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What I want for Christmas (from Voice and UC Vendors)

By David Stein September 23, 2016

Just concluded a podcast with the UCStrategies team entitled, "Hopes and Aspirations for 2016." There were some interesting comments from my colleagues as well as my own contributions. The conversation got me thinking about the state of the industry; so here are my thoughts:

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Cisco Takes the iOS Lead - In the Wrong Direction

By Michael F. Finneran September 19, 2016

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June introduced the first piece of good news on the mobile UC front in 10 years. It was there that Apple announced the CallKit API that would finally allow VoIP apps, including mobile UC apps, to access the native dialer in the company’s iPhone. Since then I’ve been wondering if this was the break that would finally allow UC&C vendors to develop a mobile UC&C capability users would actually embrace. It looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer.

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Usage Profiles – A Guide to Effective and Economical UC Solutions

By Marty Parker September 19, 2016

Over the next six weeks and leading up to a presentation at the BC Summit in early November, UniComm Consulting will publish a series of nine articles on UCStrategies.com that will describe eight role-based Usage Profiles plus a Foundational Usage Profile. We trust this series of articles will be useful to you for planning your Unified Communications investment roadmap as a public or private sector enterprise, as well as for the systems integrators and for UC technology producers who will assist in implementing that roadmap.

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The Perfect Summer Storm – Vendors Take Heed!

By Roberta J. Fox September 14, 2016

This summer has seen the continuation of the rapidly evolving new business environment, and the inevitable ongoing struggle with moving the distribution and carrier channel in the new market direction, which is having profound effects on customers, vendors, and even consultants.

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The New Research and Development (R&D) Model - Open Source Projects

By Pascal Menezes September 9, 2016

I for one, having been in a closed source world for many years, didn’t realize how innovation is being incubated in a totally different model than the past. What most don’t realize is how open source has changed the world in how we do Research and Development (R&D) as an industry.

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IT Security Experts Expecting Cyber Attacks

By Robbie Pleasant September 8, 2016

Okta’s recently-released "Security Business Agility" report shows that around two-thirds of the surveyed companies expect a data breach within the year, unless their legacy security solutions get upgraded. While hackers and cyber criminals are always upgrading and finding new ways to overcome security solutions, companies that fall behind in their own security become easier and easier targets.

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Genesys and Interactive Intelligence – The First Domino

By Phil Edholm September 6, 2016

The announcement by Genesys that the company has reached an agreement with Interactive Intelligence to acquire their competitor for $1.4B will have a major impact on the overall market, both in Contact Centers as well as in the more general Business Communications marketplace.

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Genesys Announces Interactive Intelligence Acquisition

By Robbie Pleasant September 1, 2016

Genesys has made a major acquisition with the purchase of Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. Given Genesys’ own focus on omnichannel solutions for customer experience and contact centers, this will enhance its ability to provide broad customer experience solutions to organizations of all sizes and over any channel. The UCStrategies UC Experts provided their initial thoughts on the announcement.

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Genesys Makes a Good Call in Buying ININ

By J.R. Simmons August 31, 2016

So a decision has been made that is a culmination of some recent announcements – Genesys is buying Interactive Intelligence (ININ). This is on the heels of a number of posts about potential and actual M&A activity in the UC and Contact Center market that had led to much speculation. Which means that other changes are likely forthcoming.

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Disaster Recovery: Beyond the Technical Issues

By Melissa Swartz August 30, 2016

About 20 years ago, I was at a meeting where a film was shown about what happened when a company went through an unexpected disaster. The most interesting thing about the film is that, while the technology has changed considerably in the last 20 years, many of the non-technical issues brought out in the film are still relevant.

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UC Implications from Dialpad’s New Study about Anywhere Workers

By Jon Arnold August 29, 2016

Dialpad recently published a study titled "2016 Report on Business Communications in the Era of the Anywhere Worker." The report is a good example of reading the tea leaves and trying to understand what a post-PBX world looks like.

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Gamification in a Business Environment

By Robbie Pleasant August 16, 2016

Games engage the players, get them involved and invested in what they’re doing – if only there were some way to utilize that kind of engagement in a business environment. That’s where “gamification” comes in, using mobile games to engage employees.

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Vonage Calls on Integration

By Dave Michels August 10, 2016

In the recent Q2 2016 performance briefing CEO Alan Masarek provided a glimpse into why Vonage acquired Nexmo. The acquisition surprised many as most UCaaS vendors see CpaaS as a separate business.

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UC SDN and UCaaS

By Pascal Menezes August 8, 2016

In my prior article I wrote about how Skype for Business released a whole new framework in how to get an enterprise ready for the cloud. Now amplify the complexity as UC moves to the cloud using some intermediary set of networks, managed by multiple different providers to get to the UC service. Since it requires months of effort just to get an on-premise UC deployment running smoothly, with a large amount of highly skilled engineers to keep it tuned just right, what makes us think that UC in the cloud is going to be any easier?  

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Business Communications Reseller Channel Study 2016

By Jim Burton August 5, 2016

We are pleased to announce the new BCStrategies Reseller Channel Study 2016. We are currently looking for vendor sponsors for this important study that will shed light on how channel partners are adjusting to the new cloud and mobile environment, and how vendors can help them to be more successful.

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Vonage Update: CEO and VP Sit-Down

By David Stein & Steve Leaden August 5, 2016

We had the occasion recently to sit down with Alan Masarek, the CEO of Vonage as well as Jeff Savage, VP for Enterprise Sales at Vonage for Business last week. In an informal gathering, we covered a lot of ground.

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Summer of Confusion – Who’s Who in the Zoo to Buy From?

By Roberta J. Fox August 5, 2016

What a weird summer this is turning out to be! Generally, us consultants are very busy in the summer doing strategies, migration plans and acquisitions to be implemented in last quarter of the year. We have heard that a lot of customer projects have been conceptually approved, but not signed. While sitting by the pond reflecting on what has changed this year, we came up with a few points to consider that may be affecting customer acquisitions and deployments.

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There’s More to the User Experience Than Meets the Ear

By Blair Pleasant August 3, 2016

When it comes to business communications, a key factor in the user experience is audio or call quality. No matter how many features and functions a UCC solution may have, if you can’t properly hear the party at the other end or they can’t hear you clearly, the solution will fail. When I was recently asked to try out the new enhanced Sennheiser PRESENCE mobile headset, I jumped at the chance.

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Mobile UC: No Money, No Love

By Michael F. Finneran August 2, 2016

An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Tech Sector’s Profits Are Fueled by Mobile, Cloud” caught my attention and caused me to rethink the peculiar duopoly of mobile and cloud.

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What’s In a Name?

By Dave Michels August 1, 2016

In this industry we use a lot of terms that we think are understood, but they aren’t. Kind of ironic for an industry that has a mission to help people communicate. My point isn’t to argue the definition of UC, but to talk about definitions. You see, all the technology in the world can’t help us communicate and/or collaborate if we can’t get past the basics of language. UC as a broad category works because we all understand it’s a broad topic whose definition varies with the beholder.

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