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A Stand-out for GROUP Communications

By Dave Michels February 8, 2016

Logitech introduced the GROUP ConferenceCam. It’s a revised version of the cc3000e with a slightly less dumb name. GROUP is a laptop peripheral, or more accurately a room accoutrement. It’s intended to live in a conference room to facilitate laptop-powered group conferences. By connecting it to a laptop’s USB port, the laptop transforms into a room conferencing system with a 10x optical zoom lens, wireless remote, and high-fidelity acoustics capable of supporting up to 20 participants.

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Avaya Executive Partner Forum 2016 – Growth and Engagement

By Blair Pleasant February 8, 2016

At the Avaya Executive Partner Forum in San Diego last week, the weather was windy, but much of the discussion was cloudy – well, about the cloud, anyway. A handful of analysts got to attend Avaya’s annual event aimed at its top partners in the Americas and hear from new Global Channel Chief, Steve Biondi and many others.

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Mobile Security Is Still Important

By Michael F. Finneran February 8, 2016

While the UC vendor community still emphasizes the importance of mobility, one topic that doesn’t get nearly enough attention is mobile security. Fortunately, there have been a number of developments that had improved the overall ability to secure sensitive information on or accessible through mobile devices.

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Automating Diagnostics Using SDN

By Pascal Menezes February 1, 2016

In my last article I talked about the value of a Migration Strategy for Automating Quality of Experience (QoE) using SDN. I am very thrilled to announce that the International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium (IMTC) just released a brand new use case called Automating Diagnostics Using SDN. The use case describes how to automate root cause analysis without requiring highly trained IT admins, complex diagnostic tools or costly probes everywhere.

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Unify and Circuit Redux

By Jon Arnold January 29, 2016

While it’s true you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, some things are better the second time around. For this post, I want to focus solely on (Unify) Circuit for two reasons. First, it’s very relevant to the UC&C space, and second, it gives me an opportunity to bridge insights from the two conferences I just attended back-to-back.

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Avaya Plays Sports

By Dave Michels January 28, 2016

Most sports sponsorships are little more than advertising. There’s no doubt that some goodwill is generated from Avaya’s sponsorship of the stadium where the San Jose Earthquakes play in California. But the real game is practice development. Avaya saw a win-win opportunity: the venue operators needed new technologies  contact centers, networking, and new applications  and Avaya wanted to transition from a product orientation to a solution focus. It’s part of Avaya’s larger transition from equipment provider to solution provider.

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UC Company Strategies: Adjacency

By Joseph Williams January 26, 2016

Better to specialize in UC or have UC as one product in a portfolio? There is no easy answer to this, as companies can thrive either way. But in the SMB market, when it comes to the cloud I would argue the portfolio approach is more compelling.

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Unify Analyst Conference Round Up

By Blair Pleasant January 26, 2016

At the Unify Global Analyst Conference in Bermuda last week, we got to hear all about Unify’s products and services, as well as its new owner, Atos. I had the opportunity to meet with many of the Unify executives, who discussed the transformation of the company, as well as plans for moving forward.


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Unify – An Outlook

By Phil Edholm January 25, 2016

I spent a few days last week at the Unify Analyst and Consultant Summit. It was a great opportunity to evaluate the progress and outlook for Unify in the Unified Communications and Collaboration space as well as for the company overall.

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Developments on the IoT Front

By Michael F. Finneran January 19, 2016

Two distinct items came across my desk recently both impacting the nascent Internet of Things (IoT) market. First at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced plans for the development of a new Wi-Fi radio link designed primarily for IoT applications. The other was a front page story in the Wall Street Journal dealing with the challenges insurers are having getting customers to adopt one of the pioneering IoT applications, in-car sensors that would allow them to monitor driving behavior.

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Communications In 2016 - Doing More “Business,” Not Just “Work”

By Art Rosenberg January 11, 2016

I was unable to join my colleagues in their recent podcast forecasting major changes in business communications expected in 2016. However, I reviewed their comments and would like fill in a few missing pieces as “icing on the cake,” but give it a listen first.

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Vertically Integrating for UC Success: The Weave Way

By Joseph Williams January 7, 2016

At November’s BC Summit I spoke about the upside that comes from verticalizing unified communications solutions. Not only are vertical solutions “stickier” than generic solutions, but they also yield higher margins. Moreover, vertical solutions can be easier to market (a targeted audience), simpler to support (fewer ecosystem variables), and riper for innovation. 

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Wrapping up 2015 in Unified Communications

By Joseph Williams January 4, 2016

This is the time of year for retrospectives. Mine is pretty simple: 2015 was a “meh” year for UC. The UC industry had some interesting moments in 2015 but it certainly was not a breakout year.

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UC and SDN – A Migration Strategy

By Pascal Menezes December 29, 2015

While Software Defined Networks (SDN) has been the latest buzz in the industry for years, many folks don’t realize that the key value of SDN is the decomposition of the control from the data plane. With this single concept operating a network for UC becomes so much simpler as visibility, control, automation and agility becomes the key value points. 

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Cisco Sparks it Up at the Collaboration Summit

By Blair Pleasant December 18, 2015

The big news at the Cisco Collaboration Summit recently was all about Spark. In addition to Spark the Service, Cisco also announced Spark Hybrid Services, and Spark for Developers.

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Cisco Spark – is this the New Collaboration Era?

By Jon Arnold December 17, 2015

I’ve got a new acronym that sets the stage for all this – UC&C – Unbelievably Crowded and Confusing. We’ve got too many vendors selling too many variations of a solution that doesn’t have a readily defined problem set. Yes, there are lots of ways for UC&C to add value, but any deployment these days requires some leap of faith. To get past this, something has to give, and it starts with the vendors.

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The Big Picture on Video

By Dave Michels December 3, 2015

Visual communications is shifting from the expensive and few to the cheap and masses. The cast of conspirators is huge and includes consumer services, freemium models, and iDevices. Here’s a quick recap of some recent events relative to enterprise communications.

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What Do Mobile UC and Hotel Alarm Clocks Have in Common?

By Michael F. Finneran December 1, 2015

It is no secret that some companies have thrived in the transition to mobile while others have floundered. Among the latter are the UC&C vendors who while they love to extol the importance of mobile and wax eloquent about the importance of the user interface, still have had absolutely no success in tapping into that opportunity. However, there is one industry that has missed the boat on mobility to an even greater degree than UC: hotel alarm clocks.

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My Business Communications Summit Takeaways

By Art Rosenberg November 30, 2015

“UC” has finally grown up to become more than person to person communications, and is now “BC” to include business process applications that will interact and communicate with people. This shift was formally evidenced by the recent BC Summit, where there were many new sponsors from other leading technology providers, rather than just traditional voice telephony vendors.

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No Erlangs for UC - Part 1

By Roberta J. Fox November 30, 2015

We encourage the vendor community to look to new ways to provide design and management expertise to enable clients to have effective, reliable network infrastructures required to support IP-based unified communications solutions. We also encourage them to develop the expertise, processes and methods to provide customer troubleshooting support as part of their services.

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