Amazon Customer Migrates to HP Public Cloud; Increases Competition

Amazon Customer Migrates to HP Public Cloud; Increases Competition

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Amazon Customer Migrates to HP Public Cloud; Increases Competition by UCStrategies Staff

The COO of Hewlett-Packard, Bill Veghte, has stated that HP has moved one of Amazon Web Services' biggest customers to the HP enterprise-grade public cloud. 

Veghte said that a Software-as-a-Service provider, Workday, has moved over to HP's public cloud. The company calls itself an enterprise cloud for human resources and finance.

Veghte stated: “They are doing that because they want a cloud that they can rely on as an enterprise serving enterprises with some of the most rigorous SLAs in the business.”

HP announced extensive cloud offerings last week to increase its cloud services footprint, and this preceded the Amazon takeout.

The senior vice president and general manager of HP's Converged Cloud, Saar Gillai, said that startups and large companies which look for alternatives generate the majority of Amazon’s business.

Gillai said: “Those very large players want choice. They don't like to be dependent on one player. Obviously, they would like to talk to an enterprise company, maybe a Fortune 10 company that provides that kind of choice.”

Amazon customers that are worried about cloud lock-in are likely to make the most of HP’s public cloud offering, according to Gillai. He stated: “I think people will be surprised [by new customers moving from Amazon to the HP public cloud]. These very large players that have built [services] on Amazon want choice. Like any situation with a large company, nobody wants to have a sole-source vendor. So all those guys you should assume they are looking for a second source.”

HP Cloud Operating System is an OpenStack-based provision that has been made available by HP this week. It is stated to be very important in terms of the company’s new converged cloud common architecture. This is likely to provide HP with an advantage in terms of offering workload portability to customers, particularly within an open architecture setting, and across public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

The HP CloudOS seeks to offer customers with an open platform which can prevent cloud lock-in. Gillai said: “Choice is a big deal. We don't lock you into one stack.”

According to Gillai, CloudOS is able to offer solution providers open APIs in order to develop modern applications for hybrid cloud environments. He said: “The Amazon challenge is they only have one model. You can write in Amazon, but that is public cloud. If I want a private cloud I can't write in Amazon. I don't have choice in model with Amazon. I am stuck. And if I want to move it somewhere else I am stuck; you have to rebuild the app.”

An Amazon spokesperson, in response to this news, stated that Workday has not moved its cloud operations from Amazon to HP. They stated that Workday is still an Amazon Web Services customer, and that the relationship between these companies is developing well.

Workday has not made any comments regarding this. (CY) Link


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