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UC and SDN: Applications Controlling Networks

By Michael F. Finneran February 27, 2014

In a nutshell, that’s what UC SDN is about, allowing applications to order specific types of connections from the network. Beyond QoS provisioning and network diagnostics, the UC SDN capabilities are expanding to support services for streaming, gaming, and other applications. Going forward, the UCI Forum is looking to extend the UC SDN capabilities into call admission control, traffic engineering, automated diagnostics, security, firewall and WLAN orchestration.

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Issues around Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Mobile Dialing

By Bill MacKay January 31, 2014

What changes did the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) implement on October 16, and what would the impact be for contact centers? First, the FCC has clearly defined what a telephone call is. Second, the FCC has two laws that deal directly with mobile users. Please note that the FCC considers text messages as calls. Marketers must be aware of what the potential impact is as the FCC has clearly defined its expectations.

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AudioCodes: Thriving and Scaling Up with Lync

By Marty Parker January 31, 2014

Earlier this month, AudioCodes announced their new Mediant 9000 Session Border Controller (SBC) that expands the simultaneous session capacity to 16,000 concurrent sessions. This is now the largest in the Mediant SBC family and positions AudioCodes very well for the large and very large enterprise market segments.

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HP, Their UCC Strategy, and Leveraging VAR The Via Group for Microsoft Lync Delivery

By Stephen Leaden January 27, 2014

Until recently, HP and their alliance with Microsoft has been, in my opinion, an almost “best kept secret.” HP is now positioning itself to turn up the volume and ensure enterprises that they are, in fact, in the UCC space and a very strong Microsoft partner.

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Big SMB Market Needs New UC Channel Partners

By Art Rosenberg January 24, 2014

Channel partners are key to the future success of hosted and cloud-based UC solutions. While most VARs and resellers have focused their UC as a Service (UCaaS) efforts on large enterprises, there is a huge opportunity to sell these services to small and mid-market organizations as well. Regardless of the size of an organization, end users need the benefits of UC to maximize the efficiency of their operational interactions. With hosted, cloud-based services, the huge SMB market is now in a better position to migrate quickly to UC. 

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Is Federation Exposing Your UC Servers to Denial of Service Attacks?

By Phil Edholm January 7, 2014

IP-based communications opens the door to a variety of attacks, some of which like a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) can inundate an IP location with traffic, potentially bringing services to a halt.  In the VoIP world, this threat did not generally materialize, as most of the VoIP solutions were site contained and to threaten the server required access to the physical LAN or WAN, made virtually impossible by firewalls and other security in the IP world.

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Business-to-Business UC Collaboration

By Kevin Kieller December 17, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Farzin Shahidi, the Founder and CEO of NextPlane, about “business-to-business collaboration,” the term NextPlane uses to describe what others in the industry often call “federation.” An increasing number of organizations are turning to NextPlane for “like-to-like” connections; that is, choosing to connect with partners through the NextPlane service even though both organizations are running the same UC platform and could theoretically connect directly. Why would organizations involve a third-party when they could arrange their B2B collaboration directly? As it turns out, there are several reasons...

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Understanding the User Experience

By Blair Pleasant December 10, 2013

While vendors are acknowledging the role of the user experience, businesses and IT professionals must do more to understand their users’ needs. Dimension Data conducted extensive research aimed at helping enterprises on their UCC journeys. They surveyed both IT decision makers and end users in order to measure their UCC priorities, contrasting how decision makers and end users view things, and shedding light on how enterprises can help grow UCC adoption in their organizations. Some of their findings are a bit scary!


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Why SMBs Need More Than a Phone System

By Jon Arnold December 5, 2013

For UC solutions providers or channels thinking about how to approach the SMB market with UC, the key takeaway is to not view this as a homogenous group. To build up a customer base, you need to target the right kind of SMBs, as they will be more receptive today to your value proposition than those with solely a cost-savings mentality. For these types of businesses, here are three attributes that your value proposition should address – and note that they apply equally well whether you’re selling directly or through channels.

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Getting Your Mobility Game on Track

By Michael F. Finneran December 3, 2013

While they have not been widely recognized as a force in enterprise mobile networking, HP has quietly been assembling the pieces of an extensive mobility portfolio. While many companies focus on one or two areas in mobile, HP supports the entire breadth of the mobility spectrum from mobile devices to applications development/testing tools, wireless network infrastructure and back-end systems.

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What VARs Need to Migrate Customers to UC Telephony

By Art Rosenberg November 11, 2013

As communication technologies continue to evolve and change, SMBs need technology providers who not only specialize in the new UC technologies, but also provide implementation tools as well as ongoing training and support. One company that specializes in providing the networking tools and integration flexibility is Patton Electronics, which designs and manufactures SmartNode VoIP Gateways and Routers.

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Sonus Evolving the SBC

By Dave Michels November 6, 2013

Today Sonus Networks updated its SBC 5000 series to facilitate broader UC streams. SBCs have always been tightly associated with SIP, and since SIP is increasingly used for all kinds of UC traffic, this evolution makes a lot of sense. These new services should attract the interest of network and UC managers supporting video and BYOD implementations.

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Sonus Goes Virtual, with a Twist of Cloud

By Phil Edholm October 9, 2013

With the announcement of the SBC SWe virtualized SBC as part of the Sonus portfolio, Sonus has introduced a new level of virtualized capability and scale to the market. While Sonus was not the first to introduce a virtualized SBC, the Sonus SBC SWe was developed to be a complete SBC solution and to optimize the deployment in a virtualized or cloud delivery scenario.

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Contact Center for SMB

By Blair Pleasant October 7, 2013

Many small businesses don't realize they have a contact center and don't see the need for contact center technology. The reality today is that almost all companies have some type of contact center responsible for interacting with and servicing customers.

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The Federation Opportunity

By Dave Michels October 4, 2013

NextPlane has successfully eliminated virtually all of the known external collaboration issues with its “federation as a service” offering. It offers an interesting approach that even seems to add value in like-to-like UC federations.

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HP Shares Validated Lync Architectures with Partner Channel

By Kevin Kieller August 28, 2013

Microsoft has always expected its solution partners to participate in developing and deploying complete solutions. For most of its existence Microsoft has been a software company designing the appropriate hardware platform to enable use of the Microsoft software has been

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HP Targeting the Growing UC Opportunity

By Dave Michels August 22, 2013

As UC continues to gain more attention from users and vendors alike, HP is doubling-down and brings to the industry a single integrator that offers a multi-vendor approach, key hardware components, professional and hosted services, and expertise – globally. 

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Social Media and Optimized Communications

By Blair Pleasant August 16, 2013

We’ve seen the integration of calendars, directories, and contacts with UC clients. This saves workers a great deal of time. That’s great, but it’s not enough in today’s world, a world that increasingly uses social media and social software sites. Companies like Cisco and IBM have been working to integrate their social software and UC solutions, but this is limited to their own solutions. A relative newcomer trying to solve this problem is NextPlane, which provides federation between UC platforms.

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Customer Service Must Include the Mobile User

By Michael F. Finneran August 8, 2013

Businesses need to develop new customer service capabilities to meet the expectations of these mobile customers and provide ways to serve them better and faster to form stronger and more lasting relationships.

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The Power of Federation and NextPlane

By Marty Parker July 30, 2013

Presence is one of the most important capabilities in the entire constellation of UCC service, as it reduces or eliminates the delays and duplications in communications, supports rapid decision-making, and enables streamlined workflows. The presence client then becomes the user’s interface to IM, voice, video and more. Given the proven benefits of these powerful new tools, the case for federation with your partners, channels, customers, and clients is very compelling.

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