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Big Data or No Data?

By Marty Parker October 22, 2014

Big data and analytics are all the rage in both the technology and the public press. But it’s hard to find much of this happening in the telecom and UC sectors – more like no data than big data. This seems to be true even while Jim Burton is advising vendors that we are entering the age of analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is built on analytics.

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VaaS-ing with LifeSize Cloud

By Dave Michels October 22, 2014

Many hardware companies are shifting to software and services, so its no surprise that LifeSize has a new video conferencing service. The new LifeSize Cloud is the company's second video as a service (VaaS) offer. The first service was known as LifeSize Connections a few years back. LifeSize Cloud is an entirely new, purpose-built service that became generally available last Spring. I’ve been using it heavily for the past few weeks and I like it – a lot.

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Why Invest in WebRTC When Everyone Goes Self Service?

By Tsahi Levent-Levi October 21, 2014

I have heard more than once doubts about the usefulness of WebRTC to the contact center when enterprises are looking to empower their customers through self-service. Let’s take a step back to see how WebRTC can impact out contact center when it comes to cost reduction and customer satisfaction. To do that, we need to understand the three separate touch points of WebRTC to the contact center:

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Would a Mitel Buyout of ShoreTel Be Good for Customers?

By J.R. Simmons October 21, 2014

The announcement by Mitel that it is proceeding with a hostile takeover bid for ShoreTel raises many concerns. Although there are many open questions, it is appropriate to focus on what might it mean to buyers of UC solutions if the deal goes through.

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Apple Blows It on New UC Voice Capability

By Michael F. Finneran October 21, 2014

A few days ago I posted a piece heralding Apple’s “discovery” of  UC in the way of a new capability where an iPhone-Mac user could tether their iPhone to the Mac and allow it to make and receive cellular calls through the iPhone. Beyond that I issued a warning to other UC supplier that Apple was pushing into the space with a warning of rough weather ahead. Well, the rest of the UC community can rest easy (at least for the moment), the darn thing doesn’t work!

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Apple Discovers UC – Everyone Else, Look Out

By Michael F. Finneran October 17, 2014

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, took to the stage at the company’s headquarters yesterday to announce two new iPads and the latest Mac operating system; the company also announced a 27-inch iMac with a Retina display, but nobody seemed to care. Scanning the reviews this morning, most weren’t overly impressed with the incremental improvements in the new iPads, but just about everyone seems to have missed the real story which is Apple’s move into UC.

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The New Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

By Blair Pleasant October 14, 2014

  It’s been an exciting year for Alcatel Lucent ,which recently completed the sale of 85% of its enterprise business (ALU E) to China Huaxin, a Chinese investor focused on the telecom space. Michel Emelianoff, President, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise recently

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Highfive – Simple Video, No Remotes

By Phil Edholm October 13, 2014

Last week, a new company, Highfive, emerged as a video conferencing system provider. The team at Highfive comes from Google and Apple, and the investors in Highfive are a fairly impressive group and the $17.5M invested so far shows they believe in the concept.

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High Tech Piece of Heaven – Easy to Wish For – Hard to Find

By Roberta J. Fox October 9, 2014

We are in the process of moving from our home and corporate office facility to the southwestern Ontario area in the near future. Why should you care? We found some interesting and even disturbing trends related to broadband availability.

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Art Rosenberg Talks Unified Communications

By Robbie Pleasant October 9, 2014

Art Rosenberg has been working as an analyst in the Unified Communications field for decades, both as a UC Expert for UCStrategies and as Principal Analyst for The Unified-View. As part of our series on the UC Experts and their views and predictions for UC, we asked Art for his thoughts.

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Jon Arnold Shares His Thoughts on Unified Communications

By Robbie Pleasant October 3, 2014

We took some time to ask Jon Arnold some questions as part of a series on Unified Communications from the perspectives of our UC Experts. His thoughts and insights will prove helpful to anyone using UC, looking to get started, or working in the UC industry.

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Mobile Users Need The Privacy of Text Messaging

By Art Rosenberg October 3, 2014

The recent negative reaction to the FCC’s plan to allow air traveler’s to use their mobile phones during a flight is a good example why voice interfaces will not be practical when the user is in a public environment.

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Who’s in Charge of “Mobility?”

By Michael F. Finneran October 1, 2014

I conducted the full-day tutorial on BYOD at Interop New York this week, and once again got to ask one of my favorite audience questions: “Do any of you have the word “mobile” or “mobility” in your job title?” Given all of the attention being paid to mobility and the focus on capitalizing on this important capability, you would think that organizations would want to be out in front on it, but maybe that’s not the case.

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New SLAs and Traffic Rules for UC

By Stephen Leaden October 1, 2014

Service Level Agreements in the IT business are a BIG THING. All carrier and services contracts carry SLAs with associated penalties for non-performance. Vendor maintenance contracts also carry similar SLAs. As multi-channel is gaining ground as the “new” way of handling calls in the contact center, multi-channel brings together voice calls, web chat, texting, video, e-mail, faxing, and social media integration. Each is particularly different, with different expectations and different SLAs.

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Enjoy the Status Quo While it Lasts

By Dave Michels September 29, 2014

It is interesting to reflect on the amount of change that has occurred. But there are two very important considerations as we ponder about enterprise communications. Today’s deployments must center on mobility and cloud, and the industry is on the cusp of significant innovation. Long term strategies, beyond rapid adaptation, are pointless with the current rate of change and shear degree of new technologies emerging.

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Can Cisco Crack the Code for Video? Do They Need To?

By Jon Arnold September 29, 2014

Earlier this month, Cisco had their Collaboration Business Update briefing for analysts, and there were some interesting takeaways I think are worth sharing with our readers; not just for what Cisco has in mind for UC&C, but also where they are focusing for growth.

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Who is Making Money on UC?

By Joseph Williams September 29, 2014

This month I had lunch with Bill Haskins, UC senior analyst and partner with Wainhouse Research. We spoke about a great many things, but one particularly interesting topic revolved around the question of who was making money from UC. As you might expect, there is not a lot of evidence attached to the actual monetization of UC.

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Time To Separate Mobile “Unified Notifications” In UC?

By Art Rosenberg September 25, 2014

I think we need to add “Unified Notifications” as a separate service (UNaaS?) to the definition of UC capabilities for recipients, where all forms of contact can first be screened and the recipient will control whether and how to be notified immediately or when they have the time to follow up.

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Getting Social in San Francisco

By Phil Edholm September 22, 2014

Last week I was in the city for meetings and stumbled across a conference, the Corporate Social Media Summit. It was an event focused on social media in enterprise (obviously), and I decided to crash the party. Will these new products/platforms, based on the cloud and the latest software development methodologies, be able to rapidly accelerate in value versus the traditional contact center platforms with their telephony roots?

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Cloud for UC: Blessing and Curse

By Marty Parker September 16, 2014

Cloud is the hot topic, for sure. Only a small percentage of the enterprises are using UCaaS in the cloud from a UCaaS service provider, but everybody is talking about it. While there is much buzz and many providers, the Gartner report has important cautions for every one of the included companies.


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