Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM)

Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM)

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The functions and complexity of Unified communications have dramatically increased the challenge for operational teams. To better manage the deployment and ongoing operations of UC systems, Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) solutions drive configurations across the communications platforms and systems in the enterprise based on a wide range of lifecycle change events. Key elements of BCOM solutions are: multi-application, multi-device, multi-vendor, multi-system, multi-tenant, multi-region, and comprehensive integration to business and user lifecycle events.

The impact of BCOM solutions are potentially critical in organizations moving from simple traditional telephony to sophisticated modern Business Communications and UC systems. BCOM solutions reduce costs and dramatically reduce errors by effectively managing resources and automating configuration steps and processes. Being freed from the crushing load of routine configuration and changes enables staff to focus on successful implementations, improving user adoption, and adding new capabilities, which increase business effectiveness.

UCStrategies has identified three vendors that are leading the delivery of BCOM into the UC marketplace today: Kurmi Software, Voss Solutions and Unimax Systems Corporation. These companies have firsthand knowledge of the impact of the BCOM category on a wide range of organizations managing the new capabilities and sophistication of UC.

UCStrategies recommends that organizations deploying UC consider BCOM as a key element in assuring the success of the solution. The capabilities that the BCOM vendors provide is critical in managing and operating today’s increasingly sophisticated multi-vendor solutions.

The new category is described in detail in this article on UCStrategies: “Introducing Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) – A New Management and Operations Paradigm.”

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