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Dave Michels

Dave is an independent industry analyst and consultant focusing on IP PBX UC strategies and solutions; particularly around emerging trends such as cloud telephony, endpoints, mobility, and channel strategies. Dave has a background in enterprise IT and networks, and a passion for IP Telephony. He is an active blogger on telecom and related topics at www.TalkingPointz.com.

Dave’s background combines years of IT operational experience at Fortune 500 companies such as Coors and GE as well as mid size organizations in travel and manufacturing. He has strong experience with channel development, from manufacturer, distributor, and dealer perspectives. Some of that experience came from forming a dealership focused on IT and telephony; one of several startups.

Dave holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado. He also completed advanced certifications in Information Systems from Harvard. His undergraduate in business is from Humboldt State University in California. Dave tends to take a critical eye to technology and its role, often resulting with unique perspectives. Ha has taught graduate classes in telecommunications at the University of Colorado.

Verge1 offers clarity in technical analysis and strategic planning, technology roadmaps, and distribution solutions for end-users and vendors.  

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