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Who Should Have Bought ShoreTel?

By Dave Michels August 2, 2017

Mitel has a definitive agreement to acquire ShoreTel, and I’m happy for all involved. We can argue all day if this was expected or inevitable, but the question I pose here is why weren’t there other bidders? The economics and benefits were not only exclusively available to Mitel. So why weren’t there more bidders from private equity and competitors? I can see lots of options, and here’s four of them...

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AVST Answers the Call for Microsoft Exchange UM

By Blair Pleasant July 31, 2017

Last week, Microsoft announced that starting in July 2018, they will no longer support the use of Session Border Controllers (SBC) to connect third-party PBX systems to Exchange Online Unified Messaging (UM). This means that many Microsoft customers will be seeking an alternative Unified Messaging solution. AVST has long been a Microsoft technology partner, and introduced an option for businesses that will be impacted by Microsoft’s move. I spoke with Tom Minifie, CTO at AVST, to discuss Microsoft’s announcement, and how AVST intends to help organizations that will be affected.

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Words Matter but Will Communication Service Providers (CSPs)?

By Peter Bernstein July 28, 2017

For several years, the way in which we discuss interactive communications has become stagnant, cliché, and I would argue, non-descriptive. Realities are with the advent artificial intelligence and the employment of chat and other electronic “agents,” much if not most of our online realities, aka experiences, have become virtual. For your consideration is what I believe is a better way to describe real-time and time-shifted interactions.

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ThousandEyes Active Network Monitoring

By Phil Edholm July 27, 2017

ThousandEyes, developer of a cloud-based Network Intelligence platform that uses synthetic transaction monitoring to test application delivery performance and network conditions, has extended its capacity to monitor and troubleshoot real time VoIP solutions. The ThousandEyes system is designed to have many agents, running as probes from an enterprise datacenter, in end user devices or from the cloud.

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Genband Perspectives17 – 3 Takeaways

By Jon Arnold July 21, 2017

Having attended a few Perspectives events, I can say that Genband has a distinct way of framing the problem set, and more than ever, this year’s rendition marks a clear shift away from their core business, something we’ve seen from other vendors as they pivot to the cloud.

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New Kids in the Customer Interaction Management Space: ServiceNow

By Nicolas De Kouchkovsky July 20, 2017

The customer interaction and service market is undergoing profound changes. ServiceNow is one of the most successful SaaS companies. Now the undisputed leader of the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) space, it has set an aggressive growth target towards $4B by 2020 by expanding mostly organically into adjacent markets.

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Recent Vendor Briefings Roundup

By Blair Pleasant July 7, 2017

I recently had briefings with some vendors that are not as well known in our industry as some of their larger counterparts, but have interesting stories to tell.

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Will 'Hard' End Points Ever Go Away?

By Stephen Leaden June 30, 2017

Will "hard" end points ever go away? In a word – no, not in my opinion. I read a very interesting article recently regarding the decrease in ebook sales by 18.7% in the U.S. and down 17% in the UK, as paper book sales have climbed in 2016, according to CNN. There appears to have been a resurgence in reading physical books, where sales grew during the same period. There is also another interesting trend that runs parallel to this: younger book buyers want to spend less time on digital devices.

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Is the Enterprise MoNage-Ready?

By Jon Arnold June 29, 2017

During the past two months, I’ve spoken at four industry events – and attended four others – with a common theme being the impact of chatbots and AI on the workplace. The innovations I’m seeing are exciting, but the business value is hard to gauge, and it’s fair to ask if enterprises are ready for what’s coming. To help do that, I’m going to share my thoughts about the intersection of collaboration and AI for two sides of any business – internally for driving employee engagement, and externally for driving customer engagement.

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Robo Cops and Robbers

By Peter Bernstein June 28, 2017

We in the industry spend so much time talking about how technology, including things like bots, AI, chat, FAQs, etc., are improving the efficiency and effectiveness of outbound marketing campaigns by eliminating costly human interactions. We spend too little time discussing the customer experience of receiving and interacting with non-human inbound calls to us. This is an oversight.

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What is Fog Computing and How Does it Relate to Both Cloud and IoT?

By Evan Kirstel June 27, 2017

This type of computing is effectively working to extend the cloud computing capabilities and services to the very edge of the network which allows it to bring about advantages and power much closer to where the data can be executed and acted upon.

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Apple’s Business Chat - The Big News for Contact Centers

By Michael F. Finneran June 19, 2017

Apple made a number of interesting announcements at its World-Wide Developers Conference earlier this month. Going virtually unnoticed was a major announcement for contact centers. Business Chat will integrate with Apple’s Messages and other apps and will allow contact centers and CRM systems the ability to deliver iOS users a vastly improved customer experience.

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Speech, Renaissance or Disruption?

By Nicolas De Kouchkovsky June 14, 2017

The past months have witnessed breakthrough announcements from Microsoft, IBM, and Google, all hitting new marks in speech recognition accuracy. Let’s review the next generation of speech technologies, how they are enabling new analytics and the growing role of these insights for businesses.

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Solving the Desktop Audio Conundrum

By Dave Michels June 12, 2017

The desktop audio conundrum is about balancing the need for quality audio conferencing with the desire for high fidelity music. It’s a problem on a desktop, and it’s even more of a problem on the road with a mobile device. The best solution I have found is the new Jabra Speak 710. It’s an evolution of the speaker-saucer that is great for music too.

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Powering Connections with Mitel

By Blair Pleasant June 7, 2017

Mitel’s Elite Experience Americas conference brought together some of Mitel’s top partners, as well as customers, analysts, and consultants. During the event, I conducted video interviews with several Mitel executives about Mitel’s current and future plans. Mitel’s vision includes making everything cloud capable and helping customers migrate to the cloud when they’re ready. CEO Rich McBee opened the event by saying that “It’s all about being seamless, connected, intelligent, real time, customizable, and multiplatform,” adding, “Anything that can be connected, will be.”

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GENBAND and Sonus Merger—IP to the Max

By Peter Bernstein May 25, 2017

This combination represents what can be characterized as “IP to the Max.” This is a good thing. The reality of the internetworking world is that it really is becoming IP-centric regardless of whether a network is fixed, wireless or hybrid, premise-based or Cloud, local or wide-area. This is along with becoming software-centric, data center-centric and application-centric to use a few popular terms. 

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Network Insights Beyond Scaling

By Evan Kirstel May 22, 2017

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is way beyond any traditional concept of networking and provides great insights and guidance for future generations of networking technology. 

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Comcast and Charter Want In On Wireless

By Michael F. Finneran May 12, 2017

According to the Wall Street Journal the two largest cable operators in the country, Comcast and Charter Communications, have entered into a partnership to offer wireless communications services non-competitively. The two agreed not to make a material merger or acquisition in wireless (e.g. “Buy T-Mobile”) without the other’s consent for one year. The big question is, why would they want to wade into a fiercely competitive wireless market?

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Mitel to Acquire Toshiba Communications Assets

By Phil Edholm May 12, 2017

 Yesterday, Mitel announced a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) to acquire certain assets of Toshiba and assume ongoing support liabilities.

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NEC Advantage 2017

By Dave Michels May 11, 2017

NEC showed-off its latest iteration of Smart Enterprise at Advantage its annual partner event. NEC Advantage 2017 is taking place this week in Chandler, Arizona with about 230 partners and industry consultants.

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