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When is the Right Time to Move Collaboration to the Cloud?

By Stephen Leaden September 21, 2016

If your organization requires a robust UC infrastructure capable of significant growth, little capital outlay, and quick ramp up, it is time to take a serious look at the cloud collaboration market.

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BCOM – More Important Than Ever

By Marty Parker July 12, 2016

The real value of today’s UC solutions is coming from all the advanced features – mobility, call swipe, simultaneous ring to the mobile device, click-to-communicate via voice or video from an email or IM or directory, drag and drop users into a call or chat to start a meeting, and much more. However, these features need to be organized by types of users (we call these Usage Profiles), automatically provisioned, monitored, and reported. This is where BCOM – Business Communications Operations Management – comes into the picture.

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AVNET – Helping UC Vendors Transform the UC Delivery Market

By Phil Edholm June 28, 2016

Avnet’s new model for value delivery in the UC space enables UC vendors to eliminate significant costs in providing a complete UC solution. By partnering with Avnet, UC vendors are able to focus on the core value aspects of their solutions, while leveraging the resources of a $27B Fortune 500 company for the hardware components and overall customer delivery.

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Change Happens – The Evolving Role of BCOM

By Blair Pleasant June 7, 2016

The horse has left the barn, and these tools are out there and will continue to be used within enterprises. In this new world, how do CIOs and IT professionals understand and monitor usage? Is there a way for IT to know who is using what, and how they are using it? It’s clear that new management tools will be needed. I expect to see an evolution of what UCStrategies calls BCOM, or Business Communications Operations Management, in order to help organizations deal with this new sophistication and complexity.

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The Collaborative Contact Center

By Blair Pleasant June 6, 2016

Most organizations have separate platforms for their business UC and for their contact center, but this doesn’t allow the contact center to take advantage of UC for customer care. One of these challenges is the inability of subject-matter experts (SMEs) help with customer interactions. However, thanks in part to the widespread adoption of Microsoft Skype for Business, this is starting to change. When businesses use an UC-integrated contact center  product, such as Clarity Connect, they can benefit from the new “collaborative contact center” model.

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Outsourcing Support and Services for UC Vendors

By Phil Edholm May 31, 2016

The next stage of partnering for scale is the movement of the delivery process to a partner. Companies like Avnet enable their partners to outsource the actual delivery process, with Avnet taking on the sourcing, inventory, configuration and delivery of components. This allows the vendor to focus on the key differentiators of software and innovation.

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The New World of Video is Here

By Blair Pleasant May 19, 2016

We’ve been hearing that “video is the new voice” for several years now, and it appears that video communications are finally starting to take off. There are a variety of vendors offering video solutions, but in many cases these solutions need to be brought together as part of an overall unified communication and collaboration solution. Companies like AT&T are stepping forward to help make video collaboration more accessible.

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AT&T Federation Services Transform UC

By Phil Edholm April 29, 2016

UC platforms provide a rich set of communications services far beyond the basic telephony of the PSTN. These services include IM and Presence, and extend to HD audio, video, and web conferencing. However, for most UC implementations, the ability to communicate ends at the edge of the business or even at the edge of the server within a business. While some vendors have implemented federation in their products and tout its value, it is limited to connecting organizations that are on the same platform. AT&T offers a federation service as a global service provider, highlighting interoperability as a key value proposition of their UC services.


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Lowering the Barriers to Unified Communications with the Cloud

By Jon Arnold April 12, 2016

The best way forward is to make the cloud part of IT’s UC strategy, as this overcomes the limitations of managing UC internally. While enterprises have long preferred to own and operate their infrastructure, the complexities around UC present some real challenges, and with these solutions largely being software-based, it’s getting harder to justify this legacy-based IT model.

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AT&T Helps Drive User Adoption for UCC

By Blair Pleasant March 15, 2016

As readers of my articles and blogs know, I’ve been very focused on the importance of user adoption, and believe that the key to success of any UCC deployment is directly related to end user adoption. Organizations like AT&T Consulting have developed tools and programs to help enterprises improve user adoption in order to get more out of their UCC investments. While these tools and services aren’t free, they’re well worth the investment in order to get more value from a UCC deployment.

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Polycom Integration with Skype for Business is Changing the Value of the Ecosystem

By Phil Edholm March 15, 2016

Overall the experience of video in the Skype for Business world is moving forward at a rapid pace. If we look to the PC world as our reference, it is clear that the flexibility and capabilities of an ecosystem provide significant value versus a single vendor solution and can yield significant value and subsequent adoption.

