UC Summit 2015 - November 15-18, 2015

The UC Summit is a unique, invitation-only event serving four constituencies: UC vendors, solutions integrators (SI’s), consultants and enterprise customers.

What makes the Summit so unique is the atmosphere it creates. Held at the beautiful Estancia Hotel and Spa in La Jolla, CA, the attendees are wined and dined in a warm and collegial fashion that is ideal for making connections and developing business relationships. Given the small, intimate venue, limited number of attendees and the variety of sessions, meals, and events, it is almost impossible not to interact with every one of the quality attendees.

Between the beauty of the location and the quality of the attendees, the UC Summit will get you in touch with the leading edge thought in every area of the UC&C space, give you the opportunity to network with some of the brightest minds in the industry, and build lasting business relationships.

Apply to Join Us!

If you are interested in attending as a participant (Consultant, Solutions Integrator/Reseller or Enterprise Customer), click the "Request Application" tab to submit an application for an invitation. If you are interesting in attending the event as a Sponsor, please email UCStrategies at ucsummit@ucstrategies.com and we will get back to you promptly.

For Enterprise Customers and Consultants:

  • Learn from other enterprise customers
    • Attend major vendor keynote addresses presented by their end user customers
    • Join other enterprise customers and consultants in sponsor-led focus sessions
  • Explore new opportunities with insights and analysis from the thought leaders at UCStrategies
    • Discover new solutions that can give your business a competitive edge
    • Find ways to help increase employee productivity
    • Learn how UC can help in the new world of digital marketing
  • Build new relationships with other attendees at this exclusive, invitation-only event
    • Network with fellow attendees in an exclusive club-like atmosphere where everyone is approachable and happy to share their thoughts and experiences
    • Spend time with UC Experts from UCStrategies
    • Meet vendor executives
  • Discover solutions integrators that can help you move forward with your UC&C strategy and deployment.

For Solutions Integrators and Consultants:

  • Special sessions
    • How cloud will impact the channel
    • The transition from a reseller to a solutions integrator
    • High-Value UC Apps to Drive SI Growth and Profits
  • Explore new opportunities with insights and analysis from the thought leaders at UCStrategies
  • Prepare for the future by learning about the latest industry trends and new business models that will help you evolve your business
  • Network with fellow attendees in an exclusive club-like atmosphere where everyone is approachable and happy to share their thoughts and experiences
  • Build relationships that extend your company's own expertise and geographic footprint, leading to incremental business opportunities
  • Strengthen your company's position as a valued partner with current and new vendors
  • Discuss your needs and those of your customers with well-placed vendor representatives

This year’s Summit will be organized as two separate, overlapping events, one for enterprise customers and consultants running from Sunday to Tuesday evening, and one for SI’s and consultants running from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday evening. Covering UC applications, technologies, trends, and challenges, the UC Summit offers attendees the opportunity to learn actionable best practices, strategies and tactics from leading vendors, UC pioneers, and thought leaders. Keynotes, workshops, private focus sessions, and panel and roundtable discussions offer attendees countless options to learn, with plenty of networking opportunities. A key goal is to accelerate the adoption of unified communications.

Sponsors include: Cisco, Google, Microsoft, NEC, Tata Communications, Vonage Business, AVST, Interactive Intelligence, Nectar, ShoreTel, Bulpros, Phybridge, Singlewire, Upstream Works, AudioCodes, IntelePeer, Plantronics, ScanSource, Sennheiser, and Sonus

Session Types

To provide the richest and most engaging program, UCStrategies has organized the program with a number of different session types:

Keynote/Vision Statements: Diamond and Platinum sponsors will each give 2 keynote presentations – one for the consultants and enterprise customers and a second for the SI’s. In planning for the addition of enterprise customer’s participation in the Summit, it was clear that the enterprise customers will want to hear from other enterprise customers. Therefore, all keynote addresses to the consultant and enterprise customer audience will need to be presented by an enterprise customer.

In their second keynotes to the SI’s, the Diamond and Platinum sponsors will have the opportunity to present a vision statement addressing some aspect of the Unified Communications universe. As the title indicates, what they want to hear is your vision of how you see a particular area of UC developing, what you expect it to look like 3-5 years down the road, and how you are shaping your overall product strategy to bring about those changes.

General Sessions: There are several types of different general sessions where the entire audience will be present. These will include:

  • UCStrategies General Sessions: Here members of the UCStrategies team discuss the state of the UC industry, major trends, developments, and challenges.
  • Success Stories: Each Gold sponsor will present a 6-minute Success Story that details a recent implementation of their product or service. These Success Stories will include lessons learned, the challenges they face and how they were overcome. 
  • Elevator Pitches: Silver sponsors will share a panel where they make a short (3-minute) presentation of their products, general capabilities, channel strategies, and describe where they fit in the overall market for UC.
  • Focus Sessions: Focus sessions are one of the key opportunities at the Summit. These are 45-minute presentations/discussions with smaller groups (typically up to 8-12) of consultants and enterprise customers on Monday and Tuesday and either consultants or solutions integrators on Wednesday where they can hear targeted presentations from the sponsors.
Social Events: One of the major objectives of the UC Summit is to develop relationships that grow into successful partnerships. A number of such events are planned:
  • Sunday Night Reception: There will be a Welcome Reception with food and drinks Sunday evening in the Solutions Hall and all are invited to attend.
  • Tuesday Night Reception: There will be a special reception in the Solutions hall before dinner on Tuesday. Each SI Company attending will have a kiosk in the solutions hall so consultants and enterprise customers can meet and discuss their offerings.
  • Meals: Each day we will have three delicious meals providing time to meet and interact.
  • Planning Breakfast: On Tuesday morning, there will be a breakfast for the sponsors to meet with the UCStrategies management team to discuss changes to the UCStrategies web site and new services including a name change and a lead generation service coming this summer.
  • Vendor Hospitality Suites: A number of the vendors will be hosting hospitality suites before or after dinner each evening where they can engage enterprise customers, solutions integrators and consultants in more detailed discussions of their strategies.
Solutions Hall: Each vendor will have a booth in the Solutions Hall where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate their products and discuss their potential applications with the attendees.


AV Sponsor: NEC Google NEC Vonage Business Cisco Microsoft Mitel Tata Communications AVST Bulpros Edgewater Networks IntelePeer Interactive Intelligence Nectar Phybridge Revolabs ShoreTel Singlewire Upstream Works AudioCodes Plantronics Redbooth ScanSource Sennheiser Sonus Tely