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To help you make informed decisions about Unified Communications technologies, UCStrategies provides articles, viewpoints, and a cornucopia of information from the industry's leading analysts and consultants, chosen for expertise in their selected areas to help you better understand the dynamic UC arena.

Dimension Data’s Secret Sauce – Blending UC with IT

By Marty Parker August 28, 2014

Dimension Data believes that organizations have three major challenges with designing and managing UCC environments. Dimension Data’s Managed Services for UCC (MSUCC) address these challenges in several ways, in combination with their cloud hosting options and their professional services for solution design.


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What’s Next after AIM PIC Federation is Gone?

By Phil Edholm July 29, 2014

In 2007, AOL introduced a SIP Gateway for Public IM Connectivity (PIC) federation between AIM, IBM Sametime and Microsoft OCS 2007. This allowed companies to use the AIM service as a way to establish federation between their Microsoft OCS 2007 or IBM Sametime systems to Cisco WebEx. As of the end of June 2014, most businesses with IBM Sametime or Microsoft Lync were using the AIM service as a way to enable real-time communication between their IT organization and Cisco, who functioned as their networking provider. About year ago things began to change... 

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Q&A with Sonus’ David Tipping on Mobile First, Cloud First

By Blair Pleasant July 28, 2014

On the heels of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), I had a chance to speak with David Tipping, Vice President and General Manager of the SBC Business, at Sonus. Tipping shared his views on Microsoft’s “mobile first, cloud first” strategy and the role of Session Border Controllers (SBCs).

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The Via Group on CityNext, Lync, and Sonus

By Blair Pleasant July 9, 2014

Microsoft CityNext brings next-gen communications to cities to enable various sectors, such as fire, police, administration services, libraries, schools, etc., to improve and streamline communications and collaboration. City workers need to connect with each other and their constituents cost effectively, while enabling workers to be responsive regardless of where they’re located or what device they’re using. One Microsoft Lync partner that is embracing CityNext is The Via Group, which has a long history of focusing on the education sector, and sees cities and the public sector as a natural extension for the company.


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Time to Consider Web Chat

By Blair Pleasant July 8, 2014

Web chat is gaining in popularity for many reasons, notably the rise of the smartphone for interactions. Increasingly consumers are becoming more comfortable with self-service options, as it often saves time and allows them to seek help and information at any time of day or day of the week.

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HP Case Study: UC Pays Off For IT Consultancy

By Art Rosenberg June 11, 2014

IT consulting organization, Enterprise Computing Solutions (ECS), an HP Elite Partner, needed to upgrade its 18-year-old inefficient and costly telephony and voicemail system that used old analog T-1 PRI circuits, which were getting more difficult to maintain. ECS then looked at the HP Unified Communication solution offering that merges HP’s Converged Infrastructure for servers, data storage, and networking resources, with Microsoft Lync.

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Voxbone Offers Global WebRTC

By Phil Edholm June 3, 2014

Voxbone has introduced a response to the complexity challenge by directly integrating and hosting WebRTC into its global SIP, IP, and local number network. All in all, this is great way for enterprises to get their feet wet with WebRTC without having to go all out for a deployment.

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Wanna Hangout? Can We Do UC There?

By Jon Arnold May 28, 2014

What we call UC they call collaboration, and if that’s what the market wants, well, the UC vendors have a big problem on their hands. While Hangouts is very limited relative to the UC solutions we’re familiar with, it will be appealing to certain segments of the business market.

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Is an SBC the Essential Umbrella in a Cloud UCaaS Deployment?

By Phil Edholm May 22, 2014

A modern SBC, such as the ones from Sonus, can manage these threats and enable mixing services such as UCaaS and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) together easily. For all of these reasons, the migration to a cloud-based communication solution should include a clear discussion about how both signaling and media security will be implemented for all of the use cases, both for today and tomorrow.

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XMPP Gateways - Are They Relevant in Today’s Fast Paced & Demanding UC Collaboration Environments?

By Stephen Leaden May 20, 2014

Leading enterprises have been questioning the utility of XMPP Gateway Servers lately.  Have they outlived their usefulness and are they even still relevant in a fast-changing UC market?  

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Why UC Platforms are Stuck in the Era of “Little” Data

By Michael F. Finneran May 6, 2014

In the rush to incorporate richer communications and collaboration capabilities and fine tune the user experience, it seems that analytics for Unified Communications have been left at the starting gate


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Planning For Interaction Process Automation (IPA)

By Art Rosenberg April 22, 2014

Interactive Intelligence has developed the software infrastructure framework for customers who prefer running Interaction Process Automation applications on their own data centers. In addition, it can offer IPA through its Communications as a Service (CaaS) offering to customers who want to use the software off their premises and enjoy the implementation and operational benefits of a “cloud” service.

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Zeacom’s Metamorphosis

By Blair Pleasant April 1, 2014

One company that’s gone through significant transition recently is Zeacom. Zeacom was acquired and became part of Enghouse Interactive (EI) in June 2012, and is quickly becoming one of the leading Microsoft Lync-based contact center providers.

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View from the Solution Integrator: House of Lync and Sonus

By Blair Pleasant March 27, 2014

One of the key SBC vendors that’s been gaining a great deal of momentum recently is Sonus Networks. While better known for delivering carrier grade solutions to the service provider market, since its acquisition of NET in 2012 Sonus has been actively carving out its place in the enterprise SBC world.


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Executive View of UC SDN – Looking Up

By Michael F. Finneran March 26, 2014

HP and Microsoft are now collaborating on an important extension for SDN called UC SDN. The idea is to develop an open API so that Microsoft’s Lync Controller (more specifically the Lync Controller’s Front End) can communicate with HP’s Virtual Application Network SDN Controller. While that might sound like a minor issue, it is actually a major step forward with regard to applications dealing with networks.

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How Interactive Intelligence's Global Alliance Program Helps Drive UC Adoption

By Jon Arnold March 25, 2014

Our readers know full well how dominant the cloud has become, and Interactive Intelligence’s CaaS offering has established the company as an early innovator.  

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“Click-to-Video Conference” With UC Easier Said Than Done!

By Art Rosenberg March 24, 2014

While UC has been talked about for a long time in conjunction with real-time voice telephony for voice conferencing, video conferencing capabilities have been extended from traditional room based systems, to desktop PCs, but, most importantly, to individual end users with mobile smartphones and tablets. This opens the door to satisfying the need for traditional face-to-face meetings with more cost-effective, conferencing options that go beyond just voice, thus minimizing the time delays and costs of traveling to a meeting.

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Voice of the Customer: HP on Lync Implementation

By Blair Pleasant March 14, 2014

At the Microsoft Lync conference in Las Vegas, I attended a lunch hosted by HP where I got to hear industry consultant James Meade and HP Mobility Practice Leader Jordan Lee discuss Lync customer deployments. Meade discussed his work with HP to deploy a large-scale Lync deployment for an HP client, and Lee described the world’s largest Lync implementation, conducted by HP as an internal project.

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Analytics and Context – Big Data Comes to Communications

By Marty Parker March 6, 2014

At the Lync Conference 2014 last week, I participated in an interview on the topic of “In Context Analytics” with Kieran McCorry of HP. Kieran is a Strategist in New Service Development for the Enterprise Services CTO Office at Hewlett Packard.

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AudioCodes On Parade

By Marty Parker March 4, 2014

At Lync Conference 2014, from February 17 – 20 in Las Vegas, AudioCodes had on parade a number of their successes as well as the justification for their expansion of the scale of their product line with the Mediant 9000 Session Border Controller (SBC) (a review is posted on UC Strategies).

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