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BCOM Update at Enterprise Connect 16

By Phil Edholm March 4, 2016

Last year at Enterprise Connect the UCStrategies team introduced the concept of Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM). A year later, the segment has seen increasing recognition as a key element of a successful Business Communications implementation. As UCStrategies continues the journey and becomes BCStrategies (Business Communications Strategies), we continue to see the importance of planning for configuring, changing and operating the complexity of today’s communications solutions.

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Secure UC&C for Mobile Workers

By Michael F. Finneran March 1, 2016

Mobility is just one element in the much larger fabric of UC&C, and that’s where the planning has to center. There are a number of high quality UC&C platforms with notable differences among them. Network planners must consider the unique personalities of their organizations, their key business processes and objectives to determine which tools will be most important in moving their organization forward.

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

By Joseph Williams February 9, 2016

In the mid- to large-enterprise space, the requirements are typically too complex for the niche UC players. Firms with sales offices all over the world will probably be using services out of multiple data centers, often with mixed platforms. They may also have developers and engineers working in multiple countries, with outsourcers or service providers in a number of other countries, and vendor and customer relationships all over the globe. Developing a unified communications solution for these firms makes a lot of sense. But how do they do this with the biggest bang for the least buck in the most reliable and secure way? In other words, who do they call?

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Learning to Love the Private Cloud for Higher Ed

By Blair Pleasant February 1, 2016

As one of the 23 California State University (CSU) campuses, CSU Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) is a highly diverse, metropolitan university primarily serving the South Bay area of Los Angeles County, and supporting almost 15,000 students. Unfortunately, its aging phone system was not able to support the college’s rapid growth, leading CSUDH to upgrade its communication system to best support its students, staff, and faculty. After looking at a large number of solutions available on the market... (it was determined) that a Mitel Private Cloud would be the best solution for the university’s communication needs.

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T-Mobile Netherlands Turns to Mitel for New FMC Cloud Service

By Blair Pleasant January 28, 2016

To help it stand out from the crowd and offer customers innovative services, T-Mobile Netherlands (TMNL) introduced Cloud & Clear, a fixed-mobile converged (FMC) solution for small and medium businesses. As the preferred supplier of Cloud & Clear, Mitel’s solutions will enable T-Mobile Netherlands to provide fixed and mobile telephony from the cloud to its customers, enabling a smooth migration path to the cloud.

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Vision for a Flat (and Hyperconnected) World With Next Generation SIP

By Evan Kirstel January 27, 2016

"The world is flat" is a favorite book of mine from Thomas Friedman, who analyses globalization as a level playing field in terms of commerce, where all competitors have an equal opportunity. The title also alludes to the shift required for companies to remain competitive in a global market where historical and geographical divisions are increasingly irrelevant. In his opinion, this flattening is a byproduct of a convergence of personal computing with the Internet and the rise of workflow software, boosted by today’s hyper connected mobile & social workforce. However, the sad reality of the global telecommunications landscape has been highly balkanized, with regional sets of rules and regulations, suppliers, cost structures and legacy standards. Making the move to a truly flat & hyper connected communications world has proved more challenging than envisioned given different vendor agendas, challenges behind unified standards, and decades-old PSTN infrastructure lasting longer than anticipated.

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Audio Quality in UC – All Ears Matter

By Phil Edholm January 8, 2016

Speakerphones have always been a luxury compared with handset phones, but they have a few drawbacks associated with them. Although speakerphones eliminate the need to hold a phone or wear a headset, they often have a negative impact on sound

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Learning From the Cloud – Delivering a Premise Solution with Cloud Values

By Phil Edholm December 30, 2015

There has been much discussion about the cloud and the new economics of scale and delivery it introduces to the business communications market. In the cloud delivery world there are two key factors that drive success: cost/margin and customer satisfaction.

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CDK Global-Voss Solutions Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) Case Study

By Phil Edholm December 11, 2015

The team at VOSS Solutions introduced me to a case study they have done about the impact of BCOM. This is an excellent case study of how BCOM can be transformational. While many customers are not ready to talk about BCOM, as they see it as a strategic advantage in the operations, cost and adoption of their next generation business communications systems, CDK Global worked with VOSS and described how their VOSS BCOM deployment has impacted their organization.

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