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We’re sure you know the potential value of Unified Communications (UC) and have an idea of what it can do for your company. You probably realize that UC is not a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or IP Telephony upgrade of your PBX, rather it is the installation of the right set of new technology elements that enhance your old or new PBX, e-mail, calendar, contacts/directories, and other tools.

These UC technology elements can deliver basic benefits and ROI just by facilitating the communications tasks of the users. In addition, UC technology elements can do much more if they are integrated into the business processes of your company to assure that customers are served more quickly and effectively; that problems are solved more rapidly; and that collaborative tasks are accelerated with improved output quality.


A new set of tools is needed to buy the right set of Unified Communications solutions. We now have that new set of tools in the form of a comprehensive set of UC RFP Templates, available here at UCStrategies.com. With these new tools, you can avoid the trap of trying to adapt a PBX or Voice Mail RFP when trying to buy a Unified Communications solution.

One of our partner consulting firms, UniComm Consulting, has created a set of UC RFP Templates to assist you and your enterprise in buying the right Unified Communications software, hardware and services. Please click the More Info button below and sign-in to access the UC RFP Descriptions to help you find the set of UC solutions that your company needs.

You can then instantly download a sample of each one of the toolkits. If you like what you see, you can license one, several or all of them for use by your company in preparing the RFP(s) or RFI(s) that are appropriate for your company.

And, of course, we welcome your feedback on this new set of UC tools; just write to mparker@unicommconsulting.com.

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