Next-gen WLAN and Hybrid SDN for Lync is NOW

Next-gen WLAN and Hybrid SDN for Lync is NOW

By Jim Burton November 19, 2014 Leave a Comment
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Next-gen WLAN and Hybrid SDN for Lync is NOW by Jim Burton

In this Executive Insights Podcast, UCStrategies' Jim Burton continues the conversation about HP’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) innovation with Manfred Arndt, Chief Technologist for UC&C and Mobility at HP. In the original podcast we learned about SDN and the opportunity it presents, to transform how networks are provisioned and deployed.

Almost a year later, HP brings into discussion new SDN content: Lync QoS optimization for next-gen WLANs, and “how to” information for those interested in leveraging this SDN innovation in their existing networks. To further illustrate how this is being done, HP introduces two success stories into the conversation, Istanbul Kultur University, in Turkey, and Deltion College in the Netherlands. Both are examples of how leading educational institutions have seized the opportunity to capitalize on SDN technology, to deliver world-class collaboration on campus and through distance learning to their students and staff, worldwide.

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