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A Drilldown on Data Analytics as a Key Contributor to Customer Analytics

By Nancy Jamison January 10, 2011

Data analytics makes use of structured analytics that is numeric in nature, and when used in combination with other UC analytics solutions such as speech analytics, which is more unstructured, and customer feedback, Impact 360 Data Analytics becomes a critical component of a multi-channel analytics strategy that can help surface the root cause of performance issues.

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Peering into Desktop Productivity

By Dave Michels December 20, 2010

Contact centers have very real challenges of forecasting, scheduling, and monitoring to ensure that the right agents are in place at the right time with the right skills at a minimal cost. What’s new is applying these disciplines and tools beyond the phones; it is called Workforce Optimization or WFO, and it's changing the way work gets done.

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Not Sexy, but Significant – NEC Untangles the Management Web of Unified Communications Applications

By Nancy Jamison December 2, 2010

Rarely does the topic of how companies manage all of the different applications they have come into play, whether they are UC (unified communications) or other business applications. Why? Because it’s just not as fun to talk about as what end users get out of using UC applications. Besides, we like to think that some systems administrator is going to do the dirty work for us. Even if that is the case, systems administrators are end users too, and making things work well for them should be a top priority. One of these not-so-talked-about solutions in the market is NEC’s UCE Manager (formerly known as MA4000); part of NEC’s UC for Enterprise suite of applications.  

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Siemens Fuses Social Media and Unified Communications

By Blair Pleasant December 1, 2010

One of the first enterprise communication vendors to embrace social media was Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN). Siemens set a pretty aggressive timeline of new products and innovations around unified communications, and the integration of UC and contact center capabilities with social media tools.

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Migrating Enterprise Telephony Networks for Microsoft’s Lync UC

By Art Rosenberg November 15, 2010

Microsoft’s launch of its Lync Server 2010 on November 17, 2010 will trigger great enterprise IT activity in UC implementation planning. In addition to the basic enterprise Lync Server, Microsoft has also developed a Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) for Lync, which will enable a branch location to continue using Lync capabilities if disconnected from the enterprise network.

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Virtualization for VoIP and UC – Why Now…

By Stephen Leaden October 20, 2010

For years we've talked about voice as an application and the possibility of running voice communications in a virtualized environment. The age of software-based communications and virtualization is now here.

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Videoconferencing: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

By Lisa Pierce August 5, 2010

According to the Telecommunications Industry Association, use of business class videoconferencing has grown at an average of 6.5 % for the last 3 years, but recent developments now place adoption on the verge of explosion.

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What Every UC Call Center Should Know About Session Border Controllers

By Samantha Kane June 23, 2010

Significant challenges in security, interoperability, service assurance and regulatory compliance emerge as contact centers begin migrating voice, conferencing and other real-time interactive services from TDM to IP networks.

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NEC Focuses UC on Roles and Verticals

By Marty Parker May 25, 2010

NEC believes that real value can be created by enabling businesses “to fully integrate employee roles with automated business processes, resulting in a unified organization.” What’s more, NEC has been taking action to make this possible.

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Untangling CBPA and CEBP

By Don Van Doren May 5, 2009

Previous articles on our site recently have described Interactive Intelligence’s approach to automating business processes using what it calls “Communications Based Process Automation” (CBPA).  Their view is that this enhancement to others' conception of unified communications better positions a company

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