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And Now for Something New – A UC Application Contest

By Phil Edholm July 30, 2015

NEC recently introduced their new UT880 smart desk phone. I think NEC may be on to something; they have added the Android capability so the screen is essentially a tablet, and apps can be developed for the device. NEC is running a UT880 App Challenge contest for suggestions on how to use this capability.

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Time to Drop the Anchor

By Dave Michels July 30, 2015

There are two times when it makes more sense to go with UCaaS than a premises-based UC anchor: always and now. There was a time when premises-based solutions made the most sense - basically when there wasn’t a choice. UCaaS has been evolving now for over a decade and it now offers a robust set of benefits. There are lots of reasons why UCaaS stands out. Here’s five...

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New Research - What SMBs Think About UC

By Jon Arnold July 24, 2015

Metaswitch Networks conducted a study in conjunction with Edgewater Networks about VoIP and UC in the SMB space. With their permission, I have extracted selected highlights from the research focused specifically on UC, as the data will help quantify what many have long suspected about how SMBs view this opportunity. 

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M2M, IoT, and UC

By Joseph Williams July 20, 2015

Vodafone just released its annual M2M Barometer report. Although the report heavily emphasizes the critical role of communications and communications infrastructure as part of the M2M ecosystem, surprisingly nothing at all regarding unified communications is discussed.

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Nadella Bites the Bullet on Nokia and Apple Still Rules in the Enterprise

By Michael F. Finneran July 17, 2015

In what can’t be deemed a surprise, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella last week announced the company will take a $7. 6 billion write-down on its $9.4 billion investment (81% of the initial value) in Nokia and will be laying off some 7,800 workers. With Ballmer’s “Devices and Services” strategy in the can, where does Microsoft go with mobile?

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A Quick Look at the State of UC as a Service

By Joseph Williams July 6, 2015

My sense is that this should be a good time for UCaaS. It looks like the UCaaS market is about 50% of what we were forecasting back in 2010. What happened?

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Reflecting on Inflection

By Dave Michels June 30, 2015

UC industry pundits like myself frequently speak about disruption and inflection points. We use these terms to describe significant shifts occurring in the industry, such as digital to IP, prem to cloud, hardware to software, and hard phone to softphones. It also applies to less distinct shifts such as next generation applications and mobile-first/cloud-first. But hold on to your seat because these were all just the pre-show. We are heading into much bigger changes.

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New Whitepaper on Embedding Communications Into Your Enterprise Applications

By Blair Pleasant June 26, 2015

UCStrategies and Esna (now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Avaya) just released a white paper on embedding unified communications and collaboration capabilities into applications – you can find the white paper here.

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Avaya Consultant Conference

By David Stein June 19, 2015

This week, a small group of us from North America and Europe gathered in Denver to attend the annual Avaya Consultant’s conference held in conjunction with IAUG. We were interested in hearing what Avaya’s senior management had to say about product, channel, sales, market perception and finances. There was a lot crammed into a day and a half so here’s a quick rundown of the highlights:


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Interactions 2015 – Big Bets, Smart Bets, Great Music, and a Silver Lining for UC

By Jon Arnold June 15, 2015

Last week, several UC Experts attended the Interactions 2015 event in Indianapolis. This is the annual showcase event for Interactive Intelligence, a vendor that we often feature here at UCStrategies. While known mainly as an innovator in

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Interactive Intelligence Re-Inspires

By Blair Pleasant June 15, 2015

Interactive Intelligence re-inspired analysts, consultants, partners, and customers last week at its Interactions 2015 conference in Indianapolis. While best known as a contact center or customer engagement vendor, Interactive Intelligence is spreading its wings by providing UC and collaboration services that can be used inside and outside of the contact center.

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A Framework for Defining the Business Communications and Collaboration Future

By Phil Edholm June 12, 2015

Reflecting on where our industry is going and how we think of the services we provide, I thought it was a good time to focus on the higher level view of products and services that enhance Communications and Collaboration.

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Avaya Buys Esna – Continues Cozying Up to Google

By Marty Parker June 9, 2015

Avaya, the IP PBX product and services company, acquired Esna, a successful innovator of integration of Unified Communications with "business applications." So, what’s the deal and what’s the big deal?

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Dimension Data Perspectives – Allez Allez Allez

By Blair Pleasant June 8, 2015

At Dimension Data’s analyst conference in Prague (note to vendors and others: analysts love interesting destinations!), we heard about the current state of the company and its recent growth, as well as some future plans.

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Customer Service Challenge and Success - Don't Always Blame the Technology!

By Roberta J. Fox June 8, 2015

During the past month, we had the most diametrically opposed examples of technology, people and process and how it can affect customer service, reputation and brand from two of Canada’s most respected companies in their respective spaces. We see these two examples of how and why technology, customer service strategies, staff skills and attitudes all have to be aligned in order to ensure a great customer experiences, no matter what your product or service.

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CTCA 2015 Conference – What Partnering Means for UC

By Jon Arnold June 5, 2015

This week I attended the CTCA’s annual conference. The conference theme was "Partnering for Value," and given that almost everyone there is a telecom consultant, their business challenges are very much in line with what we focus on here at UCStrategies.

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NEC – Expanding Their UC Vision

By Stephen Leaden June 1, 2015

At the annual NEC Advantage conference in Phoenix, I had the privilege of being the first day’s keynote speaker at the conference. Prior to and preparing for my talk entitled “It’s a New Season (Era) in Communications,” I invested considerable time with NEC engineering and leadership as to what was coming regarding new offerings. NEC as a company has invested in next-gen vision and applications that could very well make them in the near future “the” key contender in the highly competitive UC space today.

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The Business Case for Speech Translation in UC

By Joseph Williams June 1, 2015

Previously I’ve written about Skype Translator and the general technology framework behind the service. Now let’s talk about how all this might apply to unified communications. Where I see UC-enabled speech translation really hitting it out of the park is around how it will empower individual consumers to overcome language barriers to explore the world.

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The Smartphone Becomes a SMARTphone

By Dave Michels May 14, 2015

What we mean by “mobility” continues to change (or move). What is most fascinating is how the smartphone is enabling totally new approaches to old problems. SMART took an entirely new approach with dry-erase whiteboards.


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Embedding Communications in Applications

By Blair Pleasant May 11, 2015

The key to more utilization is to embed the UCC capabilities into the applications and business processes we use to do our jobs, making it easy to access these capabilities. If UCC becomes a natural part of the way we work, and is part of the applications we use to do our jobs, then its usage will skyrocket.

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