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To help you make informed decisions about Unified Communications technologies, UCStrategies provides articles, viewpoints, and a cornucopia of information from the industry's leading analysts and consultants, chosen for expertise in their selected areas to help you better understand the dynamic UC arena.

Five Features of a Successful Enterprise Mobile App

By Michael F. Finneran May 4, 2015

Mobility, in conjunction with unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), has swept through the enterprise, making users more productive and accessible. Integrating those two capabilities holds the promise of even greater returns on those technology investments. However, for any technology initiative to be truly considered successful, users have to adopt and utilize its capabilities. With regard to mobile applications, we now have a good base of knowledge regarding what it takes to make this happen.

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Dimension Data Benchmarking Study

By Blair Pleasant April 30, 2015

Since 1997, Dimension Data has been surveying call center management to get information on trends, technologies, interaction methods, and other items impacting the contact center market, in order to capture the information that’s most relevant to the industry and its future. The 2015 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report is based on a comprehensive survey that is refreshed every year, making it possible to identify and quantify trends and operational performance of contact centers.

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Kellogg’s – Driving Innovation with Software Defined Networking Infrastructure

By Blair Pleasant March 23, 2015

To help its 30,000 employees communicate and collaborate, Kellogg’s is moving to a software defined telecommunications infrastructure which leverages innovative technologies such as SIP. The company is in the process of eliminating legacy phone lines globally and rolling out unified communications infrastructure which will enable cost savings and collaboration improvements for team members.

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Avoiding Day Two Regret and Ensuring End-User Adoption

By Blair Pleasant March 12, 2015

I recently spoke with the folks at Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI) about what they call “Day Two Regret,” a form of buyer’s remorse. As they explain, businesses will buy a new system or sign up with a new cloud provider and then realize that those basic, yet critical features they used to be able to do are not easily found in the new system. In order to increase user adoption and eliminate “Day Two Regret,” UCC vendors need to keep things easy and relevant to business customers, as well as intuitive for the end user.

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Introducing Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) - A New Management and Operations Paradigm

By UCStrategies March 10, 2015

This article explains the communication industry’s transformation from a device or line-centric management model to a user-centric, or business-centric model. As a result of this industry transformation, the new Business Communication Operations Management category has emerged.

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A Great UC Experience Requires Networking Best Practices and Strong UC Management Tools

By Stephen Leaden February 6, 2015

Unified Communications (UC) can be a game changing experience for users accustomed to a telephony-only world. Making this a high quality experience requires both networking best practices and ongoing network analysis, monitoring and management, My staff and I have developed a set of best practices for designing and maintaining a network for integrating data, voice, and video into a single network platform to provide the mobility and communications efficiency that users demand.


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UCC Still Needs Interoperability, Integration, and Federation

By Blair Pleasant January 28, 2015

Ask any current or potential unified communications (UC) customer what the biggest challenges are, and chances are the issues of interoperability and federation will be mentioned. Damaka, which developed Amadeo to fill the need for simplifying UCC deployment while eliminating interoperability issues and increasing collaboration.

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Ensuring a Quality Wi-Fi Voice Experience for Lync

While Microsoft has long earned a prime spot in Gartner’s Leader’s Quadrant for unified communications, in 2014 it moved up to the Leader’s Quadrant for corporate telephony as well. With millions of users on Lync for instant messaging and presence and the need for fully unified communications solutions, it is no wonder that more and more organizations are looking to Lync to provide their voice communications as well. As with any voice over IP solution, one of the bigger challenges many IT departments face is how to deliver business-grade voice communications to mobile as well as wired users.

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Cloud PBX – a Turbulent Transition for VARs

By Clark Richter January 7, 2015

The challenges that traditional interconnects and VARs face with cloud adoption are a combination of technical and financial. UCStrategies interviewed Damon Finaldi, General Manager, Tele-Data Solutions, to better understand some of the real world challenges that VARs face when transitioning to the cloud.

