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Notes from ITExpo: VoIP at 20 and Why the Best is Yet to Come for UC

By Jon Arnold January 29, 2015

There is little doubt that UC has great utility, but to be fair it is often overshadowed by more powerful trends – namely mobile broadband and the cloud – around which UC must adapt. While VoIP has only ever needed to worry about telephony, this is just one of many modes that UC seeks to integrate to create a new experience for driving productivity.

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Deployment Services for Lync – What Experience Tells Us

By Joseph Williams January 26, 2015

Brent Kelly and Marty Parker wrote an excellent piece in UCStrategies this month that included a look at how to model TCO for Lync deployments. One takeaway I hope you got from their insights is that the deployment of Lync is generally complicated. Barb Grothe made this point several times in her blogs about Lync deployment over on No Jitter last summer.

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Business Video with Customers and Partners – Two New Year’s Options

By Marty Parker January 20, 2015

If you see video as important for successful collaboration and negotiation, you almost certainly believe it is important to have easy video connectivity with customers and with partner organizations outside your enterprise firewall. There two exciting new announcements this month from Lifesize and NextPlane to make this more possible than ever.

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Random News on the Mobile Front

By Michael F. Finneran January 16, 2015

Now that the hurricane that was the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launches has blown out of town, other pieces of news are starting to pop up on the mobile device front along with a surprising announcement from AT&T Wireless. Rather than handling them as a string of short pieces, it seemed more appropriate to bundle the whole lot together.

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8x8 Patently Celebrates its Patents

By Blair Pleasant January 15, 2015

Just like some sharks that must swim constantly to stay alive, business communication companies must innovate in order to survive and thrive. 8x8 recently demonstrates its ability to innovate as the company celebrated the award of its 100th patent. In fact, they received number 99 and 100 on the same day. 

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I Tried Switch.co

By Martin Steinmann January 15, 2015

The gap between the telephony world and the Web world remains. But a lot is happening in the Web world when it comes to communications. There is real innovation at Web-speed. It is not "unified" but integrated instead. Integrated into the Web, into your workflow, and into the applications and devices you already use. Switch.co is a shining example of this new reality. Tuned for viral adoption, with a beautiful design and an appeasing user experience. An inviting Web site. A free trial. And flat-rate per user pricing without gimmicks. Wow!

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Smiling About Video

By Dave Michels January 14, 2015

The democratization of video is upon us – and it changes everything. It’s the result of camera ubiquity, inexpensive broadband, and smart mobile devices. Video has traded its Sunday suit for a t-shirt and is blending into our daily workflow. The technology is now intuitive, natural, and accessible. As a result there’s tremendous recent video news occurring across the industry. Here’s a smattering:


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CES 2015, a UC View

By Phil Edholm January 13, 2015

I know that CES is mainly a consumer event, but I think it shows what is coming for those of us in enterprise. To see how the technology from CES would impact us in UC, I ventured into the abyss of 4K televisions, drones, robots, 3D printers, wearable, smart cars, and all other things technical and weird to see what I could find.

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2014 Significant Trend - Secret Impact of UC Use on Customer Acquisitions

By Roberta J. Fox January 13, 2015

We at FOX GROUP work with end user business and government organizations to help them develop strategies and acquire appropriate technologies and services for their future UC, IT and contact center enhancements. Here are my thoughts about the biggest 2014 event: customers are using various media and information sources to research and determine how to spend money and with whom, without potential vendors ever knowing about it, and determining whether they are using their own UC apps!

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Good versus Great Training

By Kevin Kieller January 12, 2015

Training, combined with communications and change management, accounts for at least 50% of the project’s success. Training helps set expectations and drives usage and adoption. Training promotes user efficiency which is aligned with the intended objective of unified communications to improve overall business efficiency. And good training can be great training with a little extra effort.


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Avaya Engages in Silicon Valley

By Marty Parker January 7, 2015

Avaya held a customer, analyst, and consultant event in Santa Clara, CA. Called "Avaya Engages Silicon Valley," the event emphasized three messages, from my perspective: engagement, innovation, and relevance. Here are a few comments on each.

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Avaya Engages the Analysts

By Blair Pleasant January 5, 2015

Unified communications and collaboration are passé – long live “engagement.” That’s essentially the message analysts heard at the Avaya Engages event in Santa Clara, CA recently.

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Executive Blind Spots

By Kevin Kieller January 5, 2015

On many unified communications projects there is a gap in understanding between the senior leaders and the IT staff who are making technical decisions. This can result in a large “blind spot” that dooms projects to fail or deliver underwhelming benefits. The best way I have found to develop consensus around the measurable objectives for a project is to hold a “vision session” at the start of any major initiative.

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Persistent Business “Conversations” For UC In 2015?

By Art Rosenberg January 2, 2015

We are witnessing the next evolutionary stage of what we have been calling “unified communications” (UC) into UCaaS, but more importantly with “Circuit” and “Project Squared,” making multimodal business interactions more organized and persistent.

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2015 UC Outlook – Who’s Driving the Bus?

By Jon Arnold December 29, 2014

We are coming to the end of a year where there are more questions than answers in the UC space. Why are any and ALL of these things happening now? What is UC becoming, and does it have a future? Whether you’re a business looking to invest in UC, or a channel partner looking to recommend/sell UC to your customer base, it’s really hard right now to know where you should place your bets.


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Avaya Partners With Google For UC-Enabled Home Agents

By Art Rosenberg December 24, 2014

Legacy contact center technology providers are faced with the challenge of migrating their legacy, premise-based offerings to the new world of “cloud” services. Avaya, a leading provider of contact center technologies, has recognized this requirement and recently announced its partnership with Google to use Google’s Chromebooks for its Avaya Agent portable desktop that can be used anywhere for multimodal customer support.

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Goodbye Lync

By Dave Michels December 22, 2014

Microsoft intends to change the name of its Lync solution for real-time communications to Skype for Business. I’ve heard some negative reactions to the change. Despite these criticisms, I believe rebranding Lync was an ingenious move. For lots of reasons, but I will highlight three.


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Unified Communications Retrospective – Prospective

By Marty Parker December 22, 2014

Year-end seems to bring reflection on how we got here and where we’re going. Here’s this year’s version.

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Avaya Engages, New Strategy or ?

By Phil Edholm December 16, 2014

Avaya held an all-day Silicon Valley coming out party for the strategy and direction of the company going forward. It was intended to focus on what Avaya sees as its transformational path forward and how the company intends to succeed in the evolving communications, collaboration and customer interaction marketplace.

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Comprehensive WebRTC Ecosystem Report Available

By Phil Edholm December 15, 2014

With Microsoft announcing support for WebRTC and agreements on codecs, adoption is escalating. There is a wide range of companies delivering WebRTC-based solutions, tools and components. How do you keep track of what is happening in this transformational world? The WebRTC Ecosystem Report is the most comprehensive description and analysis of companies and offerings based on WebRTC technology that has ever been produced.

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