Unified Communications Case Study Library

Unified Communications Case Study Library

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Case studies provide the evidence that Unified Communications solutions are being adopted and delivering real customer value.

UCStrategies.com continuously monitors the visible cases study libraries of UC suppliers to assess UC industry progress.

The following table shows the number of case studies represented as "UC" by each of the suppliers. As you can see, there are over 800 cases studies now visible. You can click the supplier's name to reach the case studies page on their website. 

However, many of the case studies listed as UC are actually Voice over IP cases, reporting savings based on toll bypass cost reductions or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings (such as reductions in moves/adds/changes expense or the benefits via system centralization and server consolidation). As this page evolves, we will be qualifying the UC Case Studies based on those that truly represent UC as "communications integrated to optimize business processes" in either UC-U or UC-B application categories. 

Vendor & URL

Case Studies
Approx. #



Cisco Collaboration


IBM Lotus Sametime 38

Microsoft Text Version
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snom 4


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