Unified Communications Applications

Unified Communications Applications

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These Application Descriptions provide an overview and supporting details for each of the five UC-Business Process (UC-B) Application Groupings defined on the UC Apps page. In addition, there are Application Descriptions for three UC-User Productivity (UC-U) Applications Groupings. 

These application descriptions can be used in all phases of UC implementation. They are valuable when evaluating which applications are most applicable to your business; they are useful for your UC and communications planning; and they can be used for discussion of UC opportunities with the operational management of your enterprise (Line of Business, Agency Leaders, etc.).

We recommend you begin by referencing Unified Communications Applications Are Now Apparent. The application descriptions in the article are more extensive than those in the Application Descriptions. Then select the Application Descriptions related to those applications most appropriate to your business situation. 

UC-B Applications

UC-U Applications

  • Basic UC Productivity – Enhancements via Presence, Instant Messaging (IM), and Click-to-Communicate, where the communications are via the UC software, independent of  a PBX or IP PBX; usually these solutions co-exist with PBX-type systems.  

  • Advanced UC Productivity – Basic UC productivity plus mobility solutions; voice, web and/or video conferencing; usually collaborative workspaces, and some form of integration with legacy or new PBXs or IP PBXs and the telephone network. 

  • Enhanced Voice UC Productivity – The extension of Voice over IP (VoIP) and IP PBXs to include Basic and/or Advanced UC Productivity tools, offering some additional savings in total cost of ownership and selected user productivity tools.


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