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Toshiba Exits North American Telecom Market

By Phil Edholm March 25, 2017

At the end of the week before Enterprise Connect 2017, we were all waiting to hear the plan for Avaya to emerge from bankruptcy when another piece of telecom news came out, Toshiba announcing they are exiting the North American business telecom equipment market.

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Real-Time Resolution for the Modern Contact Center

By Blair Pleasant March 24, 2017

Respecting Your Customers’ Time While Making Your Customers Happier FasterDo you respect your customers’ time? When it comes to customer service and customer engagement, does your contact center deploy technologies and solutions that reduce the time that customers wait on

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CallTower Mourns the Passing of Cherished Colleague and Friend

By UCStrategies March 23, 2017

Many of you have asked how you can help Darren Suders' family during this very difficult time. A trust account and Go Fund Me campaign have been established to help Darren's wife and young children.

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Interview with Social Media Influencer – Evan Kirstel

By Evan Kirstel March 20, 2017

An interview with Evan Kirstel, #1 Social Influencer in many key industries, including IoT (Internet of Things), UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), and the Smart Home.

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Future of Unified Communications and Collaboration – What Our FOX GROUP Clients are Saying

By Roberta J. Fox March 17, 2017

As part of the UCStrategies experts team, I was recently asked to provide my thoughts related to what our customers are saying about the future of UC and collaboration. I thought I would also add comments from our latest updated benchmarking analysis of collaboration requirements as it applies to telework, remote and mobile workers in the health care, government and first responders. 

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Meet BCStrategies Experts at Enterprise Connect 2017

By Marty Parker March 10, 2017

This year, 11 BCStrategies Experts will be presenters or panelists for 25 of the Enterprise Connect 2017 sessions. Click here to view and download the schedule along with Experts’ pictures, for easy identification. 

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Giving Up On Mobile – UC Vendors Move On To IoT

By Michael F. Finneran March 6, 2017

After dozens of failed attempts at coming up with a mobile capability any user was interested in, last year something important finally happened for mobile UC. All of that changed with the release of iOS 10 in late 2016 with the addition of Apple's CallKit APIs, which essentially opened access to key capabilities in the dialer to VoIP and mobile UC app developers.

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CaféX Chimes In

By Blair Pleasant February 28, 2017

At its first analyst conference, CaféX showed how it’s helping companies “transform the customer experience.” CaféX sees collaboration becoming contextual and core to the business, and integrated with business tools and workflows in order to drive employee productivity and customer engagement.

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Three Questions for the New Avaya

By Nicolas De Kouchkovsky February 28, 2017

Only one month after filing for Chapter 11 protection, Avaya held its users group conference, ENGAGE 2017 in Las Vegas. Avaya made several product announcements under the scrutiny of customers, partners, and analysts, all eager to assess Avaya ability to innovate moving forward. If I continue to believe Avaya will be able to restructure itself, it needs to make three important decisions.

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QoS – Really?

By Stephen Leaden February 28, 2017

One of the most overlooked areas of a Unified Communications deployment, in my opinion and our experience with several clients, is just one word/acronym: QoS, aka, Quality of Service. By design, it requires all voice and video real-time latency sensitive traffic to be prioritized in front of any non-real time sensitive (most data traffic). Simply put, voice and video traffic are the first types of traffic to suffer in the event of a data network spike or anomaly or degradation in network quality.

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NEC – Going Beyond UC to the Smart Enterprise

By Blair Pleasant February 27, 2017

At the NEC 2017 Global Analyst Meeting in Dallas, it was refreshing to hear a global company like NEC focus on providing value to society, not just shareholders. NEC’s vision is “Orchestrating a brighter world,” which involves solutions for its key vertical markets: state and local government, federal government, retail, hospitality, education, and healthcare.

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Putting Human Call Center Agents on Hold

By Joseph Williams February 23, 2017

The impact of artificial intelligence on contact center operations will be significant. Chatbots are the first step, but automated bots that naturally interact with callers will initially reduce and eventually eliminate all but the most complex human agent interactions. The industry has arrived at a formidable convergence of natural language processing, speech synthesis, machine learning, and declining compute costs that will make it possible to produce outstanding customer service outcomes from AI bots within the next five years – if not sooner.

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Avaya – What is the Path Forward Through Bankruptcy?

By Phil Edholm February 21, 2017

Now that Avaya has been in bankruptcy for a month, I was asked repeatedly what I thought was going to happen. Having been through a similar process at Nortel and having listened to the Avaya team and examined the available public documentation, I thought I would speculate on the potential options/outcomes and which may be best for the customers, Avaya, and the industry.

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A Cacophony of Chimes

By Joseph Williams February 20, 2017

Amazon Web Services announced the release of its fully managed communications service that it branded as Amazon Chime. About a year ago CaféX announced its Chime product. To keep it all from getting confusing, let’s look at both, ignoring whatever trademark issues might be arising, so you are clear on what is what.

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Avaya Engage – Loud on Cloud and the Bright Side of Chapter 11

By Jon Arnold February 16, 2017

It’s clear that Avaya has a first-class product portfolio and a healthy book of business, with strong financials upon which a Chapter 11 plan will emerge that should keep the company largely intact. Bigger questions loom around finding growth via net new business, and whether the Avaya brand has a strong enough mojo to be the partner of choice as businesses go down the path of digital transformation. This is much bigger than UC, and there’s a lot to digest from what we heard, and for this post, I’m just going to touch on two big themes.

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Enterprise UCC is Giving Way to Conversational Experiences and Engagement

By David Smith February 14, 2017

We are at a pivotal time in enterprise communications and collaboration. The rise of mobile team messaging and collaboration applications signify a shift in focus towards creating better conversational experiences as the driver for collaboration and productivity. There is a collaboration continuum that includes content, plus people inside and outside of the organization in a contextual web, that captures and keeps the data of all collaborative interactions.

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Connex17 – Connecting with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

By Blair Pleasant February 14, 2017

Just in time for Mardi Gras preparations, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise (ALE) held its analyst conference in New Orleans, where the discussion was all about verticals and ALE’s new cloud overlay service called Rainbow.

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Logitech Brio – Do You Need a 4K Web Cam?

By Phil Edholm February 8, 2017

Yesterday Logitech announced their new Brio web cam with a 4K capability along with other new features. It includes HDR for wider contrast range, IR sensors that integrate to Intel RealSense and the capability to deliver 60 frames per second in 1080P HD. It is also certified with major UC vendors like Microsoft and Cisco. To better understand the value, I will review each capability and what they mean for enterprise UC users.

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Bots Are Here To Stay

By Nicolas De Kouchkovsky February 6, 2017

A few years ago, bots were automated chat agents. They would aim at replacing customer service representatives in case of traffic spikes or when all were busy. Very rudimentary, they usually left consumers frustrated. Bots are now enjoying an incredible momentum. As they reach the peak of inflated expectations, one can wonder if it is a temporary fad. I believe bots are here to stay and here is why.

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RTM SDN Project Wins Product of the Year for 2016

By Pascal Menezes February 3, 2017

Open source Project Atrium which is focused on the International Multimedia Telecommunication Consortium (IMTC) RTM SDN use-case specifications, just won Internet Telephony Magazine 2016 SDN Product of the Year Award.  

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