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Should Companies Have a “Chief Process Officer?”

By Melissa Swartz August 20, 2014

In many companies, no one is really thinking about process improvement. We can all point to examples of poor processes that frustrate customers, are needlessly repetitive, or are outright inefficient. Why do things still work that way? Companies that are able to see how technology can be used to differentiate them from their competitors will enjoy an advantage that goes far beyond the benefits derived from features such as instant messaging or collaboration tools.

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WebRTC: Buyers Beware

By Tsahi Levent-Levi August 13, 2014

If there's anything that should make you sleepless at night when deciding on your WebRTC communications architecture it is the vendors you selected to rely on. If you look at the acquisitions in the WebRTC ecosystem, you will notice some interesting ones.

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Gartner UC Magic Quadrant 2014 – A Clear Picture of the Changing Landscape

By Marty Parker August 6, 2014

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications 2014 is here, highlighting several important trends and changes in the UC landscape. Let’s look first at the quadrants, then focus on what this means and on how the market is changing, from Gartner’s perspective.

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Video for Smaller Rooms – Tely Labs HD Pro

By Phil Edholm August 6, 2014

I recently tested the Tely Labs HD Pro small room video system. It is a great answer for that small conference room where the cost and complexity of a typical $5-10K room system is not reasonable.

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Jacada Helps IVRs Become Mobile UC Apps

By Art Rosenberg August 4, 2014

The big improvement in customer self-service applications will come from migrating from the limitations of legacy telephony-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to using screen-based outputs, combined with touch (or speech) inputs for online applications, better known as “Visual IVR.”

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UCC: We Are At The Strategic Inflection Point

By Stephen Leaden July 31, 2014

Knowing that we are at the UCC Strategic Inflection Point, doing nothing is not an option, even just for simply staying alive. As the CIO or IT Director, your user community is ready for UCC, and already using individual UCC functions as consumers (such as IM/chat a.k.a. texting, presence a.k.a. friends lists, and video conferencing a.k.a. Facetime et al). This is that moment in time to begin adopt UCC into your IT arsenal.

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By Kevin Kieller July 30, 2014

The world of UC certainly includes an abundance of acronyms and ROI is an acronym that is complicated to accurately determine. When it comes to calculating the ROI associated with SBCs and SIP you must think beyond a “like for like” transition from PRIs in order to determine the correct result.

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Headlines You May Have Missed...

By Bill MacKay July 30, 2014

Some headlines in recent weeks caught my attention. The information provides guidance on where emergency services are heading and hold the promise of what will be. Much of this information has been widely reported on, but it is not mainstream news.

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Does a Tech Bubble Threaten UC?

By J.R. Simmons July 29, 2014

Many industry observers are sounding the alarms about the current tech bubble and warning that we are headed straight for another massive correction like we saw at the turn of the century. Especially those writing about financial trends and stocks see good press in drawing parallels and forecasting impending doom. So, does this threaten the Unified Communications part of the business?

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Wearables Take a Turn to Industry

By Michael F. Finneran July 25, 2014

The TMC.Net’s Wearable Tech Expo took place in New York this week; this is the second year I attended the expo, and I found a very different line-up than last year. With the consumer market stalled in the starting gate, the emphasis shifted to potential enterprise sales.

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The Race For UC In The Cloud – Is Avaya Too Late?

By Jon Arnold July 24, 2014

With UC touching all ends of the communications spectrum, this is very much about what is best for IT and decisions about network infrastructure. The broader the discussion becomes about what UC could do for your business, the bigger the questions become about your network and the deployment model for UC.

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Economic Impact of Broadband – Small Business View

By Roberta J. Fox July 23, 2014

We advise regional governments to really consider how infrastructure investments should not just be applied to building roads and shopping centers. They should be investing significantly more to include communications highways with the fastest, most reliable network technology available.

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Taking the Fear Out of Developing a UC Strategy

By Blair Pleasant July 21, 2014

Phil Edholm and I will be hosting a one-day workshop to give attendees the tools they need to analyze UC in their organization, design a solution for their specific users, and choose the right deployment option and vendors. “UC University” will be held in Las Vegas on August 11, 2014.

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Will UC Dealers Exist in a Cloudy World?

By Dave Michels July 21, 2014

The cloud represents the biggest threat to the traditional channel, and at the most risk are VARs that service small and medium businesses.

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The PBX World Divides and Mobile Trumps All

By Michael F. Finneran July 16, 2014

A recent survey by hosted Microsoft Lync unified communications (UC) provider ConnectSolutions caught my attention and provided some interesting insight into the future of PBXs, desk phones and mobile devices.

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WebRTC is a Bit More Interesting Than I Thought

By Joseph Williams July 16, 2014

Last month’s WebRTC Conference in Atlanta shows that there is a lot more intellectual horsepower and investment dollars going into WebRTC than before. The Telco perspective was well-represented and that is promising, but I didn’t see a lot of energy from web developers or start-ups that might be able to explosively leverage WebRTC and that is troubling.

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Q&A with Enghouse Interactive from Microsoft WPC 2014

By Blair Pleasant July 14, 2014

I recently had the chance to speak with Ernie Wallerstein, President, Enghouse Interactive, Americas Channels, regarding some of the trends in the Lync and customer experience management (CEM) space. Enghouse offers Enghouse Interactive Communications Center (EICC), previously known as Zeacom Communications Center, and is one of Microsoft’s qualified partners, providing a fully-native Lync contact center solution.

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What’s Next For UC? Automated “Personal Assistants!”

By Art Rosenberg July 11, 2014

The label for such personalized automation is the “Personal Assistant.” This fits in well with my perspective of UC as “unified interactions” (UI?), since it is not just about person-to-person contacts, but must also include contact with any automated business process application (CEBP). Enabling Personal Assistants to become involved in any person-to-person interaction, brings up some interesting possibilities for reducing the usually delays normally encountered when people try to manually make real-time contacts.


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Making UC&C Collaboration Opportunities Visible

By Marty Parker July 10, 2014

There’s a lot of emphasis in our industry on “collaboration.” SMART Technologies got my attention with a briefing on their Inspired Collaboration Assessment (ICA) tool. SMART has collected self-assessments from over 1,500 companies who have reported on the status of their collaboration investments and the results they are achieving from those investments. This ICA tool is available to any business on-demand; in return for the time spent to take the ICA, the participants get a “self-assessment” within the total population of ICA responses. Thus, immediate feedback on a collaboration effectiveness scale.


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Microsoft Targets “Dual Users” For Mobile UC

By Art Rosenberg July 10, 2014

Many of you know how long I have been promoting the "dual persona" concept for mobile devices, since users will only want to carry one device for both business and personal applications. Well, guess what, Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella, has refocused the direction of the company as a "cloud-first and mobile-first" company by dropping "devices" from its future role starting in FY15, and has used the term "dual user" as a key concept. This will be particularly important for mobile users with smartphones and tablets.

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