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Misalignment - What Enterprises Want From Their Vendors

By David Stein April 21, 2015

I facilitated a session at Enterprise Connect titled "Coping with software upgrades, bugs and version control." In general, there was a significant level of dissatisfaction with how the vendors handle software upgrades. 


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Oh, Say Can You Hear

By Dave Michels April 16, 2015

Based on the number of ads I see for headphones, earbuds, and headsets it seems pretty clear that there is huge demand for them. Headsets are now part of the daily routine. It surprised me when I realized how often I wear a headset or headphones. Not only do I wear them often, but I wear many different models - daily. For softphone users, headsets are the new endpoint - and there’s a wide range in features, price, and quality.

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VoIPmageddon White Paper Available

By Phil Edholm April 14, 2015

Earlier in the year I wrote about the potential (probability) that VoIP would cause significant and perceived degradation in overall voice telephony quality. I realized in preparing for the EC15 presentation that the level of detail that is required to really understand this topic was beyond the scope of a regular article here on UCStrategies, so I wrote the entire concept up in a detailed white paper.

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Enterprise Connect: It is the People

By Kevin Kieller April 1, 2015

Enterprise Connect 2015, celebrating the 25th year of the conference, was foremost about people. It was a refreshing in-person event in this increasingly virtual world. Bringing approximately 6,000 people together to talk, debate, share opinions and information related to communication and collaboration technology is exciting. You could definitely feel this excitement in the sessions, on the exhibition floor and in the after-hours events.

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UC Trends and Smart Grid Opportunities – Parallels to Learn From

By Jon Arnold March 30, 2015

By now, you are au courant with the state of the universe pertaining to UC. With that meta-perspective in mind, I’m going to give you my vertical spin on the smart grid market. This may not yet be a prime vertical market for UC applications, but as it becomes more mainstream and consumer-centric, this will absolutely change.

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Reflections on Enterprise Connect ’15: Forget “Mobile First,” Try “Mobile Enablement”

By Michael F. Finneran March 27, 2015

Enterprise Connect has just wrapped up, and once again I had the honor of serving as chairman of the Mobility Track. While our Mobility Summit posed the question “’Mobile First’- Slogan or Strategy?” the real theme that emerged was “Mobile Enablement.”

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Key Themes From Enterprise Connect 2015

By Blair Pleasant March 23, 2015

What a week in Orlando! Enterprise Connect is THE event for unified communications and collaboration. Here are some of my thoughts on what I saw and heard.

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NEC Launches Smart Enterprise, Globally

By Dave Michels March 16, 2015

NEC’s solutions span across enterprise, public sector, energy, and carriers. Its enterprise solutions include UC, logistics, distribution, transport, production management, and plant management. The company observes that technologies are crossing between these sectors. With this multi-disciplinary perspective, NEC offers its observations and definitions for the modern “Smart Enterprise.” Specifically, NEC has identified 10 strategic drivers that are empowering Smart Enterprises.


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Mobile Customer Services – The Third “C” of “UC&C2”

By Art Rosenberg March 16, 2015

Such automated notifications/responses have been laying dormant under the label of Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP), but now that communications have been moving into the clouds, they can be more easily integrated with cloud applications to provide CEPB functionality. I therefore suggest that the addition of mobile customer services to business communications can now be described as an extension of UC&C to “UC&C2 ,” where the third “C” represents interactions with customers.

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Introducing Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) - A New Management and Operations Paradigm

By UCStrategies March 10, 2015

This article explains the communication industry’s transformation from a device or line-centric management model to a user-centric, or business-centric model. As a result of this industry transformation, the new Business Communication Operations Management category has emerged.

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B2B Communications Need Federation Services

By Art Rosenberg March 6, 2015

UC must support end users both inside and outside of an organization, especially whenever they are using different UC technology platforms or services (UCaaS). Federation services play an important role in facilitating such contacts. We discussed the growing role of federated services with Farzin Shahidi, CEO of NextPlane, a leading provider of such a service.

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Musings on Skype Translator

By Joseph Williams March 5, 2015

Microsoft released a preview version of Skype translator that works for English and Spanish. What does this mean for UC?

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VoIPmageddon at Enterprise Connect

By Phil Edholm March 4, 2015

Recently I wrote a post about the potential of VoIPmageddon, making the case that significantly increasing voice quality issues may be coming due to the structure in which VoIP has been implemented, especially with the PSTN and SIP trunking. The concept of VoIPmageddon generated a significant response, and I will be presenting the issues and the underlying causes and statistics of impact at Enterprise Connect on Wednesday, March 18, from 3:45 to 4:30 in the Osceola B room.


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Will UC Become a Loss Leader?

By Jon Arnold March 3, 2015

Carriers may represent better growth partners for UC than selling via channels to businesses. UC vendors generally don’t sell this way, but carriers have a lot of market power, and have their own motives for offering UC to retain their base and find new revenues to offset the decline of legacy services.

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Mitel Acquisition of Mavenir Indicates New Directions

By Phil Edholm March 2, 2015

The Mitel acquisition of Mavenir for $560M seems to reflect both a current need as well as a future direction for Mitel. With this acquisition and the preceding acquisitions of Aastra, Oasis, and prairieFyre, it is clear that the Mitel team is focused on investing to both grow and differentiate.

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Interesting Times

By Dave Michels February 27, 2015

It isn’t exactly news to describe how quickly things are changing in enterprise communications. This we know, it’s exciting and frustrating at the same time. We need to remember that the goal isn’t making communications cheaper, faster or clearer, but getting things done, solving problems, and innovating.

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RingCentral New Connect Platform API Moves into CEBP…and more?

By Phil Edholm February 25, 2015

RingCentral announced today a new set of APIs and an SDK to enable ISV partners, VAR partners, and even end users to interface to the platform for a variety of new capabilities. There are some critical differences about the RingCentral offer that may make it very interesting and may change the market.

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Dis-Unification and the tumble of SIP into legacy. How UComs never happened.

By Martin Steinmann February 24, 2015

Today, 20 years later, we are looking at an industry in rapid fragmentation. SIP, the standard intended to unify it all is tumbling into legacy. PBXs are still PBXs and the evolution of these platforms to deliver a multitude of services has not happened, or at least customers have hesitated to buy all the different service add-ons the PBX vendors made available on their platforms.

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Is 3CX the New Alternative for SMB?

By Phil Edholm February 24, 2015

I had an interesting call with Nick Galea, the CEO of 3CX. The call was driven by some announcements that 3CX is making around UC features, WebRTC integration, and other capabilities. However, the real value of the call for me was understanding that 3CX may be a reasonably significant player in the SMB market, from 20-250 users.

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Why “Mobile First” Means “Messaging First” For Business UC

By Art Rosenberg February 17, 2015

As business communications become “mobile first” for both contact initiators and contact recipients, we should expect to see all forms of messaging being the starting points that can lead to a real-time conversational voice or video connection. That would require federated presence availability first, which messaging doesn’t.

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