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Marty Parker

Marty is focused on helping enterprises improve their business results through Unified Communications. To achieve this goal, Marty recently co-founded UniComm Consulting, the industry's premier Unified Communications consulting firm.

UniComm Consulting has a suite of proven methods for identifying and capitalizing on areas of high ROI business process optimization through UC, including strategic analysis, UC planning workshops, design assistance, and support for acquisition and deployment of UC solutions. 

To assist customers in buying the right UC solutions and technology, Marty has now created a complete set of UC RFP Tools that are available through 

Marty is well-known as a UC Panel moderator at VoiceCon Orlando and San Francisco and has published articles, white papers, and blogs on the top Unified Communications Applications, Unified Communications ROI, and trends in Unified Communications pricing. 

Prior to 2005, Marty has been a leader in Voice Messaging, Unified Messaging and Unified Communication solutions. In 2001-2003, Marty headed the creation and launch of the award-winning Avaya Unified Communication Center, the first to market with fully integrated speech, web and wireless access to calling, conferencing, voice mail, e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks.

His range of experience includes sales, marketing and industry strategic planning for IBM; marketing and GM roles in a leading communications VAR; and founder and CEO roles at two venture-funded startups in voice mail and unified messaging. He received his BS degree from the Haas Business School of the University of California, Berkeley and is a past president of the Cal Business Alumni.

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