RingCentral Connect API Requests Skyrocket

RingCentral Connect API Requests Skyrocket

By Robbie Pleasant November 16, 2016 Leave a Comment
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RingCentral Connect API Requests Skyrocket by Robbie Pleasant

RingCentral, Inc. has announced that the company reached a new milestone. The RingCentral Connect Platform now receives 1.6 million API requests per day, marking an annual increase in overall requests of about 300 percent, and the company can now claim over 350 custom application integrations.

While integrating communications solutions and business applications can be tricky, RingCentral has its B2B app gallery, and a platform open to developers. Through this, it allows multiple businesses to customize their workflows and customer engagement through the RingCentral platform. Thanks to RingCentral’s functionality, developers and ISVs can integrate communication functionality into their business applications workflow and access a wide range of data.

The company now has 60 off-the-shelf integrations with third-party business applications, and hundreds more custom application integrations. With over a million API requests daily, it’s serving triple the amount of third parties that it did just one year ago.

As such, RingCentral is attempting to capitalize on its success with free developer accounts to ISVs and developers that are not yet RingCentral customers. It’s offering them complimentary access to the APIs, SDKs, and developer tools offered by RingCentral, so that they can create and test API integrations in a sandbox environment. Through this, they can see how RingCentral’s applications can work with existing business applications, which the company hopes will encourage them to become RingCentral customers.

For more information, visit https://developer.ringcentral.com.


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