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Three UC Summit Takeaways and a Search for UC’s Center

By Jon Arnold November 25, 2015

Last week’s UC Summit was good as always, but nothing stands still any more. That’s a given with tech, and it’s particularly applicable for UC&C, where the center is not holding – presuming you can find it. Our conference tries to help decision-makers find that center, but it’s not clear if even we know where it is. To illustrate, here are three basic takeaways.

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Mitel - Mobile First, Cloud Enabled, Millennial Focused

By Blair Pleasant November 24, 2015

In New York City recently, I had the opportunity to attend Mitel’s annual industry analyst conference. Mitel explained how the company has become mobile first, cloud enabled, and millennial focused. The company is positioning itself to target the intersection of where real time enterprise communications meet with mobile and the cloud.

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NEC Announces UNIVERGE Blue

By Dave Michels November 17, 2015

In the first keynote session at the UC Summit, Jay Krauser of NEC announced the immediate availability of UNIVERGE Blue, a new UCaaS service from NEC.

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Multimodal Customer Service Interactions Need Actionable Data Monitoring

By Art Rosenberg November 12, 2015

We talked to Clarity Consulting about their innovative approach to contact center operational management that has extended the power of real-time feedback and actionable management controls to optimize customer service interactions (voice, web, email, IM). As a single software solution, their Clarity Connect offering not only supports multimodal interactions, but also allows for a deeper level of insight and management control with each of those modes of interaction, independently or as a whole.

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Migrating To Enterprise Mobility With Business Call Management as a Service (CMaaS)

By Art Rosenberg November 9, 2015

I am calling this focus on mobile call management “Call Management as a Service” (CMaaS), which is a practical migration step in moble business communications. To get further insight, I interviewed Jim Cannon, CEO of Toto Communications and a 20-year veteran in software design in MVNO/MVNE and cable operations, about his company’s CMaaS offering - Toto Lynx™.

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iPhone Envy, Mac Disdain

By Michael F. Finneran November 9, 2015

To the UC&C industry, it seems that the iPhone has come to represent the standard by which other user experiences are measured. Not that those UC&C user experiences necessarily match up, but at least they are aiming at the right target. And while each of the UC&C vendors has delivered workable iOS and Android and in some cases even Windows Phone mobile UC clients, their lack of adoption clearly testifies to the fact that the users see absolutely little value in them for anything but possibly participating in conferences.


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Tuesday, Nov 10 Kicks Off Real Time Web Solutions China

By Phil Edholm November 6, 2015

For UCStrategies readers in Asia, you still have a chance to attend the Real Time Web Solutions event by WebRTC World. The event starts on Tuesday, Nov. 10.

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BroadSoft Connections – Defining the Future

By Blair Pleasant November 5, 2015

At the BroadSoft Connections conference in Phoenix last week, I had the opportunity to meet with lots of the BroadSoft folks, as well as many of their partners. I was pleased to learn that BroadSoft is going through a transition. The focus on the end user experience was clear, as the company introduced Project Tempo, which it calls the “next evolution of UC,” as it integrates experiences from applications we use everyday and brings context into communications.

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Differentiate and Thrive

By Joseph Williams November 5, 2015

The news that got all the press in the UC industry this week was the acquisition of Unify by Atos. But it isn’t as interesting to me as the news that Weave had secured a $15.5 million Series B round of investment. Here’s why.

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Telecom 2015 – The State of the Canadian Market

By Jon Arnold October 29, 2015

This week I was a speaker at Telecom 2015 in Toronto, which is put on by CTC, the Community of Telecommunications Consultants. For a while, I’ve been wondering why any event in our space would have the “T word” in the title, and that came up again during my presentation. Thankfully, a few in the audience were wondering about that, too, and it’s a sign that the broader audience is seeing a bit of a disconnect between what the industry is talking about and what’s actually happening. I’ll share a few takeaways that should resonate with our readers.

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Phil Edholm Interview With Tony Zhao

By Phil Edholm October 27, 2015

I had the opportunity to sit down with Tony Zhao, the CEO of Agora Inc., a new Communications as a Service (CaaS) company headquartered in Palo Alto, California with an R&D center in Shanghai, China. I thought this was a timely interview with the upcoming Real Time Web Solutions conference in Beijing less than a month away (Nov 10-11).

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Changing the Way We Collaborate

By Michael F. Finneran October 14, 2015

Two recent articles caught my attention and got me thinking about the new communications technologies that are coming on line and the impact they are having on some of the older ones.

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Video Conferencing is a Solved Problem and Why That Changes Everything

By Simon Dudley October 7, 2015

Last week a potential new supplier of Video Conferencing solutions showed me their product. It had all the components one would want: multiway calls, recording, audio add in and all for pennies a month. It was then that it struck me. Video Conferencing is in effect a solved problem. What was close to impossible just 10 years ago even for dedicated hardware is now trivial for a PC with a good quality camera. The secret magic has been dispelled.


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8x8 Attracting Enterprise Customers

By Dave Michels October 7, 2015

With the switch to 8x8, Regus intends to offer its customers enhanced communication services such as mobility, multi-channel communications, and presence enabled directories. 8x8’s Virtual Office includes Switchboard Pro which enables Regus attendants to properly identify and route calls.

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inContact and the “Post-Cloud World”

By Blair Pleasant October 6, 2015

At its industry analyst event, held in conjunction with its customer summit in Salt Lake City last week, inContact provided insights into its strategy, direction, new contact center platform, and more. At the event, inContact introduced its new Cloud Customer Interaction Platform (CCIP), which offers omnichannel queuing, analytics, and workforce optimization (WFO), and I had the chance to speak with Paul Jarman, inContact’s CEO, about some of the key messages from the conference and what the company means when talking about a post-cloud world.

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Is UC the Best Solution for Collaboration?

By Jon Arnold September 30, 2015

For a while now, the UC vendors have been emphasizing collaboration, to the point where UC&C has become the moniker of choice. While the technology keeps maturing, adoption has lagged expectations, largely because the value proposition is so hard to pin down. My view is that this shift reflects the fact that collaboration outcomes now resonate more as a value driver than the impact UC has on IT and the networks they manage.

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How Little Voice Telephony Do You Need?

By Marty Parker September 29, 2015

PBX-based and desk phone-based voice telephony is fading out – being replaced by voice functions that are part of software-based applications running on computers and mobile devices. Based on our UniComm Consulting experience, we recommend your enterprise take a close look at this trend to determine just how little voice is actually needed by the employees, clients, customers and partners of your organization. 

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Time for Channel Specialization

By Dave Michels September 28, 2015

The traditional dealer or VAR is no longer just competing with a handful of firms in the same city, but a globe of providers on the same planet. As products turn into services the margins disappear. What’s happening is the general practitioner model for business communications is getting strangled.

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Masergy Introduces WebRTC-Based Visual IVR and Web Calling

By Phil Edholm September 21, 2015

Masergy is rolling out a new capability in its cloud UC infrastructure, using WebRTC with a wizard-driven wage page development environment to rapidly create web-based interactions into its SIP-based cloud service.

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Lifesize Introduces WebRTC-Based Conferencing on Cloud Video

By Phil Edholm September 17, 2015

This week, Lifesize announced the availability of WebRTC-based access to the Lifesize video cloud. Lifesize delivered integration of WebRTC-based video conferencing and web conferencing into its cloud collaboration solution through Google Chrome and WebRTC. This solution enables guests to participate in Lifesize cloud-based video, audio, and web conferencing apps from a browser without a plug-in or download.

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