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B2B UC Collaboration Is Key Factor For Enterprise User Adoption

By Art Rosenberg December 1, 2014

To increase the payoff of their deployed UC platforms and UC-as-a-Services, a growing list of enterprises are focusing on encouraging person-to-person contacts between people inside and outside of the organization. Forward-thinking enterprises are building B2B UC collaboration into sales, production, product development, procurement, marketing, and logistics processes. The results include fewer emails, increased productivity, faster time-to-market, and reduced telephone charges.

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Do I Have To? Why UC Needs the SBC

By Joseph Williams November 25, 2014

When Microsoft first assigned me to lead one of its Lync partner engineering teams, I had to ramp up quickly on the infrastructure architecture needed to support the product. Most everything made sense to me except the Session Border Controller (SBC). From a simple architecture perspective, it seemed like a firewall solution should obviate the need for an SBC. My engineering team quickly educated me on why these are common misperceptions.

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Enterprise-Capable BYOD

By UCStrategies Staff November 20, 2014

BYOD is now the reality in business communications for many organizations, and IT departments need to understand how they can best support these personally owned mobile devices in an enterprise environment.

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Bridging the User Expectation Gap in Enterprise UC

By Evan Kirstel November 19, 2014

Many organizations are struggling with the perceived benefits versus the reality of changing their existing network architecture. While the benefits are clear in terms of innovation and flexibility, the challenge is, “How do I alter my network infrastructure to realize those benefits at a pace and a budget that I can afford?” One approach is a hybrid model that encompasses SDN-enabled infrastructure and non SDN-enabled infrastructure. 

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New Voicemail Options for Lync

By Kevin Kieller November 5, 2014

The AVST CX voicemail platform has been continually upgraded since 1982 and as such includes a much wider set of voicemail options than is currently supported by Exchange UM. Some organizations may welcome and require the wider configuration choices.

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Outsourcing Enterprise Voice Support for Microsoft Lync

By Art Rosenberg October 30, 2014

The open nature of Lync presents a challenge to IT organizations who aren’t trained to handle end-to-end telecommunications issues. Microsoft solves this challenge through its Premier Support for Partners program, certifying third parties such as Dell to provide 24/7 end-to-end support for Lync to end customers.


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UC-to-UC Voice and Video – Where and When?

By Marty Parker October 29, 2014

Farzin Shahidi, Founder and CEO of NextPlane, asked UCStrategies to take a look at the question of where and when voice and video will be of major interest for inter-organizational communications, especially if provided through UC federation and if linked to business processes or applications. Great question!

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Adding Enterprise Voice to Office 365

By Kevin Kieller October 28, 2014

The Office 365 version of Microsoft Lync does NOT include the ability to place calls to or receive calls from the PSTN, the functionality that Microsoft refers to as “Enterprise Voice.” Enter AudioCodes One Box 365. One Box provides an on-premises appliance that allows you to use part of Office 365 along with a version of Lync that provides full Enterprise Voice capabilities. This allows you to keep the simplicity and productivity of using Microsoft software in the cloud without the cloud-based Office 365 limitations.

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Interactive Intelligence Moves to the Cloud

By Joseph Williams October 22, 2014

I knew Interactive Intelligence was a market leader in the contact center space and that it had dabbled in UC in the past. However, I got quite a lesson from Jason about how advanced the company’s become as a provider of cloud solutions, and how he believes the company’s new PureCloud offering is set to strengthen its UC play.

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The Marvels of the Microsoft Ecosystem: Now There's AudioCodes One Box 365

By Marty Parker October 14, 2014

The Microsoft ecosystem is a marvelous thing! The Microsoft ecosystem opens up horizons and innovations that Microsoft’s customers would be unlikely to see if all development were done only by Microsoft’s own engineers.

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What to Look for in a Contact Center Solution when Deploying Lync for UC

By Jon Arnold October 7, 2014

While Lync presents an attractive path of entry for UC, Microsoft is missing a key piece any customer-focused business needs – a contact center solution that integrates seamlessly with Lync. When businesses decide to deploy Lync, they are moving towards a singular solution for collaboration, and inevitably the contact center needs to be under that umbrella.

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