Folio3 Releases MeetingMogul Enterprise

Folio3 Releases MeetingMogul Enterprise

By Robbie Pleasant December 7, 2015 Leave a Comment
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Folio3 Releases MeetingMogul Enterprise by Robbie Pleasant

Folio3 Software Inc. has announced a new enterprise version of its MeetingMogul application. The one-touch conference call connection application is designed to improve the ease of dialing into all major conference call services through mobile devices, and its latest version is designed to manage conference calling costs, keep mobile workforces in touch, and improve productivity.

MeetingMogul Enterprise is aimed at companies with remote or frequently traveling employees, and offers a variety of features designed to make joining conference calls easier and more productive. It has preconfigured bridges for specific teams, which are sent to employees directly to dial-in to meetings with one touch, and integrates with corporate telecom and IT systems, as well as with NetSuite and Salesforce CRM systems. The app provides collaborative agenda planning and shared meeting action items, in order to improve meeting effectiveness.

The Enterprise edition also aims to lower the costs of calling into meetings through a few methods. Location-based dialing rules, combined with affordable, local dial-in numbers allow for cost management by calling in through the least expensive option. Additionally, it uses VoIP dialing to connect to conference calls without dealing with mobile-roaming charges, reducing what would otherwise be a hefty phone bill.

For telecom and IT managers, the app’s self-service dashboard provides insights from the usage trends of participants. From the dashboard, they can also set up departmental teams, add users, manage access and calling privileges, create custom bridges, and add and update regional corporate numbers.

MeetingMogul Enterprise is available at a per-user, per-year fee, in addition to its dialing costs for using VoIP dialing internationally. However, it is available for a free demonstration and trial usage account through the MeetingMogul website.

According to Blair Pleasant, co-founder of UCStrategies, “MeetingMogul solves a problem that most of us face on a daily basis – how to simplify the meeting experience. Whether in a hotel room, a car, or at the office, joining meetings can be burdensome and time consuming. The MeetingMogul app lets you join a call with one touch and it can accurately figure out if the number is a conference bridge number and the correct access code, removing some of the hassle.”  She adds, “Having collaborative agenda planning and shared meeting action items makes meeting participants more effective.”

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