote Workers are the Smart Choice for Choice Logistics

By Blair Pleasant September 28, 2015

Choice Logistics, a New York City-based global company that stores and delivers critical parts for major technology products, operates on six continents, in 80+ countries, and has over 400+ locations throughout the world. In order to keep operating 24/7/365 and serving customers regardless of location and in the event of natural disasters and power outages, the company has deployed a variety of Mitel solutions, including those that provide communication and collaboration capabilities for desktop and mobile workers, as well as its contact center solution, and has recently virtualized their Mitel unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions for the data center and the desktop.

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Why Audio Quality Really Matters for Conferencing

By Jon Arnold September 9, 2015

Poor user experiences are typically the norm, and poor audio quality is often the root of the problem. To cite a recent market study, 66% of buyers are “actively looking” for new and better conferencing solutions, and by far, the biggest reason is to get a better user experience. While this can be a highly subjective concept, there’s little doubt that audio quality is the most important factor for an effective conferencing experience.

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10-Step Health Check to Avoid Toll Fraud

By Blair Pleasant August 27, 2015

What keeps IT managers up at night? Security issues – and for good reason. When it comes to business communication systems, there are lots of reasons for concern – denial of service (DoS) attacks, eavesdropping, VoIP phishing (Vishing), and toll fraud.

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Getting Schooled on the Cloud - West Aurora School District 129

By Blair Pleasant August 10, 2015

Unified communications and cloud solutions offer benefits to all types of users, and one of the biggest beneficiaries of these solutions is the education segment, including K-12 schools. I recently spoke with Don Ringelestein, Director of Technology for the West Aurora School District 129 in Aurora, IL to discuss their cloud communications solution.

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Kurmi Software – BCOM for the Core and an Extensive Service Brokerage Platform

By Phil Edholm July 8, 2015

The category of products and solutions defined as Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) systems is increasingly being seen as the critical component of delivering a successful Unified Communications (UC) environment. Today, UCStrategies examines Kurmi Software, a leading Paris-based BCOM vendor. Kurmi has a differentiated view of the UC landscape, as well as unique capabilities focused on UC as both an IT application and as a User Experience.

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Damaka Enables CEBP With Endpoint SDK for Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM

By Phil Edholm July 7, 2015

Using their X-line mobile clients, Damaka has introduced the ability to integrate Microsoft, Cisco, or IBM UC system directly into a mobile app through a native mobile SDK (Software Development Kit). With mobile applications representing over 50% of time spent on digital media in 2014, it is clear that mobile app integration may be the key to the future of CEBP. 

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Leading Healthcare Administrator Embraces Cloud UC and Contact Center Solutions

By Blair Pleasant July 6, 2015

Group & Pension Administrators (GPA) focuses on providing high-quality and custom healthcare benefit management solutions to self-insured employers, from cost-management services to patient care. GPA wanted to “get out of the hardware business” and deployed Mitel’s cloud services for its business communications and contact center needs. 

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Unimax – Truly Multi-Vendor

By Phil Edholm June 4, 2015

Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) systems are rapidly being recognized as a critical component of delivering a successful Unified Communications (UC) environment. Today, UCStrategies examines Unimax, a BCOM leader with a wide range of platform support capabilities and an extensive set of high profile customers.

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VOSS Solutions - Delivering BCOM Automation

By Phil Edholm May 20, 2015

The category of products and solutions defined as Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) systems, enables both enterprises and service providers to automate and optimize the configuration and operation of the range of components within a UC system. Today UCStrategies examines VOSS Solutions, which approaches the category from a number of unique perspectives.


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Reasons Why Teleworking Makes Sense

By Melissa Swartz May 7, 2015

Businesses are finding that providing workers the opportunity to work remotely has some important benefits, not only for the workers but also for the organization. Here are a few of the most common advantages:

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Is the Velocity of Change Impacting your Business Communications - UC Solution?

By Phil Edholm May 7, 2015

UCStrategies has identified Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) as the category of products and services designed to enable organizations to deal with this new sophistication and complexity. To better understand how BCOM impacts organizations, I talked to some UC teams that have deployed BCOM solutions to get a feel for how BCOM solutions were impacting their organizations.

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Five Features of a Successful Enterprise Mobile App

By Michael F. Finneran May 4, 2015

Mobility, in conjunction with unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), has swept through the enterprise, making users more productive and accessible. Integrating those two capabilities holds the promise of even greater returns on those technology investments. However, for any technology initiative to be truly considered successful, users have to adopt and utilize its capabilities. With regard to mobile applications, we now have a good base of knowledge regarding what it takes to make this happen.

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Dimension Data Benchmarking Study

By Blair Pleasant April 30, 2015

Since 1997, Dimension Data has been surveying call center management to get information on trends, technologies, interaction methods, and other items impacting the contact center market, in order to capture the information that’s most relevant to the industry and its future. The 2015 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report is based on a comprehensive survey that is refreshed every year, making it possible to identify and quantify trends and operational performance of contact centers.

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Kellogg’s – Driving Innovation with Software Defined Networking Infrastructure

By Blair Pleasant March 23, 2015

To help its 30,000 employees communicate and collaborate, Kellogg’s is moving to a software defined telecommunications infrastructure which leverages innovative technologies such as SIP. The company is in the process of eliminating legacy phone lines globally and rolling out unified communications infrastructure which will enable cost savings and collaboration improvements for team members.

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Avoiding Day Two Regret and Ensuring End-User Adoption

By Blair Pleasant March 12, 2015

I recently spoke with the folks at Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI) about what they call “Day Two Regret,” a form of buyer’s remorse. As they explain, businesses will buy a new system or sign up with a new cloud provider and then realize that those basic, yet critical features they used to be able to do are not easily found in the new system. In order to increase user adoption and eliminate “Day Two Regret,” UCC vendors need to keep things easy and relevant to business customers, as well as intuitive for the end user.

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Introducing Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) - A New Management and Operations Paradigm

By UCStrategies March 10, 2015

This article explains the communication industry’s transformation from a device or line-centric management model to a user-centric, or business-centric model. As a result of this industry transformation, the new Business Communication Operations Management category has emerged.

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A Great UC Experience Requires Networking Best Practices and Strong UC Management Tools

By Stephen Leaden February 6, 2015

Unified Communications (UC) can be a game changing experience for users accustomed to a telephony-only world. Making this a high quality experience requires both networking best practices and ongoing network analysis, monitoring and management, My staff and I have developed a set of best practices for designing and maintaining a network for integrating data, voice, and video into a single network platform to provide the mobility and communications efficiency that users demand.


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UCC Still Needs Interoperability, Integration, and Federation

By Blair Pleasant January 28, 2015

Ask any current or potential unified communications (UC) customer what the biggest challenges are, and chances are the issues of interoperability and federation will be mentioned. Damaka, which developed Amadeo to fill the need for simplifying UCC deployment while eliminating interoperability issues and increasing collaboration.

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