J.R. Simmons -

J.R. Simmons

J.R. Simmons is President and Principal Consultant for COMgroup, Inc., the largest and most influential independent telecommunications consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest.

Sole owner since 2011, J.R. has 30 years as an independent consultant providing telecommunications planning, design, analysis, and implementation management skills. His current projects tend to focus on strategic planning and business case analysis, but also include work flow / call flow analysis, data networking design, systems analysis, IP telephony, and contact centers. In addition, his experience includes include work on complex unified communications systems, low voltage infrastructure and wiring, fiber optic cabling and electronics, and both local and wide area networks. 

J.R. is recognized as an industry expert and has provided expert testimony in several legal cases. He taught advanced telecommunications courses for a Community College Certificate program and continues to teach via independent seminars. He has published several whitepapers and frequently gives speeches on a wide variety of telecommunications management and technology subjects. Many of his recent speaking engagements have focused on hosted/cloud communications and Microsoft Lync®. Like many of the UCStrategies team, J.R. is an annual presenter at Enterprise Connect.

Well respected in the industry for his insight and technical knowledge, J.R. serves on seven industry consultant advisory boards, which are typically a small group of leading consultants giving market insight to manufacturers/suppliers.

J.R. was elected to the board of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants in 2011 and to the Executive Board of the STC in 2012, since rebranded as the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International (SCTC). In October of 2016 he completed a two-year term as the President of the SCTC.


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